Legendary Fishing Quest Guide – New World

legendary fishing quest guide new world

Introduction to New World’s Fishing Quests

Legendary Fishing Poles

There is a long fishing quest line in New World that ends up rewarding you with a Legendary Fishing Pole. In this guide we will walk through every quest required, how to complete it, and where to go. When you have completed all of these quests you will be rewarded with a Legendary Pole Reward Box, which will have one of the following four fishing poles in it.

NameImageRarityTierGear Score
Ancient Fishing Pole  LegendaryV600
Angry Earth Fishing Pole LegendaryV600
Corrupted Fishing Pole LegendaryV600
Lost Fishing Pole LegendaryV600

You will also acquire fishing armor sets along the way through this New World fishing quest guide, which will assist you in catching bigger, and rarer fish. In the tables below we show you the Tier 3, 4, and 5 sets. You do receive some other armor sets before these, but they do not actually give you any fishing perks to help you, so they are not worth mentioning.

Hardy Fisherman’s Set (Tier 3 Fishing Buff Gear)

This Fishing set is rewarded throughout the main fishing quest line. As you complete quests, you will be awarded these pieces. This T3 set has a 300 Gear Score.

Item NameImageStatsFishing Buffs
Hardy Fisherman’s Hat8 Constitution
5 Focus
+40% Chance Bigger Fish
+15% Chance Rarer Fish
Hardy Fisherman’s Smock14 Dexterity+15% Chance Rarer Fish
+2% Cast Distance
Hardy Fisherman’s Gloves8 Strength
5 Dexterity
+40% Chance Bigger Fish
+2% Cast Distance
Hardy Fisherman’s Trousers14 Constitution+40% Chance Bigger Fish
+15% Chance Rarer Fish
Hardy Fisherman’s Boots5 Focus
8 Strength
+40% Chance Bigger Fish
+2% Cast Distance

Sleek Fisherman’s Set (Tier 4 Fishing Buff Gear)

The Sleek T4 fishing set will also be rewarded during the fishing quest line and has a 400 Gear Score.

Item NameImageStatsFishing Buffs
Sleek Fisherman’s Hat17 Dexterity
+50% Chance Bigger Fish
+15% Chance Rarer Fish
Sleek Fisherman’s Smock10 Strength
7 Dexterity
+40% Chance Bigger Fish
+3% Cast Distance
Sleek Fisherman’s Gloves17 Constitution
+20% Chance Rarer Fish
+2% Cast Distance
Sleek Fisherman’s Trousers10 Constitution
7 Focus
+50% Chance Bigger Fish
+2% Cast Distance
Sleek Fisherman’s Boots5 Focus
8 Strength
+40% Chance Bigger Fish
+2% Cast Distance

Fierce Fisherman’s Set (Tier 5 Fishing Buff Gear)

The T5 Fierce Fishing Set will be awarded near the end of the quest line before you obtain the Legendary Fishing Rod and has a 500 Gear Score.

Item NameImageStatsFishing Buffs
Fierce Fisherman’s Hat12 Strength
8 Dexterity
+50% Chance Bigger Fish
+3% Cast Distance
Fierce Fisherman’s Smock20 Constitution+50% Chance Bigger Fish
+20% Chance Rarer Fish
Fierce Fisherman’s Gloves12 Constitution
8 Focus
+20% Chance Rarer Fish
+3% Cast Distance
Fierce Fisherman’s Trousers20 Dexterity+20% Chance Rarer Fish
+3% Cast Distance
Fierce Fisherman’s Boots8 Focus
12 Intelligence
+50% Chance Bigger Fish
+20% Chance Rarer Fish

1 – Fishing With Shields

Starts With: Michael Shields

Ends With: Michael Shields

Michael Shields Location Windsward new world
Michael Shields Location Windsward

The first quest in the 15-Quest journey you will undertake starts at Michael Shields in Windsward. He is outside of Windsward Town and wants you to collect Woodlouse Baits. You can easily find these by collecting any bushes you see nearby. The drop rate is not the best, but you should be able to quickly gather enough to satisfy the quest and turn it in.

