How Many New Pokemon Are In Scarlet And Violet?

Scarlet and Violet have introduced a total of 107 new Pokemon to the franchise, including the traditional three starters and two box Legendaries. With 400 Pokemon reportedly in the Paldean Pokedex, who will be joining you on your next adventure?

Be warned – if you’re looking to avoid spoilers before playing Scarlet and Violet, look away now!

Starter Pokemon

The Best Starter Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet

The most important decision you’ll ever make. Your starters are the first Pokemon you’ll pick to accompany you on your journey through Paldea. Unless you’re one of those monsters that boxes their stater as soon as something better comes along.

Sprigatito, the ‘weed cat’, is Paldea’s Grass-type starter. We’ve broken down everything you need to know about his lovable kitty in our guide here.

It evolves into Floragato, and finally the controversial Grass/Dark-type Meowscarada at level 36.

Fuecoco is our Fire-type starter this Generation. It evolves into Crocalor, and finally the spooky Fire/Ghost Skeledirge at level 36. There’s more to this incredible design in our guide here.

Quaxly is a handsome Water-type duckling. It evolves into Quaxwell at level 16. LGBTQ+ Pokemon fans are flocking (hah) to the Water/Fighting final-stage evolution, Quaquaval. Here’s why you should pick this yassified bird.

Pokemon Legendaries

Legendaries are incredibly rare and powerful Pokemon, quite literally the stuff of legends. Previously, we’ve had a being of nightmares, a science experiment gone wrong, and even the Pokemon God itself. Scarlet and Violet’s box Legendaries, Koraidon and Miraidon, let a 10-year-old schoolchild ride around on their back.

In Pokemon Scarlet you’ll get Koraidon. Violet players will get Miraidon.

There are also the previous unrevealed Legendaries:

  • Wo-Chien
  • Chien-Pao
  • Ting-Lu
  • Chi-Yu

Pokemon Paldean Forms

First introduced in Alola, regional forms are alternate forms of Pokemon species. Regional forms often impact the type and appearance of Pokemon based on the region’s climate or place in history.

You can find Paldean Forms of the following Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet:

New Puppy Pokemon

Important enough in my opinion to get its own section.

Fidough – This generation’s Fairy Dog Pokemon, resembling pastries or bread buns.

Dachsbun – Cooked Fidough! A Fairy-type Pokemon that evolves from Fidought at level 26.

Greavard – Second puppy Pokemon alert! This Ghost-type will unwittingly drain the life force of those near it. No more fetch, please.

Houndstone – It evolves from Greavard when levelled up at night starting at level 30.

All The New Pokemon In Scarlet And Violet

Lechonk – a Normal-type muscley hog that sense of smell to find and eat only the most fragrant wild grasses and the richest Berries.

Oinkologne – a Normal-type pig that evolves from Lechonk at level 18.

Tarountula – a Bug-type spider with abnormally strong string

Spidopos – a Bug-type that evolves from Tarountula at level 15

Nymble – a Bug-type Pokemon that can jump over 30 feet using the strength of its legs.

Lokix – Evolves from Nymble at level 24

Pawmi – Generation 9’s Pika clone. An Electric-type mouse

Pawmo – The evolution of Pawmi, starting at level 16

Tandemaus – a Normal-type Pokemon, where the pair sticks together no matter what

Smoliv – tiny baby. A small boi resembling an olive.

Dolliv – A dual-type Grass/Normal olive, evolves from Smoliv at level 25

Arboliva – A dual-type Grass/Normal Pokemon, It evolves from Dolliv starting at level 35

Squawkabilly – A dual-type Normal/Flying. It comes in four different appearances, all with different Hidden Abilities.

Nacli – A Rock-type Pokemon born in a layer of rock salt deep under the earth. This species was particularly treasured in the old days, as they would share precious salt.

Naclstack – A Rock-type Pokemon that dry cures its prey by spraying salt over them. Evolves from Nacli at level 24

  • Here’s everything you need to know about Paldea

Wait, There’s More?

Garganacl – It evolves from Naclstack starting at level 38. It is the final form of Nacli.

Annihilape – A dual-type Fighting/Ghost. It imbues its fists with the power of the rage that it kept hidden in its heart. Pokemon Go to therapy my dude.

Tadbulb – An Electric-type Pokemon that shakes its tail to generate electricity

Bellibolt – Throw a Thunder Stone at Tadbulb and you’ll get this new Electric-type frog friend

Wattrel – A dual-type Electric/Flying bird that make their nests on coastal cliffs

Kilowattrel – A dual-type Electric/Flying Pokemon that evolves from Wattrel starting at level 25.

Maschiff – A Dark-type Pokemon that always scowls to try and look serious, but never fails to make everyone laugh.

Mabosstiff – A Dark-type Pokemon that evolves from Maschiff starting at level 30.

Shroodle – A dual-type Poison/Normal Pokemon that paints poisonous markings around its nest to keep enemies away

Grafaiai – A dual-type Poison/Normal Pokemon. It evolves from Shroodle starting at level 28.

Bramblin – A dual-type Grass/Ghost lost soul Pokemon that was blown around by the wind until it got tangled up with dried grass and became a Pokemon.

Brambleghast – A dual-type Grass/Ghost that evolves from Bramblin after taking 1000 steps in the Let’s Go feature.

And Even More New Pokemon!

Toedscool – A dual-type Ground/Grass Pokemon that DEFINITELY isn’t Tentacool. Definitely not.

