Deathblade Lost Ark Class Guide

Detailed breakdown of the Deathblade Class in Lost Ark
deathblade guide lost ark

This guide goes over everything you need to know about the Deathblade Class in Lost Ark. Showcasing an overview of the Deathblade’s playstyle. What are the Deathblade’s strengths and weaknesses; from levelling to end game content. The role of the Deathblade in Raids, Dungeons, and PvP. This guide will go over skill abilities, builds, and tips to help you become an explosive top-tier Deathblade.

Deathblade Class Guide Overview

The Deathblade in Lost Ark is an Assassin type class that wields 3 Swords; two Daggers and one Longsword. The Deathblade is a Hybrid DPS, meaning they attack from both ranged and melee distances. They fight with the flurry of a thousand cuts with a chaotic fast-paced slashing style. Their musical instrument is an Flute.

The Identity Gauge of the Deathblade is the Art Meter. The Art Meter fills upon successful hits with attacks filling up 3 levels of Death Orbs. A Death Orb can be activated once it is filled; upon activation the Deathblade will enter into the form known as Art. Art form gives the player a number of beneficial improvements. Granting immunity to crowd control effects and restoring Mana to full. In addition, depending on how many orbs were activated will provide greater benefits as follows:

Activated Orb CountDurationMovement SpeedAttack SpeedAttack PowerCooldown ReductionMana Regeneration
110 seconds+10%+10%+10%10% faster15% faster
220 seconds+10%+15%+20%30% faster25% faster
330 seconds+10%+20%+30%50% faster45% faster

Secondly, while in Art form, the Deathblade can activate it a second time causing a damaging ability: Deathblade Surge. This knocks down opponents and deals damage based on the number of spheres used. Once this second activation is executed the Deathblade will exit this combat trance.

There are two playstyles that players can choose from through the use of the Deathblade‘s Class Engravings:

  • Burst – Deathblade Surge can now be cast outside of Art form. It does not consume energy from the Death Orbs in the Art Meter. Deals more damage if no Death Orbs are filled.
  • Remaining Energy – Art form does not initially consume energy in the Art Meter for 2 seconds. Upon Activation of Deathblade Surge it also will provide increased Attack Speed, Movement Speed, Attack Power that lasts for 30 seconds.

Of these two Playstyles only Remaining Energy is viable* in end game content.

*The Burst Class Engraving has recently received a rework on the Korean server which may not be implemented in the NA/EU release. We will cover this at launch and edit this guide with relevant information once we have an update.

Role of a Deathblade

In PvE, they provide excellent sustained damage and good burst damage with Deathblade Surge. They can be difficult to play due to the majority of the abilities having a “Back Attack” condition. To provide optimal damage the player is required to attack a boss from behind. The constant random movements of bosses is what makes playing Deathblade difficult.

In PvP, they provide very good damage potential, fair mobility, high defense, and lots of Super Armor. They are an all around strong class to play in the arena.


  • Good Consistent Damage
  • Good Mobility
  • Lots of Super Armor


  • Low Staggering Impairment abilities
  • Can be difficult to perform back attacks optimally.


The following table is a list of all Lost Ark Deathblade Skills that you will unlock and at which level you will do so.

