New World Legendary Weapon Guide

Complete New World Legendary Weapon Guide

In this guide we will dive into the legendary weapons of New World, Amazon’s new PvP/Gathering focused MMORPG. This guide has been updated since the Void Gauntlet has been released in Patch 1.1.

Legendary Weapons can be more powerful than regular weapons of the same level and are the final tier in Item Rarity in New World. Legendary Weapons have a unique name and come with a set of fixed Gear Scores and curated Perks.

Legendary items are available for all levels of players, but some require that the player takes on difficult challenges like Expeditions. While all legendary weapons are good, you will want to carefully study each to pick a weapon that suits your playstyle and goals.

How to Unlock Legendary Weapons in New World

Mountainhome Zoomed Out Location: New World

In some cases to unlock legendary weapons in New World, you need to complete the pre-requisite quests, which start with Eintou Madaki in Mountainhome, before you could unlock the quests to legendary weapons. Mountainhome is an outpost located in the Northern region of Great Cleave, a region recommended for level 40-60 players.

Legendary Weapons in New World How to Unlock
Mountainhome Location: New World

Madaki’s Stratagem is the quest to unlock legendary weapons in New World. This is the quest to get the legendary weapon molds. You must also have 20 Weapon Mastery to craft the weapon you want to make. You can start the quests earlier than 20 weapon mastery, but to craft them you must have 20. To gain 20 weapon mastery of a specific weapon type, you must use it in battle with enemies. Through defeating enemies with your weapons, you will gain weapon mastery up until mastery level 20.

Once you have completed Magaki’s Strategem in Shattered Mountain, and Legatus Fulvius’s quest series in Reekwater, you can go to Antiquarian Abbintgon in Reekwater to continue on your legendary weapon quest series.

You will be given the quest to gather quest materials so that the NPC can make the legendary weapon. You can imagine that this will to several hours collecting all the materials. Once you have all the materials, turn in your quest to obtain your legendary weapon in New World.

Legendary Weapons Full List

How Many Legendary Weapons are there Total?

Currently, New World has 202 Legendary Weapons as seen below:

  • Swords: 14
  • Axes: 6
  • Muskets: 9
  • Bows: 11
  • Hatchets: 10
  • Fire Staves: 11
  • Life Staves: 11
  • Shields: 8
  • War Hammers: 15
  • Rapiers: 12
  • Spears: 6
  • Void Gauntlets: 69
  • Ice Gauntlets: 31

What are the best legendary weapons?

It is too early to tell what legendary weapons will really be the best. Each type of weapon in New World has unique advantages over others. Each weapon perk also has varying levels of usefulness depending on your playstyle. Be sure to check out the stats in the following New World Legendary Weapons lists to find stats and perks that meld well with your playstyle.

Legendary Swords

Click the links on the Source column to see our articles on how to get the weapon, including maps and explanations.

Legendary SwordImageGear ScoreDescriptionSource
SwordUrsine Will425“Blades honed from the hide of a terra bear are said to imbue the weilder with the spirit’s power. “Drop
SwordBrilliant Refraction430“The blade bends the flow of combat as easily as it bends the light.” Drop
SwordShatterslash490“Don’t touch the blade. Ever. Even the flat of the blade will cut you.”Recipe
SwordCrimson Vow525“As you wrap your blade in this crimson cloth, give thanks for all It has given. The Power to conquer. The True Sight to believe. And the Will to march forth.”Corrupted Equipment Cache
SwordWhisper of the Wood600“Be as the wind flowing through the wyrdwood grove.”Recipe
SwordAl’kazor500-600“The gem adorned hilt glistens as the rest of the blade seems to consume the light. What was once a righteous sword has now succumbed to pure corruption, just as its former master has.”Supply / Ancient Chest – Zone Level 59+
SwordLane’s Lament500-600“Woe unto me, for my burdens are many. My friends, though, are many more!”Supply / Ancient Chest – Zone Level 59+
SwordPit Lord Dominator 500-600“This sword is forged in the fires of hatred and tempered with the blood of the cruel.”
SwordRallying Cry 500-600“To me, my friends! Victory is almost ours!”Drop
SwordThe Captain’s Deal500-600“A thousand notches on a dead man’s blade. Only a thousand more to go.”
Lost Equipment Cache
SwordUntrodden Path 500-600“Step away from what you know. Walk willfully. You will find the way.”
Dark Spriggan Cache
SwordPrimordial Edge500-600“Forged from the vines of Malevolence. Unconvential, yet highly effective.”Drop
SwordCuriosity, Greed500-600“Even in times of wealth, we vie for more. Behind each door is a chance at even greater power.”Drop
SwordCutlass Keys Slicer570“Death is just the beginning.”Quest Reward

