News: Major Nelson Congratulates Shuhei Yoshida On PlayStation 4 Sales – It’s Not All War Games

Fans of both the PS4 and Xbox One often come to blows on the internet when discussing their platform of choice, both factions fighting the good fight in the console “war.”

This may get me lynched but it has to be said – it’s a bit pathetic.

The supposed “war” is as old as the industry itself, with rivalries dating back to the days when Nintendo and SEGA ruled the roost whilst Sony just sat on their own, making standard consumer electronics and what not.

Maybe the solider of the so-called war could learn a thing or two from their leaders.

Xbox’s very own Major Nelson (Larry Hryb) recently sent out a tweet of congratulations to Sony’s affable executive Shuhei Yoshida, applauding the success of Sony’s PlayStation 4’s recently announced sales numbers.

Whilst there are some rivalries between Microsoft and Sony, for the most part they’re just two companies trying to put out the best products possible. Put down your toy guns and shake the hand of your “enemy” – the war isn’t real.

Do you think the console war is a little bit stupid? Or do you let your passion take over when you’re presented with a keyboard and online-anonymity?

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