New World Legendary Void Gauntlet Guide

legendary void gauntlet guide new world

Legendary Void Gauntlets Full List

How Many Legendary Void Gauntlets are there Total?

Currently, New World has 69 Legendary Void Gauntlets in New World on the Player Test Realm, set to be introduced into the game in an upcoming patch. In this guide you can explore each of them, their source for how to get legendary void gauntlets.

The table below will be updated with a Source for each void gauntlet. These source links will bring you to articles that explain how to get the legendary weapon.

New World Void Gauntlet Skill Trees and Abilities
Void Gauntlets in New World

What is the best Legendary Void Gauntlet?

It is too early to tell what legendary void gauntlets will really be the best. Each type of weapon in New World has unique advantages over others. Each weapon perk also has varying levels of usefulness depending on your playstyle. Be sure to check out the stats in the following New World Legendary Void Gauntlets list to find stats and perks that meld well with your playstyle.

What is the Void Gauntlet?

The Void Gauntlet is a magical DPS / Support weapon introduced to New World with the PTR Announcement on November 9, 2021, and implemented in Patch 1.1. It is the first weapon to scale from both Intelligence and Focus, making it a great pairing for the Life Staff.

If you choose to go down the Annihilation skill tree, you will maximize your close-range damage by utilizing the void blade, seen in the picture below:

Void Gauntlet Melee
Void Gauntlet Melee

If you choose the Decay kill tree, you will have ranged healing and debuffs that revolve around an Orb of Decay, which is a dual phase projectile that can debuff enemies and heal allies.

Legendary Void Gauntlets in New World

Here is a list of all the Legendary Void Gauntlets that exist currently in New World.

Void Gauntlet NameRarityTierGear ScoreSource
Black Hole LegendaryV500-600Drop / Chest
Wicked FuryLegendaryV500-600Drop / Chest
Aeternum’s EchoLegendaryV500-600Drop / Chest
SoulreaperLegendaryV500-600Drop / Chest
BloodmoonLegendaryV500-600Drop / Chest
MalevolanceLegendaryV500-600Drop / Chest
Hallowed FistLegendaryV500-600Drop / Chest
Raging GreedLegendaryV500-600Drop / Chest
DeadfingersLegendaryV500-600Drop / Chest
Arcane ShadowLegendaryV500-600
Devouring FearLegendaryV500-600
Great DecayLegendaryV500-600
Shadow WeaverLegendaryV500-600
Dark FeastLegendaryV500-600
Midnight MoonLegendaryV500-600
Shattered NebulaLegendaryV500-600
Obsidian TerrorLegendaryV500-600
Spectral ArsonLegendaryV500-600
Sacrificial LambLegendaryV500-600
Freezing VoidLegendaryV500-600
Piercing HorrorLegendaryV500-600
Raging StrikersLegendaryV500-600
Absolute TerrorLegendaryV500-600
Violent MiseryLegendaryV500-600
Shattered SoulsLegendaryV500-600
Hallowed TormentLegendaryV500-600
Corrupted RebirthLegendaryV500-600
Haunting SpecterLegendaryV500-600
Refreshing HarvestLegendaryV500-600
Dark VengeanceLegendaryV500-600
Decayed SpiritLegendaryV500-600
Corrosive EarthLegendaryV500-600
Unstoppable DecayLegendaryV500-600
Rotten LimbLegendaryV500-600
Disintegrating DepthsLegendaryV500-600
Wild BlightLegendaryV500-600
Corrupt SacrificeLegendaryV500-600
Morbid GiftLegendaryV500-600Chest / Cache
Inevitable DesolationLegendaryV500-600
Heaven’s RiftLegendaryV500-600Chest / Cache
Vow of VengeanceLegendaryV500-600Chest / Cache
Tarnished SoulLegendaryV500-600Chest / Cache
Murky WatersLegendaryV500-600Chest / Cache
Immortal AbyssLegendaryV500-600Chest / Cache
Silent GriefLegendaryV500-600Chest / Cache
Call of the VoidLegendaryV500-600
Mortifying ClutchLegendaryV500-600
Moonless NightLegendaryV500-600
Starless SkyLegendaryV500-600
Wretched GripLegendaryV500-600
Empty ConscienceLegendaryV500-600
Reign of DarknessLegendaryV500-600
Nothingness LegendaryV600Recipe

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