Legendary Great Axes

Legendary Great AxeImageGear ScoreDescriptionSource
Great AxeAxe of the Abomination
400-500“Stitched together and reborn in undeath, the abomination wielded an axe of massive proportions and cut down soldiers by the dozen.”
Great AxeDark Sky
600“When they came, they brought with them an eternal darkness. We never saw the light again.”
Great AxeAxe of the Final War
500-600“We have fought wars our whole life, but none like this.”
War Spoils
Great AxeDleihs of Seniab
500-600“Siht exa sdleihs Seniab tsniaga lla slive.”
Great Axe Enforcer’s Battleaxe 500-600“Do as I Say”Outpost Rush Cache
Great AxeLast Stand500-600“I may die here today, but I will take you with me.”Dark Spriggan Cache
Great AxeBlightbone Battleaxe500-600“A putrid stench lingers on the axe.”Drop
Great AxeWeaponmaster’s Chosen500-600“Of her many weapons, the great axe was her most treasured, reserved only for the purest of kills.”Drop

Legendary Muskets

Legendary MusketImageGear ScoreDescriptionSource
MusketMusket of Unseen Power600“I did not see where the shot came from, only the aftermath.”Recipe
MusketDecisive Victory
500-600“One shot to the head and the battle was over.”Cache/Chest
MusketOverseer’s Regret500-600“The Overseer’s one regret was that the musket could only kill so many with a single shot.”Drop
MusketSurvival of the Fittest
500-600“It’s you or me, and it sure isn’t going to be me.”
MusketWarlord’s Rifle500-600“Join me brethren as we conquer this keep!”
MusketInfamy500-600“The whole world shall know of your sin.”Drop
MusketArchaeologist’s Armored Flintlock500-600“Opening crusty old tombs leads to ancient creations finding new life.”Drop
MusketAncient Intentions500-600“They sought to create and learn, but they found themselves rife with conflict.”Drop
MusketVengeance Blast580“Your gods and heroes have no jurisdiction here.”

Legendary Bows

Legendary BowImageGear ScoreDescriptionSource
600“The wood is unlike anything you’ve seen before, twisted by some wild magic.”
BowHerald’s Signal Fire
500-600“Once the signal fires have been lit, all the hosts loyal to Mozrul the Herald will come to his aid, and nothing shall stand in his way.”Drop
BowLone Tracker’s Bow
500-600“Hunting a Wood Elk through Edengrove is no easy business.”Cache/Chest
BowSlayer’s Crossbow 500-600“Every shot is an exercise of economy. No movement is wasted in pursuit of its prey.”Drop
BowSwift Approach
500-600“Swift action can often turn the tide in battle. And a fast approach can catch your foes off guard.”
BowTruestrike500-600“May my aim be true, even in the face of eternity.”Cache/Chest
BowWarforged Compact Battlebow500-600“Well crafted, lightweight, and easy to grip. This bow is perfect for the chaos that descends upon a battlefield.”Cache/Chest
BowCreeping Recurve500-600“Vines grasp out from the limbs, lusting for flesh.”Drop
BowInherent Truth500-600“There is but one truth in this world. We are born, and we die.”Drop
BowLazarus Bow500-600“Let my arrows bring you back from the brink.”Drop
BowRegent’s Bow570“For it is the true warrior who takes up the noble cause.”Quest

Legendary Hatchets

Legendary HatchetsImageGear ScoreDescriptionSource
400-500“One swing from this and your humours will settle.”Drop
HatchetAxe of the Abyss600“Many souls are lost as they try to harness the power of Corruption. To do so is to lose oneself.”Recipe
HatchetConquest500-600“We are constantly at war with the forces of the island, and yet we still find time to war against one another.”Cache/Chest
HatchetHatchet of the Corrupted Frontier 500-600“The Corrupted continously push south, seeking to corrupt all in their path and expand their reach.”
HatchetHonorsbane500-600“Honorable people rarely live long.”Drop
HatchetRemnant of Before500-600“Things weren’t always like this. Life used to be easy, peaceful. Now we must fight each day to survive.”
HatchetEdenil500-600“From the earth we came, to the earth we shall return.”Drop
HatchetThe Settler’s Friend500-600“Only 6 Pence! Don’t go to the New World without one!”Drop
HatchetSol500-600“The heat beats upon the sands of the desert relentlessly. Those who live there have become a hard people, fierce warriors with an intensity like the burning sun.”Drop