Rewards for Fishing with Shields:

2 – Fishing Basics

Starts With: Michael Shields

Ends With: Dena Ruby

Now you will need to catch 3 fish and head to Dena Ruby in Everfall to turn the quest in. It does not matter where you catch these fish, so find the closest body of water and send that lure in! Catch the 3 fish you require and go to Dena in Everall.

Dena is located here:

Rewards for Fishing Basics:

3 – Baited

Starts With: Dena Ruby

Ends With: Dallas Clemenson

In the New World quest Baited, you must Catch one Snail in Fresh Water and one Clam in Salt Water to salvage them for bait for Master Fisher Ruby and deliver them to Master Fisher Clemenson in First Light. This is started by Dena Ruby, the person you handed in the 2nd quest to. See Section 2 for her location.

Our suggestion is to go to each of the 2 Broad Fishing Hotspots in First Light.

First Light Broad Fishing Hotspot
First Light Broad Fishing Hotspot

When you are done catching a Snail in the upper hotspot, and a Clam in the lower hotspot, finish the quest off at Dallas Clemenson in First Light.

Rewards for Baited Quest

4 – Hotspot Hunt

  • Starts With: Dallas Clemenson
  • Ends With: Quinton Warwick

Next up in the New World Fishing Quest Guide, Hotspot Hunt. First you must catch three fish from fishing hotspots. You also need to be level 20 for this quest to activate. Follow our fishing hotspots guide to search for any near you. Our suggestion here is to go to the same ones in First Light that we suggested in quest 3 – Baited.

Catch your 3 within the active hotspot. Make sure you see fish jumping out of the pool of water, this means it is currently active. If neither of these pools are active, try fishing for awhile during the cooldown timer until it becomes active again. Learn more about the cooldown times on our New World fishing hotspot guide.

Once you’ve caught them, head over to Quinton Warwick in Monarch’s Bluffs, location shown in image here.

Quinton Warwick Location
Quinton Warwick Location

Rewards for Hotspot Hunt:

5 – Practice Makes Perfect

Starts With: Quinton Warwick

Ends With: Edith Perchal

Edith Perchal Location new world
Edith Perchal Location

In the 5th task of the New World Fishing Questline, catch 15 fish anywhere, then head to Edith Perchal (Location Above). Our suggestion is always to try fishing from a hotspot as it will be faster and yield better fish, but you really can catch these in any body of water. Just catch 15 and head to Edith!

Rewards for Practice Makes Perfect:

6 – The Giant Ones

Starts With: Edith Perchal

Ends With: Park Jennet

In The Giant Ones, you must catch 8 fish that weight 20 pounds or more. To increase your chances a larger fish, make sure you utilize fishing baits that focus on larger fish. You can find all the fishing bait in New World and its purpose in this article here. Put on bait to increase chances to get larger fish if you want to be efficient here.

Once you catch the 8 large fish, head off to the north eastern area of Brightwood to meet with Park Jennet.

Rewards for The Giant Ones:

Park Jennet’s Location on the map:

7 – Fish Reagents

Starts With: Park Jennet

Ends With: Sheetal Agarwal

In the Fish Reagents quest, you will need to catch a Squid and a Catfish. Both of these can be caught in the water where Park Jennet is located when you first pickup this quest. Fish in this water until you’ve caught both of the fish indicated, then you can head off to Sheetal Agarwal in Weaver’s Fen.

Here is Sheetal Agarwal’s location in Weaver’s Fen:

sheetal agarwal location new world
Sheetal Agarwal Location

Rewards for Fish Reagents:

8 – Reel Life

Starts With: Sheetal Agarwal

Ends With: Finola O’Connor

Now Sheetal needs you to catch three boots, which are essentially junk that you can sometimes fish up, unwanted. Catch these boots in the water of Weaver’s Fen. The best way to increase your chances at getting a boot is to not use any fishing armor pieces, and no bait. You want the worst possible luck to get junk boots, as they are usually unwanted and useless.

