Rocket League PS4 Overheating Console Units, Servers Suffer PS Plus Hug of Death

Rocket League went live on PS4 earlier today as part of the monthly PS Plus update. Needless to say, then, thousands of eager players quickly ditched all productive endeavours and got stuck into the mayhem-filled multiplayer offerings of Psyonix’s football/racing hybrid.

Unfortunately not all went to plan. Just a few hours after launch players were being booted from games or just flat out being blocked from playing online due to the heavy server loads.

To be fair to the team behind Rocket League, they’re taking it in their stride remarkably well. Instead of just posting the usual “we’re working on fixes, please wait for updates,” the developers are showing their cheeky side with some cracking comebacks on twitter. So, the PS Plus “hug of death” is killing the online, but at least there’s still the single player Seasons mode to keep us occupied – so long as your console doesn’t buckle from the pressure of navigating… the menu screen.

Yes, the menu screen is actually causing some players’ consoles to overheat by working the fans extra hard for no apparent reason. This was actually a fairly common occurence during the game’s recent beta tests, so we’re a little surprised to hear that its still affecting some players. In fact, after booting up the game and leaving it on the menu screen for 10 minutes we’re also hearing more noise than usual from the PS4’s usually quiet fans.

This is being looked into by the developers, so in the meantime try not to linger in the menus for longer than you need to.

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