Legendary Fire Staves

TypeLegendary Fire StavesImageGear ScoreDescriptionSource
Fire StaffRage545“There is a clarity to it. Only people who fear it experience it blindly.”Recipe
Fire StaffMeteor Trail 600“The fiery trail of a meteor is pure. It is powerful.”Recipe
Fire StaffCauterization500-600“Fire will purify your wound.”Cache/Chest
Fire StaffScorched Earth500-600“Nothing but dust shall remain when I am done here.”Drop
Fire StaffSignum Phalarae500-600“A beacon of honor shining from earlier times.”Drop
Fire StaffSiren’s Legato500-600
“Smoothly it builds up in a blazing crescendo.”Drop
Fire StaffStaff of Greater Tribulation500-600“Unto every life there are trials that must occur. This staff makes them happen more often.”Drop
Fire StaffWildfire Torch500-600“Rampaging and uncontrolled, the wildfire burns all who dare get near.”Cache/Chest
Fire StaffFirevine Battlestaff500-600“Ever-burning vines cover every piece of this staff.
Fire StaffFirebinder500-600“I can control fire.”Drop
Fire StaffSpellstaff of Fiery Intent500-600“My rage consumes me and my fire shall consume you.”Drop

Legendary Life Staves

Legendary Life StaffImageGear ScoreDescriptionSource
Life StaffWindsinger565“The chanting grew, rising over the mountaintops and descending upon those less fortunate. Then, I awoke from my dream.”Recipe
Life StaffGiver’s Green Gift500-600“Grown using techniques now forgotten, this staff thrums with vitality.”Drop
Life StaffHidden Depths500-600“Beneath what seems obvious are hidden depths, waiting to be revealed.”Drop
Life StaffHope500-600“Do not fear, hope is no illusion. I hold it in my hand.”Drop
Life StaffInvader’s Unholy Staff500-600“These lands shall be consecrated in the name of the High Priest.”Cache/Chest
Life StaffLifebinder500-600“So long as I may walk this earth, you shall live.”Cache/Chest
Life StaffThe Grotto’s Seed500-600“A single seed can grow a mighty forest.”Drop
Life StaffWarmage’s Life Staff500-600“What war has ever been won without a great healer?”Cache/Chest
Life StaffHigher Purpose500-600“You do all that you must in service of the great one.”
Life StaffWill of the Ancients500-600“What did they desire? And why did they leave?”Drop
Life StaffDivine Devotion500-600“I pray that my faith shall set me free.”Drop

Legendary Shields

Legendary ShieldImageGear ScoreDescriptionSource
ShieldShield of Suppresion
600“Tis impressive how opressive the suppresion is!”
ShieldGilded Defense600“A shield so beautiful it’s a shame it’s purpose is to become scratched and battered.”Recipe
ShieldCompulsion500-600“I cannot step away, I cannot turn my gaze. I will stand until I can stand no longer.”Unknown
ShieldEverlasting Shade500-600“Fear not, my guard is as wide as the boughs of the mighty oak.”Drop
ShieldRefuge500-600“Your place is beneath the shadow of my guard.”Cache/Chest
ShieldTolerant Hound500-600“Use measure in training. Too much and things become dull. Not enough and well, there goes your hand.”Cache/Chest
ShieldWith No Other500-600“Stand with me. Know that I will stand with you.” Unknown
ShieldWeary Traveler500-600“At last, he arrived.”Cache/Chest

Legendary War Hammers

Legendary War HammerImageGear ScoreDescriptionSource
War HammerYul’kithir
600“Demonic transcriptions cover the handle of the warhammer.”Recipe
War HammerDreamcrusher
500-600“The only thing more certain than time itself is the failure of mankind to rise above its own self interest.”Cache/Chest
War HammerEarthbinder Ward500-600“In all things there are cycles. The Earthbinder Ward helps break them.”Drop
War HammerEnd of Days500-600“Don’t celebrate yet. This is only the beginning.”Cache/Chest
War HammerGaea’s Revenge500-600“The earth shook for days without stopping, until everyone forgot what it felt like to be on solid ground.”Drop
War HammerJudgement of Malevolence500-600“Those judged were found lacking. And so were given what they lacked, often to great excess.”Drop
War HammerMirepaw’s Fist500-600“It takes the strength of a bear to wield such a massive weapon. And the cunning of a bear to know when best to use it.”Drop
War HammerObsidian Warhammer500-600“Volcanic eruptions provide a narrow window for forging weapons from the molten rock spewing out of the mountain.”Cache/Chest
War HammerResidual Hate500-600“I cannot shake it. It festers within me, weeping into pools of vendetta.”Cache/Chest & Drop
War HammerSarcosanct500-600“Ancient magic and divine blessings, forged in the fires of vengeance.”Cache/Chest
War HammerStonerend 500-600“No wall has stood against me, and no wall shall.”Recipe
War HammerVolcano Smasher500-600“It moves with the speed of lava and the destruction of an eruption.”Drop
War HammerWoodswarden500-600“Let this hammer be your charge. Guard these woods and remove any would be intruders.”Drop
War HammerFury500-600“A thief you can trust is no thief to you.”Drop
War HammerLife Breaker570“I have become death. The destroyer of worlds.”Quest