You can catch these right next to Sheetal, then head off to Restless Shore to find Finola O’Connor. You can find her next to the Restless Shore Fort:

Finola O’Connor Location

Rewards for Reel Life:

9 – Weapons of the Sea

Starts With: Finola O’Connor

Ends With: Tariku Abebe

In Weapons of the Sea quest, you will need to catch junk yet again. You will have to catch a Fish Sword and a Fish Head Hammer, then bring them to Master Fisher Abebe in Mourningdale.

Use the same strategy you used in quest 8 – Reel Life by not using any bait or any equipment that increases the rarity of fish caught. Fish beside Finola until you obtain both the sword and the hammer, then head off to Mourningdale to meet Tariku Abebe next to his favorite Broad Fishing Hotspot, just north of Mourningdale Town.

Tariku Abebe Location new world
Tariku Abebe Location

Rewards for Weapons of the Sea:

10 – Treasure of the Deep

Starts With: Tariku Abebe

Ends With: Eberhart Klaus

In Treasure of the Deep, the 10th quest in this New World Fishing Quest Guide, you will need to catch a treasure chest. To maximize the chances of catching a treasure chest, equip fishing baits that increase the fish rarity, and fish in a hotspot. The higher star fishing hotspot the better, but you still can catch them in the 1-star Broad hotspots.

Once you have caught a treasure chest, head out to Great Cleave to meet with Eberhart Klaus next to his Secret Hotspot. You may choose to head to him right away and hope that this Secret Hotspot is active, and try catching the treasure chest right beside him. Make him envy you as you reel in your big treasure chest!

Remember, secret hotspots take 45-90 minutes to respawn after being depleted.

Eberhart Klaus Location new world
Eberhart Klaus Location

Rewards for Treasure of the Deep:

11 – Soulwarden Rations

Starts With: Eberhart Klaus

Ends With: Rory Davies

Now you will need to catch 5 fish that weigh over 30 pounds each for Soulwarden Rations. You will want to use fishing baits that increase fish size, and also any fishing equipment you have acquired along the way, especially if it boosts the chance for bigger fish size.

You may want to focus on another area to find bigger fish. A great spot is Cutlass Keys’ saltwater areas. Swordfish tend to be great for this quest in particular.

Finish the Soulwarden Rations off at Rory Davies in Edengrove, located here:

Rory Davies Location new world
Rory Davies Location

Rewards for Soulwarden Rations:

12 – Azoth-Tinged Fish

Starts With: Rory Davies

Ends With: Konrad Bernard

This one is simple, for the Azoth-Tinged Fish quest, simply fish where Rory Davies is in Edengrove until you catch the fish you need. You will then need to take it to Konrad Bernard in Shattered Mountains. Konrad is located at a Rare Fishing Hotspot northeast of Mountainrise Outpost.

Konrad Bernard Location new world
Konrad Bernard Location

Rewards for Azoth-Tinged Fish:

13 – Corruption-Tinged Fish

Starts With: Konrad Bernard

Ends With: Laquan Chang

This quest is just as straight forward as the last. Fish in the water Konrad is next to until you catch a Corruption-Tinged fish. Once you have caught it, head off to Laquan Chang in Ebonscale Reach. Laquan is located right inside the town of Ebonscale Reach.

Laquan Chang Location Ebonscale Town
Laquan Chang Location Ebonscale Town

Rewards for Corruption-Tinged Fish:

14 – Ecological Report

Starts With: Laquan Chang

Ends With: Gaspar Machera

In the second-last quest in the New World Fishing Quest Guide, you will need to collect fish filets of all different levels to bring to Gaspar Machera. You should fish in various areas to collect each type needed before you head off to Gaspar to hand this one in.

Gasper Machera is located just southeast of Reekwater Town:

Gasper Machera Location in Reekwater new world
Gasper Machera Location in Reekwater

15 – To be a Grand Master

Starts With: Gaspar Machera

Ends With: Gaspar Machera

Finally, to complete To be a Grand Master, the final quest in the series, you must reach fishing level 100. Once you’ve finally fished enough to reach fishing level 100, you can turn this quest in for your hard-earned Legendary Pole and fishing title!

Rewards for To be a Grand Master:

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