Destroyer Rage Hammer Build Raid Guide

Skills, Tripods, Runes, Stats, Engravings and explanations for the best Destroyer Hammer of Rage Build
destroyer rage hammer lost ark

The Destroyer Rage Hammer Build for Raids in Lost Ark focuses on dealing big damage with their Gravity Release skills. The playstyle differs from the Gravity Training Raid Build as you are mainly focusing on sustained damage instead of burst damage from the Identity Skill. Both builds are viable in end game content .

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Rage Hammer Raid Build Skills and Tripods

In the Rage Hammer build, the goal is to generate exactly 3 orbs with Blue Skills and then use a Purple Skill to consume them for more damage. Let’s take a look at our recommended Skill Build at various skill point thresholds. We have included a bare-minimum 252 SP level, as well as a moderate 340 SP level. After this, feel free to add points into which skills feel the strongest for you.

Skill252 SP Level340 SP LevelTripodsRuneInformation
HEAVY CRUSH destroyer lost ark
Heavy Crush
441Bleed, RageGenerates 1 Orb
JUMPING SMASH destroyer lost ark
Jumping Smash
4103-3-2OverwhelmGenerates 2 Orbs


Endure Pain
10101-3`-2FocusGenerates 3 Orbs
Damage Mitigation, Super Armor for 5 Seconds
EARTH EATER destroyer lost ark
Earth Eater 1
10101-1-2OverwhelmInsanely High Stagger
FULL SWING destroyer lost ark
Full Swing
PERFECT SWING destroyer lost ark
Perfect Swing
10101-2-2GalewindHighest Damage
SEISMIC HAMMER destroyer lost ark
Seismic Hammer
1 For Encounters that do not need a Counter and/or Stagger use Running Crash and/or Power Shoulder.

Rage Hammer Skill Choices

Here we will explain from top to bottom of the chart above, why each skill is chosen.

  • Heavy Crush: generates 1 Orb. Has a very fast cooldown. This synergizes well with skills that generate 2 orbs to provide 3 orbs total to use for a purple skill.
  • Jumping Smash: generates 2 Orbs. Used for engaging the target or for general mobility.
  • Dreadnaught: generates 2 Orbs. One of 2 counter skills, the other is Power Strike. Dreadnaught has destruction and super armor. Power Strike is faster and has a synergy tripod.
  • Endure Pain: generates 3 Orbs. Provides super armor for 5 seconds and -40% damage taken or -90% with the tripod. Used in combination with the hardest hitting skill: Perfect Swing.
  • Earth Eater has the highest stagger rating in the game! Tripod 3 is chosen to make it a charging skill, as with the Super Charge engraving you will do more damage.
  • Full Swing simply a good damage dealing option, charging type skill
  • Perfect Swing highest damaging ability charging type skill.
  • Seismic Hammer is another damage dealing ability, swap the first tripod to tenacity if you want super armor.
  • Alternatives:
    • Running Crush: Generates 2 Orbs. Is a good option at level 7 for the 2nd Tripod that provides a stagger party buff on hit,
    • Power Shoulder: Generates 2 Orbs. Good option for extra mobility.

Awakening Skill

big bang destroyer lost ark
Big Bang
The Second Awakening skill available deals more damage than Tera Break. It is a Holding type skill.
*Tera Break Hammer fills the Identity Gauge so it is better used with the Gravity Training Build.

Stat Priority

Rage Hammer Build Destroyers should focus on obtaining as much Crit as possible. All accessories should be focused on getting Crit. Since the necklace can have two stats, your secondary can be Specialization or Swiftness. Either secondary stat is worthwhile and at higher iLvls you can also allocate more points into both evenly.

Engravings Priority

The engravings in this list are in order of priority. You should try your best to get to level 3 of each of these in order of the list.

  1. Rage Hammer Class Engraving further improves the effectiveness of consuming 3 orbs with Gravity Release Skills.
  2. Super Charge is also key as many Gravity Release Skills are charge type and the increased casting speed is necessary in order to hit the target.
  3. Grudge (Only At Level 3) is an excellent choice as the destroyer is the class with the 2nd highest amount of defense. Though, it is still not advised taking unless you can go straight to level 3. This will give you a significant increase in damage. Most classes will need to be confident in avoiding damage with this engraving but the shields and high defense should make it easier for destroyers.
  4. Barricade provides a straight damage boost to Gravity Skills as they provide a shield when used.
  5. The Final Engraving is a choice between Master Brawler, Cursed Doll, and Spirit Absorption.
    • Master Brawler increases Head Attack Damage (most skills have this bonus condition)
    • Cursed Doll (Level 3 only) provides a flat damage increase, without needing to have frontal positioning.
    • Spirit Absorption helps with the Destroyer’s slow animations, faster attack speed is appreciated, and movement speed can help position to the front of the boss for skills that benefit from head attack.

Skill Rotation of Rage Hammer Destroyer

Generally, the rotation of a Rage Hammer Destroyer can have some variation, as cooldowns may not line up perfectly. The guidelines for this build are to generate 3 Orbs with a combination of Heavy Crush and Jumping Smash or Dreadnaught. Then consume them with Earth Eater, Full Swing, or Seismic Hammer. It is always advisably to use Endure Pain before Perfect Swing due to the super armor from Endure Pain and long casting animation of Perfect Swing.

A Sample Rotation would look like this:

  • Jumping Smash (to engage)
  • Heavy Crush
  • Seismic Hammer
  • Endure Pain (Provides Super Armor to guarantee hit for:)
  • Perfect Swing
  • Dreadnaught
  • Heavy Crush
  • Full Swing
  • Jumping Smash
  • Heavy Crush
  • Earth Eater

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