LevelIconSkill NameCooldown (seconds)TypeDescription
10iconWind Cut10NormalQuickly slash forward and create a gust of blades that lasts 1.5s, which inflicts up to 277.0 and pulls foes close. Pushed foes are launched back in the air.
10iconUpper Slash8NormalDeliver a swift slash with your dual blades to inflict 93 Damage, then slash upward to create a deadly tornado that inflicts 140 Damage and launches foes in the air.
10iconSurprise Attack5NormalDash 4 meters forward and slash at foes with your dual blades to inflict 149 Damage.
10iconSpincutter12ComboSpin toward the target location and move 5 meters, inflicting up to 162.7 Damage. This skill can be used up to 2 times in a row.
10iconPolestar12NormalSlash upward to inflict 38 Damage and launch foes into the air then attack them in the air for up to 229.8 Damage, then slash downward with your longsword to cause 113 Damage, slamming foes onto the ground.
10iconBlade Dance18HoldingHack at foes for up to 2s and deliver 7 blows, inflicting 441.3 Damage, and another 188 Damage with the finishing blow. Pushed foes are launched back in the air.
12iconDark Axel12NormalJump 6 meters forward, pushing foes back for 250.1 Damage. Deliver a powerful slash with your longsword upon landing to inflict 164 Damage and knock the foes away. Pushed foes are launched back in the air.
14iconSoul Absorber24ChargeCharge to deliver a powerful thrust to inflict 199 Damage before being fully charged, and 795 Damage when overcharged.
16iconDeath Sentence18NormalLeap 4 meters forward and thrust downward, inflicting 438 Damage and slamming foes onto the ground.
18iconTwin Shadows12ChainPerform a quick vertical slash with your longsword to inflict 159 Damage. You can use this skill 1 more time within 4s.
20iconHead Hunt18NormalAttack foes with the hilt of your longsword to push them back for 145 Damage, then move 4 meters forward as you strike them on the head, inflicting 145 Damage and stunning them for 1s.
20iconEarth Cleaver16NormalPerform a powerful vertical slash with your longsword to inflict 475 Damage and slam foes onto the ground.
24iconMoonlight Sonic27NormalPerform a sweeping slash in front of you to inflict up to 928.7 Damage, pulling foes close.
28iconTurning Slash15NormalSwing your longsword 2 times as you move 2205 meters180 forward, inflicting and Damage.
32iconMaelstrom30NormalCreate a tornado that protects you and inflict 58 Damage. The tornado lasts 6s, inflicting 39 Damage to nearby foes.
36iconFatal Wave18NormalPerform 3 slashes with your longsword, inflicting 149, 149, and 199 Damage with the energy of the blade.
40iconBlitz Rush24ChargeCharge to move 5 meters forward before attacking foes. Use the skill uncharged to attack with your dual blades and inflict 323.3 Damage, charge to Stage 1 to inflict 643.6 Damage, and overcharge to inflict 643.6 Damage, followed by a longsword slash that causes 423 Damage and knocks foes away.
50iconVoid Strike27ChargeCharge and release the skill key midway to perform an upper slash with your longsword to inflict 445 Damage, launching foes into the air. Overcharge to push foes back as you advance 5 meters forward, inflicting up to 907.4 Damage and launching foes higher in the air.
LevelIconSkill NameCooldown (minutes)TypeDescription
50iconFlash Blink5NormalDash 12 meters toward the target location, slashing through foes with all your swords. Foes caught in the path receive 1900 Damage at the moment of impact, then get launched in the air moments later for 6,452.6 Damage. This skill allows you to pierce through Guardians as well.
50iconBlade Assault5HoldingFocus energy to inflict 945 Damage and pull in foes. Hold to move forward while viciously slashing at foes for up to 3,800.7 Damage. Hit the Perfect Zone to cause 1,901.3 Damage as you summon spiritual blades, then hurl them at once and inflict 2,852.0 Damage, knocking foes away. Pushed foes are launched back in the air.

Deathblade Levelling Guide

We recommend that you try out all the skills and play whatever is the most fun for you. However, if you just want to speed up the process (maybe that’s the most fun for you) or you’re tying to power through levelling an alt, follow this level by level breakdown of what skills to use and level up and which tripods to activate.

You can swap between saved skill tree slots whenever for free (even in combat as long as no skills are on cooldown). It’s recommended to use both of your 2 free skillbook slots, choose abilities based on this:

  • One for AoE (Area of Effect) Normal Enemies
    • Select Tripods that increase effect range (Wide Strike) and increase damage to Minor and Normal types of enemies (Law of the Jungle).
  • One for Single Target Bosses and Elites
    • Select Tripods that increase single target damage (Single Strike) and increase damage to Challenge or higher types of enemies (Weak Point Detection).

In general, it is better to have a few skills at level 10 than to have 8 skills all levelled equally. That is because the 3rd tier of Tripods typically make the skill perform much differently and more powerfully than at lower levels. Also keep in mind you’re levelling experience will be much faster with movement skills and tripods to make your character move further and faster.

