Choco Feast Cake Order For Cookie Run Kingdom

Stuck with Schwarzwälder Cookie’s Choco Feast Cake order? Check out our guide.
Cookie Run Kingdom Holiday Cake Shop Event Guide

If you are struggling to make the Choco Feast Cake in Cookie Run Kingdom, we are here to help you with our guide on making and completing the Choco Feast Cake order in Cookie Run Kingdom. So keep reading if you want to get a five-star review and progress the Cookie Run Kingdom Cake Shop event.  

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The “not so clear” order of making the Choco Feast Cake in Cookie Run Kingdom comes from the Schwarzwälder Cookie. 

When he comes to your shop, he says the following:

“Here comes THE BRUTE! Gimme Choco Feast, NOW! A BRUTE like me must have (random) tiers minimum! UNDERSTOOD?!”

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Like any other Cookie, you can choose the second dialogue option that says “What Cake?” to get more details from Schwarzwälder Cookie on order. 

That being said, you can make the Schwarzwälder Cookie’s Choco Feast Cake order in the Cookie Run Kingdom using the below preferences:

  • Cream – Sweet Choco Cream
  • Tier –  4 Tiers mostly. [Tiers are always random, so pay close attention to Schwarzwälder Cookie’s dialogues]
  • Frosting – Eight dollops of Sweet Choco frosting
  • Toppings – Eight Choco Stars or Chocolate Angels toppings

The Sweet Choco Cream is available from the get-go, during and after you complete the Cake Shop event tutorial. The same is true for the Sweet Choco Frosting. The only items that you must unlock to complete the Choco Feast Cake order are:

  • Choco Stars – Unlocks at LvL 2 Neighbourhood Cake Shop
  • Chocolate Angels – Unlocks at LvL 5 Happy Cake Shop

Since Choco Stars are available at Cake Shop level 2, you can use them to make the Choco Feast Cake. But if you have Chocolate Angels also unlocked, you can use any of the two; the choice is yours. 

That aside, you can choose the dialogue option “Okay! I’m on it!” and “Bake a Cake” to start making the Choco Feast Cake at the expense of ten Baker’s Piping Bags.

During the first phase of the cake-making process, you will get asked, “Which cake should we make?” Here, you must choose the Sweet Choco Cream. 

After that, you will move to the Tiers section. Depending on whatever Tier Schwarzwälder Cookie asks you to make, add the extra layers and apply the Sweet Choco Cream. 

Once that is done, you can click on the Next button to move to the second phase, where you will get asked, “Decorate the top of the cake with a frosting!” In this part, you must choose the Sweet Choco Frosting and eight dollops on top of the cake, then click Next. 

Lastly, you will get asked to “Decorate the cake with toppings!” Here you must choose the Choco Stars or the Chocolate Angels and add eight pieces anywhere on top of the cake. Finally, wrap up the prepared Choco Feast cake by clicking on the Complete button. 

After that, you will see Schwarzwälder Cookie’s reaction and review. If you follow the steps we mentioned, you will get the perfect five-star review from him and progress the Cake Shop event. 

That concludes our guide on how to make Choco Feast Cake order in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

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