Legendary Rapiers

Legendary Rapier ImageGear ScoreDescriptionSource
RapierVoidbringer’s Rapier
600“Let darkness into your heart and see the light.”Recipe
RapierAssassination Blade500-600“Depose the king, depose the queen, it’s all the same to me. So long as there is coin in my pocket, I will kill whoever you ask.”Chest / Cache
RapierAtlas Killer500-600“Sometimes large destruction comes in small packages.”Drop
RapierFay’s Covenant500-600“May the bearer of this rapier watch over the land’s bounty and protect it from those who would cause imbalance.”Drop
RapierLast Hope500-600“We have exhausted all other options. Force is all we have left.”Chest / Cache
RapierMotherwell Wisher’s Wand500-600“It brings long life to the bearer, and short life to their enemies.”Drop
RapierPutrid Fishbone500-600“It is best not to think of the size of the fish that provided the bone for the hilt, nor how long this rapier has been moldering inside Putris’s gut.”Drop
RapierSiren’s Marcato500-600“Louder and louder the strikes landed, creating a symphony of pain.”Drop
RapierSwan Song500-600“This is your finale.”Chest / Cache
RapierSacred Woodsabre500-600“Those who dwell in the forest have their own way of living. Sacred rituals and objects that would be foreign to most.”Drop
RapierFinal Respite500-600“Rest now.”Drop
RapierSpirit of Oblivion550“Death is just the beginning.”Quest

Legendary Spears

Legendary SpearImageGear ScoreDescriptionSource
SpearConqueror’s Spear500-600“Shatter the walls and storm the keep, this city shall fall.”Cache/Chest
SpearSpear of the Corrupted Assault500-600“They came for us as the sun dipped below the horizon. The red glow of their priests danced upon the trees. When night finally came, they descended upon our walls.”Cache/Chest
SpearAngry Earth Exterminator500-600“Killing Dryads is oh so fun. And now with this spear you can do it faster than ever!”
SpearSubzero Spear500-600“Even in the heat of the sun this spear remains frozen solid.”Drop
SpearSpear of the Outer Isles500-600“The outer isles of Aeternum are rich in Azoth making them a desired destination for would-be explorers.”Drop
SpearJavelin of Dryadic Empowerment500-600“Imbued within this weapon is the memory of a thousand Dryads. Their knowledge is now yours to command.”Drop

Legendary Void Gauntlets

Void Gauntlet NameRarityTierGear ScoreSource
Black Hole LegendaryV500-600Drop / Chest
Wicked FuryLegendaryV500-600Drop / Chest
Aeternum’s EchoLegendaryV500-600Drop / Chest
SoulreaperLegendaryV500-600Drop / Chest
BloodmoonLegendaryV500-600Drop / Chest
MalevolanceLegendaryV500-600Drop / Chest
Hallowed FistLegendaryV500-600Drop / Chest
Raging GreedLegendaryV500-600
Arcane ShadowLegendaryV500-600
Devouring FearLegendaryV500-600
Great DecayLegendaryV500-600
Shadow WeaverLegendaryV500-600
Dark FeastLegendaryV500-600
Midnight MoonLegendaryV500-600
Shattered NebulaLegendaryV500-600
Obsidian TerrorLegendaryV500-600
Spectral ArsonLegendaryV500-600
Sacrificial LambLegendaryV500-600
Freezing VoidLegendaryV500-600
Piercing HorrorLegendaryV500-600
Raging StrikersLegendaryV500-600
Absolute TerrorLegendaryV500-600
Violent MiseryLegendaryV500-600
Shattered SoulsLegendaryV500-600
Hallowed TormentLegendaryV500-600
Corrupted RebirthLegendaryV500-600
Haunting SpecterLegendaryV500-600
Refreshing HarvestLegendaryV500-600
Dark VengeanceLegendaryV500-600
Decayed SpiritLegendaryV500-600
Corrosive EarthLegendaryV500-600
Unstoppable DecayLegendaryV500-600
Rotten LimbLegendaryV500-600
Disintegrating DepthsLegendaryV500-600
Wild BlightLegendaryV500-600
Corrupt SacrificeLegendaryV500-600
Morbid GiftLegendaryV500-600Chest / Cache
Inevitable DesolationLegendaryV500-600
Heaven’s RiftLegendaryV500-600Chest / Cache
Vow of VengeanceLegendaryV500-600Chest / Cache
Tarnished SoulLegendaryV500-600Chest / Cache
Murky WatersLegendaryV500-600Chest / Cache
Immortal AbyssLegendaryV500-600Chest / Cache
Silent GriefLegendaryV500-600Chest / Cache
Call of the VoidLegendaryV500-600
Mortifying ClutchLegendaryV500-600
Moonless NightLegendaryV500-600
Starless SkyLegendaryV500-600
Wretched GripLegendaryV500-600
Empty ConscienceLegendaryV500-600
Reign of DarknessLegendaryV500-600
Nothingness LegendaryV600Recipe
Scheming Omega Void Gauntlet of the MageLegendaryV600-600
Scheming Omega Void Gauntlet of the MageLegendaryV620-620