Skill Progression

These are the skills you want to focus on using:

  • Dark Axel (lvl 7) (high mobility and movement speed buff)
  • Spincutter (lvl 4) (movement, opener (increased damage debuff on target))
  • Polestar (strong AoE early on)
  • Soul Absorber (Strong Damage)
  • Death Sentence (Strong AoE)
  • Moonlight Sonic (Very Strong AoE, priority over Polestar at level 24)

If you enjoy more mobility, choose the Tripod Excellent Mobility for Turning Slash, Blitz Rush, and Surprise Attack (lvl7).

In the Chart below, there are many levels between certain skill allocations. After getting Moonlight Sonic, you can choose to spread points evenly to have many skills at level 7, or focus on a few primary ones to have at level 10 first and then level up the others.

Below is an example Skill Progression Chart, and their Tripods, you can use to Level your Deathblade.

LevelIconSkill NameSkill LevelTripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3
11iconSpincutter4Open Weakness
12iconPolestar4Quick Preparation
13iconDark Axel4Quick Pace
16iconDark Axel7Quick PaceCorckscrew
19iconPolestar7Quick PreparationVital Point Strike
20iconPolestar10* (remove points from all skills)Quick PreparationVital Point StrikeMoon Star
24iconMoonlight Sonic10* (replace Polestar)Fist of DarknessSustain EnhancementShade Sonic
iconDark Axel7Quick PaceCorckscrew
25iconSpincutter4Open Weakness
26iconPolestar4Quick Preparation
28iconPolestar7Quick PreparationVital Point Strike
34iconPolestar10Quick PreparationVital Point StrikeMoon Star
35iconDeath Sentence4Quick Preparation
37iconDeath Sentence7Quick PreparationCold Zone
41iconDeath Sentence10Quick PreparationCold ZoneExplosion
42iconSoul Absorber4Swift Fingers
44iconSoul Absorber7Swift FingersFist of Darkness
47iconSoul Absorber10Swift FingersFist of DarknessHalve
iconTurning Slash4Excellent Mobility
48iconBlitz Rush4Excellent Mobility
iconSurprise Attack4Open Weakness


Just equip the highest Item Lv. item you find. Focus on Swiftness for increased movement speed, reduced casting time, and faster skill cooldowns. Secondly, your next best stat is Crit.

Deathblade PvE Guide

Below is a good basic Deathblade PvE Build that utilizes the Remaining Energy Class Engraving. It is generally a good build for all types of content such as for Chaos Dungeon, Questing, Guardian Raids, and Abyss Dungeons.

Deathblade PvE Stat Priority

Maximize Specialization as much as possible; to generate as much energy in the Art Meter Gauge to speed up skill cooldowns upon entering Art form and ensure the constant uptime on the buff from Art. It also increases the damage of the Deathblade Surge Skill. Then focus on Crit as a secondary stat

Deathblade PvE Build


There is not much to explain, apply party buffs and self buff, and debuff the target, then deal damage.

  • Spincutter (Increased Front and Back Attack damage debuff on target) >
  • Maelstrom (Move Speed Party Buff and Self Attack Speed buff) >
  • Soul Absorber >
  • Void Strike >
  • Blitz Rush >
  • Earth Cleaver >
  • Moonlight Sonic >
  • Identity Skill x2 (Art form, Deathblade Surge)1

1 if the Identity Meter already has 3 Death Orbs full you can use it as an opener.

Alternative Skills:

Turning Slash is a movement ability offering a bit more damage, however Dark Axel is also a very strong movement skill, giving the ability to jump over bosses with the Tripod 3: High Axel.

Also, for Chaos Dungeons swap to Earth Cleaver’s Tripod 1: Law of the Jungle for increased damage to Challenge and lower targets. Everything else can stay the same

Remaining Energy Build

This Deathblade Remaining Energy build requires 328 Skill Points which will require the collecting extra Skill Points in Shushire and Rohendel. Focus on allocating skill points to Shock Skills before Stamina Skills if you don’t have enough.

