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Rocket League PS4 Overheating Console Units, Servers Suffer PS Plus Hug of Death

Rocket League went live on PS4 earlier today as part of the monthly PS Plus update. Needless to say, then, thousands of eager players quickly ditched all productive endeavours and got stuck into the mayhem-filled multiplayer offerings of Psyonix’s football/racing hybrid.

Unfortunately not all went to plan. Just a few hours after launch players were being booted from games or just flat out being blocked from playing online due to the heavy server loads.

To be fair to the team behind Rocket League, they’re taking it in their stride remarkably well. Instead of just posting the usual “we’re working on fixes, please wait for updates,” the developers are showing their cheeky side with some cracking comebacks on twitter. So, the PS Plus “hug of death” is killing the online, but at least there’s still the single player Seasons mode to keep us occupied – so long as your console doesn’t buckle from the pressure of navigating… the menu screen.

Yes, the menu screen is actually causing some players’ consoles to overheat by working the fans extra hard for no apparent reason. This was actually a fairly common occurence during the game’s recent beta tests, so we’re a little surprised to hear that its still affecting some players. In fact, after booting up the game and leaving it on the menu screen for 10 minutes we’re also hearing more noise than usual from the PS4’s usually quiet fans.

This is being looked into by the developers, so in the meantime try not to linger in the menus for longer than you need to.

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    1. There’s some issue with whatever UI they use (I think some of the Assassins Creed games do it too) where there is no limiter on framerate, so the game and console essentially ramp up the frame rate on the UI infinitely.

    1. Maybe you want to eat or something. Don´t you do that with a console? Sometimes i walk away for 30 minutes -while playing. But of course i go into standby when doing that and not lettng the console waste that energy. But some People don´t care about energy and leave it on for hours…Even while they are not at home.

  1. Yikes!! How did this game get past Sony’s standards for release on their system??? Overheating consoles while in a menu screen? WTF is that about? I would be very upset if it happened to me, that’s for sure.

      1. How did they lie exactly? The developer of Shenmue himself has come out saying Sony is providing funding, and will additionally market the game when it’s ready for release. Are you from the bizarro world? Welcome, friend. You’ll find the water quite lovely on this side.

      2. They never lied about anything concerning Shenmue, Quatman,you fat rodent.

        Funny you talk about standards when the Xbone’s first major retail exclusive of the year is a remaster in August.

        Even funnier is that not long ago you shat on a game that’s now getting massive plaudits from the media and regular game players just because it’s indie.

        1. Andyscout you seem so hurt even fatgamer recognises Sony is begging Sega to bail them out. Are you so angry that there are no PS4 games in 2015 or 2016 and PC gaming won E3 without question?

          Come on Andyscout. You can’t be upset with your $400 30FPS Nogameststation 4 forever. You have Call Of Duty and all the console vermin that come with it now :^)

    1. If PS4 is “failure” please do tell me what you call the abortion, human atrocity, Early Access machine that was the first Xbox 360 console model. I would love to hear it.

      1. Finally, someone clean and mature enough to see the truth !

        With 2.5% failure rate, on ps3, versus 55% on x360, they will still say the x360 was the best console ever. Damn, I wasn’t that idiot, when I was 14 yo.

        1. There was a big difference though:
          The xbox 360 died of HARDWARE-Problems. Not of software-Problems. it was bad solder (bad Quality which lead to early melting-temperature, it should have never been used for gaming-consoles which get hotter than 100°C).
          And the PS4 has a big, crazy software-Problem.

          1. the only big crazy software proble is more games than the competitor. I guess one could follow Microsofts lead and not rerlease any games for long periods of time that way no one usess the console and it does not have malfunctions…. You children are so idiotic

          2. Software problem is due to the Game. The developer of that game screwed up. When you linger too long in the Game’s menu, it cause the PS4 to work harder. Something in the game’s coding is causing this. Lets be honest here, the PS4 have handle games that are more tasking Rocket league. its common sense.

          3. Ps4 suffered this problem on many games. Sony don’t shoot straight. At least this developer trying 2. Ps4 off and online all the time. I don’t own a xbox one but would never defend a piece of carp like sony

      2. X360…yeah I remember that console because it had good games.
        I also remember how MS took very good care of their customers who had problems (for free) while I had to pay Sony to fix my playstation twice.

        1. MSFT never took care of me, I blew threw 3 of the fine 360s to rrod (always conveniently just out of warranty) while my launch day fat ps3 STILL works fine.

          1. I watched a few of my friends go through several 360s.. Also.. how can you even say “atleast Microsoft took care of their customer”.. No.. What really happened is that “Microsoft Took ADVANTAGE OF THEIR CUSTOMERS” and released a console as fast as possible, knowing it had overheating issues, just so they could get a stronghold on the Market. Duh. Oh.. Btw.. for like the first 12 – 18 months.. Microsoft denied that there was anything wrong with its Xbox 360.. and THEY KNEW IT THE WHOLE TIME.. Awesome Customer Service? Yep.. Sums it up.

          2. You are way back in last gen now kid.
            Im talking about the PS4’s which forced Sony to make a new one which they just announced.

          3. Okay.. so the system gets hot? Does that make it break? I have played my PS4 for hours and hours at a time.. Probably over 8 – 12 hrs at times.. and yeah.. IT gets a little loud, but never an issue. So.. What exactly was Sony “Forced to make a new one” For? To make a quieter machine? That makes it a failure? Puh-lease… You are not a very good troll sir.

