The Evil Within Letterboxing Can Now be Turned Off

The Evil Within had a fairly decent launch and garnered high praise from gamers and critics for its compelling narrative, gameplay and genuinely frightening moments.

However, the ‘letterboxing’ of the game did get some slack from players, mainly because it just didn’t seem to fit the game too well and made moving around a bit of a pain in the arse.

Some months later, then, the developers have finally removed the black bars from the top and bottom of the screen via a new update. Well, actually they’ve made it an option which you can toggle in the options menu, but at least it’s there.

PC players have been enjoying the letterbox-free version of The Evil Within for a while now, but console gamers are only just getting the opportunity to enjoy the game to its fullest.

Too little, too late? Maybe.


          1. Actually Tomb Raider has black bears. One is attacking Lara in fact. so I guers black bears do belong in games after all.

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