IconSkill NameSkill LevelTripodsNotes
iconMoonlight Sonic101
Tripod 1: Open Weakness – Increased Front and Back Attack damage debuff on target
iconVoid Strike103
iconSoul Absorber103
Tripod 2: Dark Order – Move Speed Party Buff and Self attack speed buff
iconBlitz Rush103
iconEarth Cleaver103
iconTurning Slash103

Deathblade PvP Guide

In Player versus Player Arenas, Deathblades are an essential damage dealing class in PvP. They provide very good damage potential, high defense, and lots of knock-up Super Armor abilties. While their mobility may be lower mobility, they are an all around strong class to play.

Mobility Skills:

  • Dark Axel
  • Turning Slash
  • Spincutter

Possible Combo opportunities in this build:

  • Dark Axel (engage) or Surprise Attack (engage)> 1
  • Upper Slash (knock up) > 2
  • Blitz Rush (Knock up)>
  • Moonlight Sonic (damage)

1 Auto Attack is a very strong stagger that you can add in right after the engage.

2 You can also add Head Hunt instead of or after Upper Slash with a slight delay, as you need to time this so that the ability makes contact when the target is on the way down, otherwise it will not hit if they are too high up.

Tip: You can use the Identity Skill: Art for a damage boost before a combo or use the Deathblade Surge immediately for big damage or to peel targets off your teammates.

PvP Stats

  • 933 Swiftness
  • 316 Domination
  • 1 Crit

Deathblade PvP Skills Build

Feel free to change whatever skills you like depending on your playstyle and how you see fit.

Below is a general Deathblade PvP build that is a great foundation to build upon.

IconSkill NameSkill LevelTripodsNotes
iconSurprise Attack103
Tripod 3:Trailing Sword Burst – Knock up
iconUpper Slash102
Knock up (after stagger or other knockup)
iconDark Axel101
Tripod 2 Tenacity – Super Armor
iconHead Hunt102
Melee Stun;
Tripod 3: Enhanced Stun – from 1s to 1.5s
iconMoonlight Sonic101
iconBlitz Rush103
Long Range Knock up
iconTurning Slash102
Damaging Gap Closer

Here’s Youtuber Pum showcasing some quality PVP gameplay displaying a lot of the techniques and strategies listed above.

Best Deathblade Engravings

Remaining Energy Build

The Highest priority is Remaining Energy followed by Grudge. Super Charge is a good 3rd engraving as there are many charging abilities in the rotation that benefit from it.


iconRemaining EnergyLv. 1: Art does not consume Art Meter for 2s when activated. Atk./Move Speed +6% on Burst. Atk. Power +(8%, 16%, 25%) depending on your Burst level, for 30s.
Lv. 2: …Atk./Move Speed +9% on Burst. Atk. Power +(10%, 20%, 30%)
Lv. 3: …Atk./Move Speed +12% on Burst. Atk. Power +(12%, 24%, 36%)
Guardian Raid
Abyss Dungeon
iconGrudgeLv. 1: Damage +4% to Boss or above monsters. Damage -20% from Boss or above monsters.
Lv. 2: Damage +10%. …
Lv. 3: Damage +20% …
Chaos Dungeons


iconSuper ChargeLv. 1: Charge skills’ charging speed 8%. Damage +4%.
Lv. 2: …+20%. Damage +10%.
Lv. 3: …+40%. Damage +20%.
Chaos Dungeons
iconMaster of AmbushLv. 1: Damage +5% for successful back attacks.
Lv. 2: Damage +12%…
Lv. 3: Damage +25%…
Chaos Dungeons
iconKeen Blunt WeaponLv. 1: +10% Crit Damage but your attacks have a chance to deal Damage -20%.
Lv. 2: +25% Crit Damage…
Lv. 3: +50% Crit Damage…
Chaos Dungeons
iconCursed DollLv. 1: Atk. Power +3%. Healing -25%, natural recovery excluded.
Lv. 2: …+8%. …
Lv. 3: …+16%. …
Chaos Dungeons

Gear Sets

Below is a list of all the gear sets and their bonuses that available to Tier 1 Deathblades. You can mix and match 2-Set bonuses using 2 or 3 different ones. Depending on your playstyle and what’s available to you, you may want to take two 2-set bonuses instead of a full 5-set Bonus. You can also have one set for Chaos Dungeons and other Solo Content, and another for Guardian Raids and other Group Content.

