Returning to League of Legends after 2 years: What has changed?

Returning to League of Legends after 2 years: What has changed?

League of Legends is a great game, that is why I got so addicted to it for almost 5 seasons, then it burned me out and I decided to leave it.

Time passed and my friends convinced me to play again, but is not the same League of Legends I left behind. Though I did not enter this new season completely blind thanks to twitch streams, Legends of Runeterra and a big Internet addiction.

First thing I noticed weren’t the new champs or buffs/nerfs to my favourite characters but the brand new store. New interface, new items, my beautiful Twin Shadows were nowhere to be found but despicable Zhonya Hourglass was there, everything was chaos and then I discovered mythic items.

I knew mythic items existed before but only by name, I just assumed they put the word on it so it would be easier to look for them at the store not that they would be the core of the build most of the time. Though it makes sense if they have a special word like that.

Mythic Items and Champions

Mythic items give a bonus for every completed object, which are now called legendary but there can only be one mythic item at the inventory. Some old items like Trinity Force and Sunfire Cape/Aegis were upgraded to this state.

After getting accustomed with this, the game felt better than before. Maybe it was the fact that I had to take a breath from the game or maybe these items did a good job.

They are the most powerful and useful item in your inventory most of the time and the bonus effect they give does matter late game.

As for the new champions some of them were really cool to see, some annoying and some I don’t even know what I am watching and can’t understand how they melted my tank from full hp to dead with a little girl with scissors. And this is an issue that is worth mentioning.


Powercreep is a natural step on games that have been around for so long and have to update constantly, new, exciting and powerful elements get introduced in the game but leave old ones behind.

In case of League this is a big problem right now, the game has been around for 11 seasons at the time. The first elements that came into the game got either removed or struggle to keep up, this is specially true for OG champions like Annie or Nasus.

These champions have simple kits and gameplay style and when the game launched this was enough because the game itself had a lot of new things to offer but now they are on an awkward place to put an example compare Nasus ultimate ability (R) with a recent character like Akshan passive. And take into account Riot did a little tweak to Nasus so he can compete with all these changes.


Riot has addressed this via reworks, but sometimes they just lose the entire champion, like Aatrox.

Some things never change


Of course not everything changed, toxicity in the community still shines as bright as day on ranked. God bless mute all exists.

The core gameplay of the game is still there, open your way to the enemy nexus and win, towers are the same and poros are still cute and can feed them on ARAM.

League of Legends is still a great game and gets even better if you play it with friends, after all it is a team game.

Some may ask if the game is better than before and I can’t give an answer, the game has changed a lot throughout the years and the fight between which season is better seems a little useless to me. Every season has it’s own thing that sets them apart from the others.

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