Lost Ark Abyss Dungeon Guide

abyss dungeon guide lost ark

What Are Abyss Dungeons?

Abyss Dungeons are group dungeons you can complete in Lost Ark for some exceptional awards. These are tied to Character Specific lockouts and can therefore you can only recieve normal loot from each individual dungeon 3 times per week. The Abyss Dungeon is group content and therefore must be ran with a group of 4, you cannot run these solo like you can for Chaos Dungeons. You can also check out our Chaos Dungeon Guide as well.

For example, if you are running Demon Beast Canyon, the first Abyss Dungeon available, you can run that one 3 times in a week per character. You can also run the second Abyss Dungeon, “Necromancer’s Origin” 3 times per week per character, and so on.

Abyss Dungeons are an integral in the path to gear progression within Lost Ark. Clearing Abyss Dungeons will give you the materials you need to craft Legendary Equipment for your class. If you have any experience from the Russian servers, Abyss Dungeons are known as Void Dungeons on the Russian servers.

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Unlock Abyss Dungeons in Lost Ark

To unlock Abyss Dungeons in Lost Ark, you will need to get to Northern Vern. After you hit level 50 and you have arrive in Vern, you should be able to continue your Blue World Quest line. Continue the Blue World Quests within the Northern Vern region until you get to and complete “Waiting and Leaving“. When you complete this quest, a big notice will appear briefly on your screen telling you Abyss Dungeons have been unlocked.

Once you have unlocked these, you can either go to one of the major cities and look for this icon on the map:

Once you locate it, you can go there to see additional information about Abyss Dungeons as well as sign up for groups to run one.

The alternative is to use the Group Finder to find a group. You can find the group finder below your minimap to the right of your screen.

Once you open up the Group Finder, you can use the left side of the UI to select Abyss Dungeons (Void Dungeons in the picture as this was taken on the Russian Server). You can then select from an existing group to apply to, or you can use the upper right button to create your own group and have people apply to it.

What Abyss Dungeons Are There?

The following is a list of all Abyss Dungeons in Lost Ark and their minimum item level requirements.

TierAreaAbyss Dungeon NameItem Level
1 Ancient Elveria Demon Beast Canyon 325+
1 Ancient Elveria Necromancer’s Origin 340+
1 Abode of Dreams Citadel of Illusions 460+
1 Abode of Dreams Aurelsud Palace 460+
2 Great Gate Oblivion Sea 960+
2 Great Gate Perilous Abyss 960+
2 Great Gate Underwater Sanctuary 960+
3 Oreya’s Heart Eye of Aira1325+
3 Oreya’s Heart Oreha Prabasa1325+