How to Get Void Ore in New World

void ore new world where to find

Void Ore is gathered from Orichalcum Veins in New World. There is a very small chance, as long as you have a high mining luck rating, that you can obtain Void Ore while mining these veins. In this article, we explore where you can find orichalcum veins to get Void Ore, as well as what luck you need and Void Ore is used for.

What is Void Ore Used For in New World?

Void Ore is used to make Voidbent Ingots at the Smelter. The smelter you use must be at least tier 3 or higher. These Voidbent Ingots are an integral part of high-level legendary crafting. Some of the best crafted legendary armors required Voidbent Ingots.

To make a Voidbent Ingot, you will need:

  • 1x Void Ore
  • 1x Void Essence
  • 10x Energy Core

The Voidbent Ingot is then used to make the Voidbent Legendary Items. Here is a list of all the Voidbent Legendary Armor you can craft:

NameImageTrade SkillSkill Level
Recipe: Voidbent ShoesArmoring200
Recipe: Voidbent PantsArmoring200
Recipe: Voidbent GlovesArmoring200
Recipe: Voidbent RobesArmoring200
Recipe: Voidbent WrapsArmoring200
Recipe: Voidbent BootsArmoring200
Recipe: Voidbent LeggingsArmoring200
Recipe: Voidbent GripsArmoring200
Recipe: Voidbent CoatArmoring200
Recipe: Voidbent HatArmoring200
Recipe: Voidbent SabatonsArmoring200
Recipe: Voidbent LegguardsArmoring200
Recipe: Voidbent GauntletsArmoring200
Recipe: Voidbent BreastplateArmoring200
Recipe: Voidbent HelmArmoring200

What Mining Luck Is Needed to Get Void Ore?

You will need at least mining luck 1800 in order for Void Ore to be able to be obtained while mining Orichalcum Veins. There are many ways you can increase your mining luck. You can read this article about luck and how to get all sources of luck.

Specifically for Mining Luck, you can get equipment sets, trophies, and food buffs to increase your mining luck skills. Also, the higher your mining skill, the higher your luck can be as well. If you have level 200 mining, you will inherently have 2000 mining luck.

Mining Luck Cooked Meals

Utilize these cooking meals to gain mining luck so you can increase the odds of obtaining Void Ore.

TierFood NameImageIncrease on Luck RatingDurationLevel Req.Ingredients Needed
1Roasted Potatoes1,00020 Mins01x Peppercorn
1x Butter
1x Potato
2Herb-Roasted Potatoes1,40025 Mins51x Cinnamon
1x Butter
1x Honey
1x Potato
3Boiled Potatoes1,70030 Mins201x Cauliflower
1x Butter
1x Seasoning Blend
1x Water
1x Potato
4Poultry with Roasted Potatoes1,90035 Mins401x Butter
1x Sausage
1x Nut
1x Seasoning Blend
1x Poultry
1x Potato
5Salted Roasted Potatoes2,00040 Mins601x Oregano
1x Parsley
1x Butter
1x Salt
1x Nut
1x Squash
1x Potato

Mining Luck Charm to Increase Chance to Find Void Ore

When crafting a mining pickaxe, use a Miner’s Charm to increase the chance of more rare drops from mining, more mining experience, or higher yield when mining. These charms are typically acquired from killing mobs or looting chests. Higher Gear Score will land higher percentages. There are currently three miner’s charms in the game:

Using these charms when crafting will give you the Miner’s Luck perk to your pickaxe. The Miner’s Luck perk does not affect Equipment and Item drops, it only affects the drop rate of the Rare Resources associated with the resource being gathered. These rare resources will be discussed in the next section of the Complete New World Mining Guide.

You can get the Miner’s Luck perk on your mining pick, your amulet, and also your armor to stack these chances. You can also randomly gain this perk when crafting if you are lucky!

Mining Trophies to Get Better Chance of Void Ore

TrophyImageMining Luck BonusIngredients
Minor Mining Gathering Trophy50025x Lumber
20x Steel Ingot
1x Maple Stain
25x Air Mote
Basic Mining Gathering Trophy1,00025x Wyrdwood Planks
20x Starmetal Ingot
1x Oak Stain
1x Surveyor’s Tools
Major Mining Gathering Trophy1,50025x Ironwood Planks
20x Orichalcum Ingot
1x Mahogany Stain
1x Adamantine Dust

Mining Luck Equipment Set

Obtaining any combination of these mining equipment sets will help increase your mining luck to get more Void Ore.

Tier 3 Miner’s Equipment Set – At 400 Gear Score

Piece NameSlotImageTier 3 Stats (at 400 Gear Score)Mining Buff
Miner HatHead+15 Strength3.8% Increase to Chance of Rare Items
Miner ShirtChest+15 Strength3.8% Increase to Chance of Rare Items
Miner GlovesHands+15 Strength3.8% Increase to Chance of Rare Items
Miner PantsPants+15 Strength3.8% Increase to Chance of Rare Items
Miner ShoesFeet+15 Strength3.8% Increase to Chance of Rare Items

Tier 4 Miner’s Equipment Set – At 500 Gear Score

Piece NameSlotImageTier 4 Stats (at 500 Gear Score)Mining Buff
Miner HatHead+20 Strength4.4% Increase to Chance of Rare Items
Miner ShirtChest+20 Strength4.4% Increase to Chance of Rare Items
Miner GlovesHands+20 Strength4.4% Increase to Chance of Rare Items
Miner PantsPants+20 Strength4.4% Increase to Chance of Rare Items
Miner ShoesFeet+20 Strength4.4% Increase to Chance of Rare Items

Tier 5 Miner’s Equipment Set – At 600 Gear Score

Piece NameSlotImageTier 5 Stats (at 600 Gear Score)Mining Buff
Miner HatHead+25 Strength5% Increase to Chance of Rare Items
Miner ShirtChest+25 Strength5% Increase to Chance of Rare Items
Miner GlovesHands+25 Strength5% Increase to Chance of Rare Items
Miner PantsPants+25 Strength5% Increase to Chance of Rare Items
Miner ShoesFeet+25 Strength5% Increase to Chance of Rare Items

Orichalcum Vein Respawn Time

These are the approximate respawn times for Orichalcum Veins and therefore chance to get Void Ore:

  • Small Orichalcum – 17 to 24 minutes respawn time
  • Medium Orichalcum – 21 to 30 minutes respawn time
  • Large Orichalcum – 23 to 34 minutes respawn time

Best Orichalcum Location – Shattered Mountain

orichalcum locations shattered mountain

The very best farming spot for Orichalcum by far, is right in Shattered Mountain. Surrounding all directions of the Fast Travel Shrine is an abundance of Orichalcum Veins. Follow this mining route for Void Ore. You can also find another population of spawns further to the west where the node locations are even closer together.

2nd Best Orichalcum Location – Ebonscale Reach

orichalcum locations ebonscale

The next best region for Orichalcum Ore is Ebonscale Reach. There are a few spawn points close to the west edge of town. There are also another 6 spawn points directly beside the fast travel point at the northern edge of the region. Finally, the island on the southwest coast also has spawn points, but they are spread farther apart.

Orichalcum Locations – Great Cleave

orichalcum locations great cleave

The Great Cleave is another option for Orichalcum Ore farming. On the west side of the region, there are about 9 spawn points in relatively close proximity to be gathered.

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