Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List

Looking for a PvP and PvE tier list for Cookie Run Kingdom? Want to know in which tier the new Cookies stand? Check out our Cookie Run Kingdom tier list.
Cookie Run Kingdom Pink Extreme Cake Order

To easily tackle the PvP and PvE content offered in Cookie Run Kingdom, you must check out the Cookie Run Kingdom tier list. As you may know, a tier list provides the briefest and sometimes most detailed overview of the best playable characters, especially in a gacha game like Cookie Run Kingdom, which has an evergrowing list of playable Cookies, with the current count being ninety-one.

You can use the Cookie Run Kingdom tier list to learn about the most overpowered characters to form different team compositions. This will help you clear the World Exploration levels and engage with other players via the Kingdom Arena you unlock after Chapter 3.

That said, let us check out the Cookie Run Kingdom tier list of PvP and PvE. 

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In this Cookie Run Kingdom PvP and PvE tier list, you will mostly find the Ancient, Super Epic, Epic, and Special Cookies and a few other rarity ones that stand out in different team comps and work better than the given rarity. 

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Note: The Cookie Run Kingdom tier list is based on our experience. Preference and feedback from the Cookie Run Kingdom community across different social platforms. 

Here are the best Cookies under different tiers in the Cookie Run Kingdom that you can use for PvP battles. 

S++Vampire Cookie, Clotted Cream Cookie, Pinecone Cookie, Frost Queen Cookie, Purple Yam Cookie, Captain Caviar Cookie, Sherbet Cookie, Black Pearl Cookie, BTS Cookie, Financier Cookie
S+Sorbet Shark Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie, Espresso Cookie, Wildberry Cookie, Crunchy Chip Cookie, Caramel Arrow Cookie, Eclair Cookie, Werewolf Cookie, Herb Cookie, Cream Unicorn Cookie, Schwarzwälder Cookie
SAffogato Cookie, Squid Ink Cookie, Parfait Cookie, Rye Cookie, Carol Cookie, Pomegranate Cookie, Pumpkin Pie Cookie, Oyster Cookie, Cotton Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie, Snow Sugar Cookie
ARed Velvet Cookie, Macaron Cookie, Cream Puff Cookie, Cocoa Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie, Strawberry Crepe Cookie, Madeleine Cookie, Tea Knight Cookie, Hollyberry Cookie
BTiger Lily Cookie, Mint Choco Cookie, Lilac Cookie, Pastry Cookie, Twizzly Gummy Cookie, Moon Rabbit Cookie, Black Raisin Cookie, Poison Mushroom Cookie, Mango Cookie, Dark Coco Cookie, Licorice Cookie, Latte Cookie, Cherry Blossom Cookie, Candy Diver Cookie, Milk Cookie
CSparkling Cookie, Mala Sauce Cookie, Rasberry Cookie, Chilli Pepper Cookie

Here are the best Cookies under different tiers in the Cookie Run Kingdom that you can use for PvE battles. 

S++BTS Cookie, Black Pearl Cookie, Schwarzwälder Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie, Eclair Cookie, Cotton Cookie, Wildberry Cookie
S+Carol Cookie, Caramel Arrow Cookie, Financier Cookie, Cream Unicorn Cookie, Tiger Lily Cookie, Pomegranate Cookie, Parfait Cookie, Cocoa Cookie, Pumpkin Pie Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie, Vampire Cookie, Crunchy Chip Cookie, Sorbet Shark Cookie, Pinecone Cookie, Captain Caviar Cookie, Sherbet Cookie, Purple Yam Cookie, Werewolf Cookie, Oyster Cookie, Licorice Cookie, Espresso Cookie, Squid Ink Cookie, Clotted Cream Cookie, Frost Queen Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie
SHollyberry Cookie, Milk Cookie, Herb Cookie, Macaron Cookie, Cherry Blossom Cookie, Mango Cookie, Cream Puff Cookie, Rye Cookie, Black Raisin Cookie, Kumiho Cookie, Poison Mushroom Cookie, Latte Cookie, Moon Rabbit Cookie, Strawberry Crepe Cookie
ASnow Sugar Cookie, Mint Choco Cookie, Blackberry Cookie, Almond Cookie, Twizzly Gummy Cookie, Tea Knight Cookie, Rasberry Cookie, Pastry Cookie, Red Velvet Cookie, Affogato Cookie, Candy Diver Cookie, Dark Choco Cookie
BNinja Cookie, Wizard Cookie, Carrot Cookie, Adventurer Cookie, Cherry Cookie, Custard Cookie III, Avocado Cookie, Knight Cookie, Mala Sauce Cookie, Madeleine Cookie, Sparkling Cookie, Princess Cookie, Lilac Cookie, Sonic Cookie, Tails Cookie
CBeet Cookie, Clover Cookie, Devil Cookie, Pancake Cookie, Fig Cookie, Chilli Pepper Cookie

That concludes our Cookie Run Kingdom tier list. For more on the Cookie Run Kingdom, keep reading The Games Cabin