Ur’nil Lost Ark Guide – Guardian Raid

In this Lost Ark Ur’nil Boss Guide, learn strategies to beat the beast, the loot the boss drops, and minimum requirements to go
ur'nil guardian raid boss guide lost ark

In this Lost Ark Ur’nil Guardian Raid Boss Guide (Or Urunil depending on the region), we cover everything you should know about the boss encounter including how to find a group, boss fight strategy, and loot from Ur’nil.

You can sign up for a Ur’nil raid by opening the search for party screen and selecting Guardian Raids, as explained in the Lost Ark Guardian Raid Guide.

Minimum Level for Ur’nil Raid

As Ur’nil is the first Lost Ark Guardian Dungeon boss, you will want to have completed a few Chaos Dungeons already and have reached item level 302 or higher, or you have completed the World Quest Line and obtained your iLvl 302 rare armor from those quests. You must also be level 50 of course.

Make sure you are all set up with the gear you want to use, the potions and battle items you will bring, and the Tripod skills you are going to want to use within the raid before signing up!

Remember that you can find all kinds of guides including all the other Guardian Raid Bosses in our Lost Ark Guides article.

You will want to bring some basic consumables to keep you topped up while in the fight. Bring these consumable for the Ur’nil boss fight:

HP Potions

lost ark battle item HP Potion


lost ark battle item Signal Flare

Ur’nil Boss Strategy

Basic Attack Pattern of Ur’nil


Ur’nil will emit a blue force from his body, then charge at a player and knock that player up. If Ur’nil is currently enraged, he will instead go into a Triple Swipe, then knock the player up.

Counter Measures: When you see the blue appear, move to make sure you are not in front of him. You can also use a counter-attack to knock him down when he starts the sequence, to negate the charge.

Double Swipe

This is his basic attack that will swipe two times in front of Ur’nil.

Counter Measures: To avoid this, stand behind the boss or off to his side.

Double Swipe Into Slam

Ur’nil will attack twice in front of him, performing a double swipe, then continue onto two even faster attacks in the front, while also performing a knockback behind him.

Counter Measures: Players can try to be by his side to avoid this.


He will pull a fireball out of the ground in front of him, lift it up above him, then throw it directly behind him. The fireball can land directly behind him, or farther behind him, but it will land in a line behind him.

Counter Measures: This is a very easy spell to see and adjust your position accordingly. Once you see the fireball coming from the ground in front of him, move away from his rear


Ur’nil will lunge and pounce on a player and staggers him. If Ur’nil is enrages when this happens, he also knocks all players up that were hit by the lunge.


Ur’nil will enrage, glowing orange with a roar. At this point, his attacks will hit harder, so be ready with heals and consumables in case you need them.

Counter Measures: You can knock him out of enrage using an impairment skill.

Enrage will also alter the abilities Charge and Rush:

Triple swipe charge
Knock up Rush

Special Attack Pattern


Ur’nil can also perform an Earthquake where he lifts up and slams into the ground, creating an earthquake and decreasing the party’s movement speed. If you are not able to kill him before this attack finishes, he will run away and your party will need to get to him again.

Ur’nil Loot Rewards

The following is the potential loot table for killing Ur’nil in Lost Ark and finishing this Guardian Raid:

ItemImageStats / Description
Vanguard Necklace iconDexterity: +229
Vitality: +167
Intelligence: +229
Strength: +229
+2 Random Combat Stats
Vanguard EarringsiconDexterity: +178
Vitality: +120
Intelligence: +178
Strength: +178
+2 Random Combat Stats
Watcher EarringsiconDexterity: +178
Vitality: +120
Intelligence: +178
Strength: +178
+2 Random Combat Stats
Vanguard RingiconDexterity: +166
Vitality: +96
Intelligence: +166
Strength: +166
+2 Random Combat Stats
Watcher RingiconDexterity: +166
Vitality: +96
Intelligence: +166
Strength: +166
+2 Random Combat Stats
Destruction Stone FragmenticonA fragment of ore filled with Chaos Energy.
Used for Honing armor.
Guardian Stone FragmenticonA fragment of ore filled with Harmony Energy
Used for Honing armor.
Harmony Leap StoneiconA Leap Stone that holds Harmony Energy.
Used for Honing gear.
Rare Ability StoneiconObtain a Rare Ability Stone that matches your Item Level.
Ur’nil CardiconMax level: 5
Growth XP: 800
Enhancement Cost: 1,200
Class Engraving RecipeiconObtain an Uncommon Class Engraving Recipe.
GalewindiconThis is a Skill Rune.
Skill Casting Speed +5%