Protein Cake Cake Order For Cookie Run Kingdom

Wanna make some Protein Cake? Here is how you can do that.
Protein Cake Order In Cookie Run Kingdom

As a fitness freak, the Muscle Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom can eat no cake other than a protein one. But making the Protein Cake order in the Cookie Run Kingdom is challenging as his order description is not that detailed. Seeing that, we prepared this handy guide on how to make and complete the Protein Cake order in the Cookie Run Kingdom

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As mentioned earlier, you get the Protein Cake order from Muscle Cookie. When he arrives at your Cake Shop, he will have the following request, “OOMPH! A big, huge protein cake!!! Make it with a HEAVY load of chocolate!”

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Since you are here, we assume you have used the dialogue option “What Cake?” To get more details from Muscle Cookie, and are still confused about the order. Or, you don’t want to question him more about the order for fear of losing star reviews.  

In any case, here is what the Muscle Cookie wants you to make. 

  • Cream – Sweet Choco Cream
  • Tier –  4 Tiers mostly. [Tiers can be random, so pay close attention to Muscle Cookie’s dialogues]
  • Frosting – Eight dollops of Sweet Choco frosting
  • Toppings – Four Choco Stars and Chocolate Angels toppings

The order is almost similar to Schwarzwälder Cookie’s Choco Feast Cake. The only difference is we have to use four toppings of Choco Stars and Chocolate Angels. 

That said, the first two ingredients, Sweet Choco Cream and Sweet Choco Frosting are available during and after you complete the Cake Shop event tutorial. 

Meanwhile, you unlock the Choco Stars and Chocolate Angels toppings by reaching the following Cake Shop level:

  • Choco Stars – Unlocks at LvL 2 Neighbourhood Cake Shop
  • Chocolate Angels – Unlocks at LvL 5 Happy Cake Shop

Since you need both Choco Stars and Chocolate Angels, your Cake Shop must be at Level 5 or more. 

That said, to proceed with the cake-making process, choose the dialogue option “Okay! I’m on it!” and “Bake a Cake.” Doing so will cost you ten Baker’s Piping Bags.

There are three phases involved in making the Protein Cake or any other Cake in the Cookie Run Kingdom in general:

  • Selecting the Cream and Tier
  • Applying required Frosting 
  • Decorating with Toppings

During the first phase, you can choose “Which cake should we make?” Here, you must select the Sweet Choco Cream. 

After selecting the Cream, add Tiers as required and apply the Sweet Choco Cream on each.

Now, click on the Next button to move to the second phase. You have to “Decorate the top of the cake with a frosting!” As said earlier, you must choose the Sweet Choco Frosting and eight dollops on top of the cake; placement doesn’t matter. Just make sure to satisfy the count.

In the last phase, you must “Decorate the cake with toppings!” So, select and add four Choco Stars and four Chocolate Angels and then click on the Complete button to wrap up the cake and serve it to the Muscle Cookie. 

If you have made the cake based on the above-shared preferences, you will get a five-star rating from Muscle Cookie. 

That concludes our guide on how to make Protein Cake order in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

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