Item LevelRaritySet Bonus NameEffectsSource
385RelicDark Night2-Set: When attacking a foe, 30% chance for +8% Atk and Move Speed for 6s. (Cooldown: 3s)
5-Set: Increases Crit Rate by 40%, but decreases Crit Damage by 40%.
Chaos Dungeon Rohendel (Welcome 3)
Chaos Dungeon Rohendel (Nightmare 1-4)
385RelicPhantom Memory2-Set: Attack Speed and Move Speed +5%
5-Set: Increases Damage with an Awakening Skill to Seed or lesser monsters by 60%. Increases Damage to Challenge or lesser monsters by 60% when hitting them with an Awakening Skill for 10s. (Cooldown: 60s)
Chaos Dungeon Rohendel (Welcome 3)
Chaos Dungeon Rohendel (Nightmare 1-4)
385RelicVoid Afterimage2-Set: Decreases damage taken by 30% when HP is below 30%.
+15% Atk. Speed and Move Speed, +10% Skill Cooldown.
5-Set: When hitting a foe with a normal attack, +15% Additional Damage for 3s (Cooldown: 1s)
Chaos Dungeon Rohendel (Welcome 3)
Chaos Dungeon Rohendel (Nightmare 1-4)
340LegendaryAwakened Hatred2-Set: Combat Resource Recovery Speed: +30%
5-Set: Crit Damage +25
Abyss Dungeon (Corridor of the Twisted Lord)
Abyss Dungeon (Hildebrigne, Dream Palace)
340LegendaryBoisterous Elemental2-Set: Increases Attack Speed and Move Speed by 4% for 6s, up to 8% when attacking monsters Boss rank or above. (Cooldown: 3s)
5-Set: Increases damage to monsters Boss ranked or above by 12%.
Abyss Dungeon (Corridor of the Twisted Lord)
Abyss Dungeon (Hildebrigne, Dream Palace)
340LegendaryDense Confusion2-Set: Attack Speed and Move Speed +4%
5-Set: Crit Rate +15%
Abyss Dungeon (Corridor of the Twisted Lord)
Abyss Dungeon (Hildebrigne, Dream Palace)
340LegendaryEnraged Nature2-Set: Move Speed +8%
5-Set: Atk. Power +4% for 8s, up to 12% when attacking a monster Boss ranked or above. (Cooldown: 3s)
Abyss Dungeon (Corridor of the Twisted Lord)
Abyss Dungeon (Hildebrigne, Dream Palace)
340LegendaryMist2-Set: Decreases damage taken from Normal ranked monsters by 20%.
5-Set: Increases damage dealt to monsters Challenge rank or below by 15%.
Abyss Dungeon (Corridor of the Twisted Lord)
Abyss Dungeon (Hildebrigne, Dream Palace)
302EpicAncient2-Set: When hit while HP is below 20%, restores 3% of Max HP for 15s each time you hit a Normal monster. (Cooldown: 60s)
5-Set: Increases damage by 17% when hitting 3 or more foes.
Abyss Dungeon (Valley of Beasts)
Abyss Dungeon (Spirit of the Necromancer)
302EpicRugged Valley2-Set: Move Speed +8%
5-Set: Atk. Power +4% for 8s, up to 12% when attacking a monster Boss ranked or above. (Cooldown: 3s)
Abyss Dungeon (Valley of Beasts)
Abyss Dungeon (Spirit of the Necromancer)
302EpicSeraphic Oath2-Set: Attack Speed +8%
5-Set: Additional Damage +10%
Abyss Dungeon (Valley of Beasts)
Abyss Dungeon (Spirit of the Necromancer)
302EpicStalwart Years2-Set: Attack Speed +8%
5-Set: Additional Damage +10%
Abyss Dungeon (Valley of Beasts)
Abyss Dungeon (Spirit of the Necromancer)
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