Legendary Ice Gauntlets

TypeLegendary Ice GauntletImageGear ScoreDescriptionSource
Ice GauntletThundersnow
375“It’s rare, but when it happens…it’s breathtaking.”
Ice GauntletSubduer’s Wrath460“Let them escape. We can punish them more severely.”
Ice GauntletBrine of the Frosty Shore495“A pleasant beach can turn into a rimey waste if the season turns too quickly.”
Ice GauntletFrozen Embrace400-500“Some people tell tales of a woman in the snow, a Yuki-onna. If you see her, stay away.”
Ice GauntletFrozen Spate400-500“The icy water stretched out endlessly in front of us, but we continued nonetheless.”
Ice GauntletGlacial Gaze
400-500“Her eyes were blue like the deepest frozen rivers.”
Ice GauntletGlacial Rage565“Anger and vengeance burn white hot. Rage is deeper, colder. It turns your heart to ice.”
Ice GauntletFrost Fairy’s Gift590“And with a wink, she snapped her fingers. My hand grew cold, but with that feeling came the knowledge of creation.”
Ice GauntletMaster Cryomancer’s Gauntlet590A magical gauntlet made for a Master Cryomancer, provided its wielder matches its potential.
Ice GauntletCrystalline Curse 600“After she uttered the incantation, her lover turned to the clearest crystal anyone had seen.”Crafted
Ice GauntletBiting Resonance500-600“The morning after a heavy snow may seem quiet, but the right sound carries further.”
Ice GauntletCold Stone500-600N/A
Ice GauntletDiarmud’s Icy Grasp500-600“Diarmud made a name for himself exploring the military applications of magic.”
Ice GauntletEver Giving500-600“As snow falls from the sky, the gift of winter calm spreads to all caught outside.”
Ice GauntletFractured Bough500-600“I heard cracks in the distance. At first I thought them to be muskets, but they were trees collapsing under the weight of winter.”
Ice GauntletFrostbitten Mitt500-600“What did it cost you? Your fingers and toes? Was it worth it?”
Ice GauntletFrozen Fingers500-600N/A
Ice GauntletGripping Rime500-600“The rime of the winter seas change a person. Be wary.”
Ice GauntletIn the Quiet500-600“The peaceful quiet of a dark winter’s night belies its danger. Do not give in.”
Ice GauntletJárngreipr500-600“It was with a glove like this that Thor was able to take hold of Mjölnir.”
Ice GauntletPeaceful Chill500-600“Close your eyes and give into the cold.”
Ice GauntletPilgrimage’s End500-600“This is merely a place to rest, before the long return journey begins.”
Ice GauntletPromise of Malevolence500-600“There is no sweeter promise than that of Malevolence when brough to full bloom.”
Ice GauntletRigor Mortis500-600“As strong as a fist clenched forever in anger. As cold as a corpse, dead for twenty days.”
Ice GauntletShard of One500-600N/A
Ice GauntletSiren’s Staccato500-600“Like hail upon the deck of a ship, the Siren’s Staccato sings out to its foes.”
Ice GauntletThe Fragment500-600N/A
Ice GauntletWinterbite 500-600“Snow is soft. Ice is violent.”
Ice GauntletWinter Wish500-600“As fatigue sets in, many explorers have tried to continue on. Many explorers have never returned.”
Ice GauntletFrostgrasp 500-600“What appears delicate can often prove fatal.”
Ice GauntletRimelash580The Wanderer’s greatest triumph, the herald of Forever Winter resting in the palm of one’s hand.Quest

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