Review: DriveClub – Holy Daddy of Diesel

DriveClub also features some customisation options, though not nearly as detailed as some would have liked. Personally, I don’t really care much for chucking garish decals onto my digital cars, so I left it well alone. There are options to pimp your ride a little, but only visually, no performance tweaking here which is a big shame in my book.

You do however get to choose what your driver looks like, and guess what? If you’ve ever had dreams about being a female racing car driver but have always had two balls too many, then DriveClub will let you follow your passion without prejudice. OK, that’s just my fancy way of saying that you can choose your gender. Again, there’s not much you can do here in the way of customisation with a few pre-sets to choose from it’s lacking, but it’s better than just being given a faceless driver as your digital muse.

There’s a lot of content for you to indulge in too, don’t you dare think that all the budget went on the fancy graphics! You’ll be racing across many a locale, from the Scottish Highlands to the Canadian mountains you’ll be in for a visual treat. Oh, and the tracks are nice to drive on too… No seriously, they are. The actual racing can only be as good as the tracks you race on, and DriveClub has some of the finest. Tight roads and smooth corners are a joy to drive on, the sense of speed you experience is immense, something that’s not done quite as well in other racers.

There’s around 50 cars to choose from, so you won’t be running out of challenges any time soon, especially with more cars being pumped into the game after it launches.

As with most games these days, online play is being pushed harder than ever before. Here though, it’s not a bad thing. Connecting online and getting into a game is as painless as you could wish for due to easy to use menus that have been well designed, even for clumsy people like myself who are prone to hitting the wrong buttobdnsdf at times.


Personally though, I’m all about the single player. I don’t know what it is about driving games, but I personally find that playing them by myself in a quiet room is much more enjoyable than playing against others online who are prone to stupid behavior, i.e rage quitting and racial slurs. DriveClub is a game that encourages online play, but I find that such a mature racer should be savoured and enjoyed greedily by oneself. But that’s just me, obviously the majority who buy DriveClub will be jumping straight online, leaving the single player offering out in the cold.

All in all, I’d say DriveClub was worth the wait and more importantly, worth the money. It delivers exactly what you could want from a racing game; fast fun, sexy cars and lots of replay value.

DriveClub is out now in the US and will be releasing on October 10th in UK. You can pre-order your copy today from Amazon UK.

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