Insider: Guerrilla’s New PS4 Game Coming 2016; Sony Bend’s New Game Compared to The Last of Us

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Rumours usually start floating around in the run up to E3 and this year isn’t any different. That’s not a bad thing, though, especially when the information comes from a reliable source.

Well known industry insider ‘Shinobi’ has offered up some details on Guerrilla Games’ new PS4 project as well as Sony Bend’s upcoming horror title.

According to Shinobi, Guerrilla’s new title which is rumoured to be named Horizon is still in development and that some aspects of the game were being prototyped at the beginning of this year.

“To update on that a little further, it’s almost assuredly a 2016 title at this point. From what I hear, some things were still being prototyped as recently as the beginning of this year.”

It’s rumoured that Horizon will be a sprawling open-world epic RPG that’ll feature dinosaurs of the mechanical variety. Yeah, it sounds mental, but it actually looks pretty cool, at least according to these leaked images.

Another big name within the Sony family of studios is Sony Bend, the same folks that brought us Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

Rumours have been going around for a while that Sony Bend’s new game for the PS4 would be a survival-horror game, something that sounds quite promising, actually.

However, Shinobi points out that it shouldn’t be compared to games such as The Evil Within or Resident Evil.

“I wouldn’t say to think of it as The Evil Within’ish or RE’ish “survival horror” however.”

He does however, claim that it’s more along the lines of Naughty Dog’s seminal post-apocalyptic adventure The Last of Us. Answering a fellow NeoGaf posters’ question as to whether it’s more like ZombieU, Bloodborne or The Last of Us, Shinobi said:

“As far as I’m aware, more…TLOU’ish.”

Oooh, how very bloody ominous. Possibly a spin-off game for The Last of Us? We can dream.

[Update] The above comment has been taken out of context by some and is seen as us twisting the words of the great and powerful Shinobi. This isn’t the case, it was nothing more than wishful thinking, something that we don’t seriously think will happen, hence the ‘we can dream.’

Still, some good did come out of it as Shinobi looked to clear any confusion by stating that “I wasn’t saying the style of the game is like TLOU, meant the enemies more than anything else.”

Still, this doesn’t mean we’ll actually see either game at this year’s E3, though there’s a slim chance…

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    1. to disapoint for sure, The Order was suposed to be the Uncharted of PS4 it turned out medioucre sadly

      1. When compared to it yeah it will disappoint but as its own product we’ll see how it fairs when it’s revealed next month. Wonder if Naughty Dog will even do a sequel.

  1. Well I always felt the last of us’s gameplay would make a very good survival horror game so this would be interesting. I just want sony to show something, like seriously they’ve been riding on indies, third parties, and good will for almost 2 years now.

  2. “insiders” have been talking about this supposed Bend Studio game to be shown at E3 for like 8 years now, no joke. First it was that they were working on a Syphon Filter game and now it’s an horror game comparable to The Last of Us. By next year I bet they will be working on a Metal Gear successor with Kojima, right?

    1. Please show me one of these insiders from NEOGAF, key word, NEOGAF that have been saying it.

  3. Nonono, I’m laughing, HARD, because the pathetic way you take offense on this is what keeps me strong and going.

  4. Ooohhh, XFLOP, let me upvote you on that, but you falling for the $0N¥ pauperbrick is even more hilarious. Keep it up, I’ll just continue to laugh at your expense. Old time gamer, more like old obsolete fart.

    1. you know why xbox one exclusives look so awesome right, its because you cant see em on any other console lol

  5. Oh yeah, I saw how you failed at DSOG, come again. We’ll all have a laugh at your PoS sympathies.

  6. Are you really mentioning THE ORDER? Secondly, this is only the 5th month and MS is already slated to bring out Halo 5: Guardians, so maybe you should learn to shut the eff up

    1. yep the order was pretty good and bloodborne its a AAAexclusive 10/10 on edge
      halo 5 will not hit this score plus right now i am playing all 3rdparty games better than yr x1 like witcher 3 .hardline and of course batman will be even better on ps4…so you shut the eff up until y get a AAA exclusive in 2015 or atleast for god sake a better 3rd party hahahaaaaaa

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