Toedscruel – Definitely NOT the forest Tentacruel. Nope. It evolves from Toedscool at level 30

Klawf – A Rock-type Crab. You can find a giant Klawf, known as the Stony Cliff Titan, as a brand-new Titan Pokemon

Capsakid – A Grass-type pepper that’s apparently very spicy. Your Picnics just got an upgrade

Scovillain – Chuck a Fire Stone at Capaaskid and you’ll get this even spicier Grass-type

Rellor – A Bug-type that mixes sand and dirt with psychic energy to create a mud ball it would literally die for.

Flittle – A Psychic-type Pokemon that spends its time running around wastelands

Espathra – A Psychic-type Pokemon that evolves from Flittle starting at level 35.

Tinkatink – A dual-type Fairy/Steel Pokemon. Considering how broken Mega Mawile and Zacian, who share this unique typing, are in the competitive scene, this is one to keep an eye on.

Tinkatuff – A dual-type Fairy/Steel Pokemon that evolves from Tinkatink starting at level 24

Tinkaton – A dual-type Fairy/Steel Pokemon that evolves from Tinkatuff starting at level 38

Bombirdier – This is dual-type Flying/Dark Mon that is an absolute menace. It enjoys dropping things that make loud noises.

Finizen – Its Dex entry says “Its water ring is made from seawater mixed with a sticky fluid that Finizen secretes from its blowhole”. Avoid at all costs.

Varoom – A dual-type Steel/Poison Pokemon with a sad backstory. It is said that it was born when a poison Pokemon entered and inspirited an engine left at a scrap-processing factory.

Revavroom – The evolution of Varoom starting at level 40

Cyclizar – A dual-type Dragon/Normal ‘bike’ you can ride in the overworld!

Last Stretch

Images via Game Freak

Orthworm – A Steel-type that lives in arid deserts

Glimmet – A dual-type Rock/Poison Pokemon. Its toxic mineral crystals look just like flower petals.

Glimmora – It evolves from Glimmet starting at level 35.

Flamigo – One of the best Pokemon names ever. A Flying/Fighting that resembles a flamingo

Cetoddle – An Ice-type that love the minerals found in snow and ice.

Cetitan – It evolves from Cetoddle when exposed to an Ice Stone.

Veluza – A dual-type Water/Psychic that sheds its skin to boost its agility, then charges at its prey.

Dondozo – A Water-type that teams up with a Tatsugiri to catch prey.

Tatsugiri – A Dragon/Water Pokemon with three different forms: Curly Form, Droopy Form, and Stretchy Form.

Frigibax – A Dragon/Ice Pokemon that absorbs heat through its dorsal fin and converts the heat into ice energy

Artibax – It evolves from Frigibax starting at level 35

Baxcalibur – Evolves from Artibax starting at level 54.

Gimmighoul – A Reddit-mascot-esque Pokemon. It’s a Ghost-type that has two forms: Chest Form and Roaming Form.

New Pokemon With Unusual Evolution Methods

Ghouldengo – It evolves from Chest Form Gimmighoul when levelled up and the player has 999 Gimmighoul Coins.

Kingambit – A new evolution of Bisharp. It’s a dual-type Dark/Steel. You need to find the Pokémon that are leading a pack of Pawniard. You also need to make sure your Bisharp is holding a Leader’s Crest.

Palafin – This Pokemon evolves from Finizen starting at level 38 while in the Union Circle with another player.

Rabsca – A Bug-type Pokemon that evolves from Rellor by walking 1000 steps using the Let’s Go feature.

Charcadet – A Fire-type Pokemon that evolves into Armarouge when exposed to Auspicious Armor. Alternatively, it could evolve into Ceruledge when exposed to Malicious Armor.

Pawmot – The evolution of Pawmo. Can be evolved after levelling up after walking 1000 steps in “auto-battle” mode

Maushold – It evolves from Tandemaus starting at level 25 after defeating a Pokemon with it.

Ancient Forms

Donphan – Its ancient relative is the Ground/Fighting Pokemon Great Tusk.

Scream Tail – a Fairy/Psychic ancient variant that looks like an ancient relative of Jigglypuff.

Brute Bonnet – a dual-type Grass/Dark Pokemon that appears to be an ancient relative of Amoonguss.

Flutter Mane – A Ghost/Fairy Pokemon that appears to be an ancient relative of Misdreavus.

Slither Wing is a Bug/Fighting ancient relative of Volcarona.

Sandy Shocks – An Electric/Ground variant that appears to be an ancient relative of Magneton.

Roaring Moon – A Dragon/Dark Pokemon thought to be an ancient relative of Salamence.

Futuristic Forms

Donphan’s futuristic version is Iron Treads – a Ground/Steel variant.

Iron Jugulis – A dual-type Dark/Flying beast thought to be a futuristic relative of Hydreigon.

Iron Hands – A Fighting/Electric beast that appears to be a futuristic relative of Hariyama.

Volcarona’s futuristic version is Iron Moth – a dual-type Fire/Poison variant.

Iron Bundle – An Ice/Water beast thought to be a futuristic relative of Delibird.

Iron Thorns – A dual-type Rock/Electric that appears to be a futuristic relative of Tyranitar.

Finally, Iron Valiant – A dual-type Fairy/Fighting variantbelieved to be a futuristic relative of Gardevoir and Gallade, mashed together.

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