Prototype 2 Xbox One/PS4 Remaster Dated for July Release

It’s been more or less confirmed that Activision would be re-releasing the Prototype games for the PS4 after both titles’ achievements for the next-gen console made their way online last month. What we didn’t see were the achievements for the Xbox One version which lead some to believe that Activision’s new-found friendship with Sony would be having a knock-on effect.

Well, worry not, because it looks like Prototype 1 and its sequel will indeed be releasing on the Xbox One as well as the PS4. Spotted by an eagle-eyed twitter user, the game page for Prototype 2 has gone live on the Xbox One marketplace. The page listing, which can only be found by going through the ‘featured challenges’ section, shows that the game is to be released on July 14th which is a Tuesday – the standard release day for games.

The page listing also indicates that all the DLC that was previously released for the game back on the Xbox 360 and PS3 will be included as part of the update, though we sort of expected this one as Activision would be setting itself up for a world of Konami-like hate if it tried to get people to buy DLC across two-generations.

Yes, it’s not going to be for everyone and the Prototype game’s certainly didn’t set the charts alight back in the day, but they were decent enough distractions that could be more enjoyable on the Xbox One and PS4 – providing that the re-release isn’t just, well, a re-release for the sake of it. There has to be some substance as players have become accustomed to getting re-releases that are actually worth looking at twice – Tomb Raider, The Last of Us etc

    1. Im pretty sure they already said they wouldn’t be taking the Prototype series any further because it was a failure for them and if I remember correctly 2 led to the closing of the studio not long after it released.

      They could be attempting to gauge interest in the series or they could just be hoping to make their money back….The second game was pretty meh, and it didn’t help that it just came off like an InFamous clone

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