New World Town Project Board Guide

town project board guide new world


Popular New World content creator Sethphir recently posted this YouTube video breaking down the Town Project Board in a guide. He hits some very key points about which town project quests are worth completing and which are better off being abandoned and waiting for the next one. He also has a ton of other great nuggets in the video. Here we will break down some of his key points provide the video.

Best Quests – Armor and Weaponsmithing Quests

The armor and weaponsmithing quests from the town project boards are very efficient to hand in. They typically require very low amounts of materials such as iron, raw hide, wood, etc. All very easy to obtain ingredients by using your basic gathering skills.

If you continuously collect and gather these types of common materials through your travels, you will be able to keep a great supply of them in your vaults in each region. This means when you come across armor and Weaponsmith quests, you can quickly and easily complete them for great boosts of XP and territory standing, as well as your crafting skills.

2nd Best Quests on New World Town Board – Arcana Potions

Most specifically, weak and strong health potions or mana potions are very easy to gather their ingredients. There is a tier between them with common health or mana potions which is a little harder to find ingredients for. If you have the ingredients already, the common potions are worth your time. Otherwise, you may decide to skip the common ones.

new world potions guide

Other potions are available as quests from town project boards such as focus or regeneration potions, but usually they aren’t worth the ingredients they will take.

See our New World Arcana Levelling Guide Here.

Fetch Missions on Town Board – Don’t Do Them!

The missions that ask you to go somewhere and do something or collect something, then come back, are usually not worth your time. If you see the quest and it is somewhere you expect to be traveling to soon, it may be worth your time to complete it. However, if you have no plans on going to that area already, running all the way out and completing it is not likely an efficient quest to complete.

Bottom line: if you have nothing else to do, you can try to take some of these quests until you have a few of them that ask you to go to the same area, then complete them all at once.

Town Project Boards Refresh Every 30 Minutes

Make sure you take advantage of the fact that these New World town project boards currently refresh every 30 minutes. If you don’t think you are going to complete some of the quests on the board, go ahead and accept the quest, then immediately abandon it. This will give you a blank card which will soon reset at the next 30 minute interval. There is a timer in the top corner of the project board that indicates when it will refresh next.

Fast Travel Tip – Less Weight & Controlled Regions!

The less weight you are currently holding, the less Azoth cost it will take to fast travel in New World. Remember this when you are looking to fast travel across regions. Only take what is necessary, as it will cost a lot less Azoth if you are lower weight.

If your faction currently owns multiple regions, remember that it costs less Azoth to travel to those regions with your faction owns. Use this to your advantage and focus on project town boards that are in the regions your faction currently owns!

Be sure to utilize your 1 hour cooldown on your inn recall to save Azoth. If you own a house, you can also use that to have a free recall as well. The first house you buy will cost half price!

Animal Hunting Town Project Quests – Its a Trap!

The only time the animal hunting quests really are worth your time is if you are in early game and you don’t expect to come back to the current town for quite some time. In this case, you could take it and eventually while you are in other zone and working on other things, you may come across that animal, for example wolves.

Hunting these animals are not locked to the region that you took the quest in. If the town project quest in New World wants you hunt 10 wolves, you can kill those anywhere.

Fishing Quests in New World Are Not Worth It, But Bait Can Be

Fishing in New World takes quite some time, it is the slowest of the gathering professions. A quest may ask you to go find a large salmon. But when you fish you do not know what you will catch. It is generally not worth going fishing just to keep trying to get what the town project board quest is looking for.

fish distance new world

The bait quests however, can be good to complete. You can farm specific bait in specific areas very easily and get a ton of it. In these cases, you can take the bait turn in quests for easy XP.

Cooking Quests in New World – Town Project Board

Any quests looking for easy meals to cook such as light rations, travel rations, energizing rations, are usually worth completing. You can easily cook these meals and you will most likely have many of these meals for your personal use while in New World anyway.

Utilize these cooking quests for easy turn ins. Make sure you collect honey whenever you see it in a settlement, and make sure you always milk cows when you see them in settlements too! These ingredients can be used for a lot of different cooking recipes and are easy to obtain, right from inside the town.

If you are out in the world and see nuts on the ground, be sure to pick them up as well! You can get a ton of nuts from gathering and use them to supplement your meat supply for cooking.

Skinning and Leather Town Board Quests in New World

If you are hunting and skinning animals quite often (and you should be), these quests can be effective. The New World town board quests can ask for a lot of skins, for example 50 Coarse Leather or 25 Raw Hide. If your supply of these leathers is hefty, you will probably want to pick it up and turn it in right away.

skinning set new world

Don’t fall into a trap though and hand in all of your leathers and hides where you would no longer be able to craft other gear for the better quality quests! Only do this if you have an abundance of these leathers.

Weaving and Harvesting Quests on the Town Board

Fibers are really worth turning in for your New World town board quests. These are incredibly easy to farm by harvesting hemp. If you are looking for the best places to harvest hemp to obtain fibers, see this article. You can get these very easily, especially in Windsward.

As was pointing out in an earlier section, make sure you have enough fiber and linen left over for other crafts that you may need to turn in. If you can turn the fiber into further crafts, you will get more out of it. Always check to see how much you have left and try not to run out.

Town Project Boards Upgrade As You Go

As you complete town project board quests in New World, and your skills get higher, the quests will ask for higher tier materials and crafts. Each tier higher they go, you will earn better and better rewards. Keep this in mind as a motivator to keep up with your town project board quests and earn more and more as you go.

Ore / Stone / Flint Town Board Quests in New World

First off, flint is an amazing turn in to complete. These are literally scattered everywhere you go and super easy to pick up, weighing nearly nothing. Make sure you keep a surplus of these in inventory or storage for super quick and easy turn ins at your project board.

boulder and flint new world

Stone and Stone Brick are also another great turn in. Also scattered all over New World, and gatherable at level 1 mining, always take these quests. Once you hit Lodestone, do not turn Lodestone in.

The town quests may ask you to turn in bars of iron, steel, starmetal, etc. These requests are usually asking for a lot of bars, for example, 90 bars of iron ore. Iron ore is used in so many different crafts including the number one best quest from town boards we listed for armorsmithing and weaponsmithing. For these reasons, you don’t usually want to turn in bars as they are likely better used elsewhere.

iron new world

Wood and Timber Town Quests

Wood is a great turn in. You can chop trees with the logging skill almost anywhere as well, just like stone with mining. Always take these quests as well and complete them.

Once you get to lumber, you can still turn that in, but it requires other resources like sandpaper which will be very useful for other crafting later on. Make sure you monitor your supply of these resources so you aren’t using everything you have.