      3. Console peasants so butthurt about their underpowered toaster they blame last gen toasters

        Rocket League runs and looks fine at max settings and only 50% GPU usage on my PC :^)

    2. Do you want some 10-15 million dead xbox360 to use as foundations? You can then build a 2nd eiffel tower, it won’t move 1 inch, even by heavy wind or massive 400m tsunamis

      1. The difference is:

        Xbox 360s didn`t die in games-menuscreens! They died because => using bad solder! MS confirmed that Long ago.
        Additionally MS used cheap condensators (85°C degree ones instead of more expensive 105°C ones). So of course it lead to many dead consoles as consoles with 200 Watt TDP get HOT as hell!

        1. So you’re saying the Xbox 360 was trash out of the gate? Its funny the PS4 overheating is not even Sony’s fault. Its the game developer’s fault. The developers seen this issue with this game during beta testing. But sure let just say its Sony’s fault. Might as well blame this on Obama too.

        2. You know that sounds worse, right?

          With PS4, only this game alone causes the issue.

          With 360, it was a system issue that could happen with any game at any time.

    3. Apparently you have a misunderstanding of the word failure, if you need a better understanding of the word please look up xbox 360 RROD.

      1. You’re missing the point. The PS4 is formed like a brick from the start, making it perfect for my project among with the sticky and salty Pony tears.

        1. Now you’re grasping at straws to try to win your argument which you have none. The only thing that is sticky is your palm due to those lonely nights figuring out what to do with your xbox’s because there’s nothign for you until the holidays.

          1. LMAO
            The next new AAA exclusive you will see is in March 2016 if it doesnt get postponed like all the other recent ND titles.

          1. So what sells the best is the best? So Porsche is not the best eh? You know how less cars of this kind are sold world-wide? What about other things?

            Going by your logic the ‘trabbie’ is the best car. Guess what? It sold like butter-pretzels.

        2. The Shitbox’s 1980s VCR design is more suitable for construction than the PS4’s quadrilateral.

          Only tears here are from you, Quatman and the rest of the Shitbox vermin.

          1. As if the PS4 design were great.
            Two wet pizzaboxes on top of each other. X_x
            Their idiotic fanbase couldnt even find the power button.

          2. Yeah sure, the PS4 is so terribly designed, that they managed to fit more powerful hardwre in a smaller package and with no need for an external power brick. /s

          3. The less stuff you have inside, the less heat is inside…
            If your internal power fails, you cant just switch it to another.
            You have to send the whole console for repairs, but if your external power fails they can send you a new one in a few days.

            Keep coming up with strange reasons, I bet I can counter them all.

          4. That’s a big “if”. Fortunately the PS4 doesn’t suffer from rampant overheating issues. Maybe if MS designed it that way, it would have, but Sony’s a better electronics company.

            So anyway, what you’re saying is that MS left more room inside in case their console overheats and still couldn’t design a more attractive system?

          5. The Xbox One is unlike the PS4,
            designed to blend in with a surround system in the living room and not stick out in.

            I can imagine its important for some to stare at a console all day,

            that is however not my thing because I like playing games on my consoles.

          6. That’s an exaggeration.
            Both, the claim that the XO blends in with your entertainment center much more than the PS4. And that people stare at their consoles all day.

            Yes sure, people who choose consoles with bland designs care about playing games the most, while the rest are posers. /s

          7. Thats not a big IF. Power supplies (the PS4 cheap-made especially) have a rating for lifetime-expectancy. My PC-one is rated at 50~C outer temperature and ~50000 hours. Thats over five years 24/7 gaming btw (ca.8000 hours per year!)…at 50~C outer temperature (when the summer is hot). Thats 20 years gaming when just having a temperature of 20~C in your room/Pc.

            That thing cost me 70 dollars.

            Since its 400 Watt and using high-end and even AC-DC-tech (newly invented for psus)it costs 70 dollars.

            The point is, PS4 uses a 200 watt 10-dollar-one. It uses cheapest parts available. You can be glad if that part holds you for the next 2-3 years. It has no expensive AC-DC-efficiencytech, it has no 105~C-conensators…it has only the cheapest parts necessary to hold well…i would guess 10000 hours at ~40C. Thats what i would rate it. Since the case of PS4 gets really hot, it will fail soon.

            Remember: If that part fails and that happens after 2-3 years (PS4 isn’t out that long right now) you have no guarantee. You have to pay for repair and its not some cheap thing if you want to take that out. You have to completely put your ps4 into parts to exchange it.

          8. “The point is”
            No, that wasn’t the point to begin with. I said the PS4 doesn’t have rampant overheating issues. Saying “it will fail soon” is another “if”.
            By now I was on my 2nd or 3rd 360.

          9. Sorry, but external comonents will last longer…than components which have to use allready warm air…to cool down.

            You can be sure, PS4 won’t get old with the cheap 85~C condensators used in the psu.

    4. How is this the PS4’s fault? the developer of the game obviously did something here that is causing the PS4 to work extra hard. No other game on the PS4 has done this until this game was released. In the article it even say that this issue was seen in the beta testing of this game.

      1. Hi Andyscout. Wonder where those PS4 games you said that would be coming are. They didn’t appear at E3 and you don’t seem to want to talk to me? Are you still upset Sony is begging Sega to bail them out and everything they announced was on PC? :^)

  2. Running the fans extra hard isn’t going to cause the system to overheat. It sounds more like the developer forgot to lock the frame-rate while the menu is onscreen causing it to max both the CPU and GPU.

    1. But if you run cpu and gpu to 100% your console shouldn`t crash.
      Also: Developers have NO Access to OS-cpu cores. So 2 cores for PS4 are locked. Only 6 cores can be used for games and only a certain percentage of the Cache of PS4s cpu can be used for games.

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