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Recharge Map Guide – Halo Infinite

Weapon Locations, Screenshots, and Tips for the multiplayer map Recharge in Halo Infinite.

Recharge is an Arena Multiplayer map in Halo Infinite. There are no bases or actual symmetry in Recharge. Team 1 starts in Hydro, and Team 2 starts in the Elevator.

We’re going to give you a complete overview in this Recharge map guide that will help you communicate with your teammates the total annihilation of your enemies. Here we go over every weapon spawn location on Recharge in Halo Infinite, as well as any other important information and tips you might find useful.

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Map Layers

Click through slideshow to cycle through different the layers of the map.

  • Recharge Map Guide - Halo Infinite
  • Recharge Map Guide - Halo Infinite
  • Recharge Map Guide - Halo Infinite

Game Modes


Slayer is Halo’s Deathmatch mode; first team to 50 points wins. Team kills and suicides are worth negative points. 12 minute duration.


In Oddball players earn points while holding the Oddball (the flaming skull). 1 Point is given every second of carrying the Oddball. 100 points are needed to win. The Oddball is located on top of the structure in the center of the map. The Oddball takes 2 melee hits to kill; and it attacks faster than regular melee. Players cannot sprint while carrying the Oddball. If the Oddball is dropped off the map it will respawn at the initial location in 3 Seconds


In Strongholds players must stay within 1 of 3 zones to capture the point. Once a point is captured, the player doesn’t need to stay within it’s boundaries to gain points. Points can be paused from earning when they are contested. When a team controls 2 Strongholds they will gain 1 point per second. When a team holds all 3 Strongholds their team will earn 2 points per second. The score to win is 200 points. Here are the locations of the 3 Strongholds in Recharge.

Weapon Spawn Locations

Halo Infinite spawn locations always stay in the same place, however the item that will spawn can change from game to game. They tend to stick to the same few items at one location but will remain the same weapon throughout the game. The Pistol Spawn Point will always spawn different types pistols: Plasma pistol, Sidekick, Mangler. The Warthog Spawn Point will either spawn the Rocket Hog or the Minigun Warthog, etc.

All weapons are available at the start of the match. Upon Picking Up a weapon (or Refilling the ammo or energy if already equipped), a 30 Second timer will begin before the weapon will be refreshed. This does not include Power Weapons, they have their own timer interval.


The Pistol spawn point on Recharge will either have the Mangler, Disruptor, or the Plasma Pistol. There are 3 locations for pistol spawns. They are located in the Orange Pipes room, the Long Hall, and Storage hallway.

Recharge Map Guide - Halo Infinite Pistol Weapon Locations
Orange Pipes Pistol Location halo infinite
Orange Pipes Pistol Location
Storage Hallway Pistol Location halo infinite
Storage Hallway Pistol Location
Long Hall Pistol Location halo infinite
Long Hall Pistol Location

Tactical Rifle

The Tactical Rifle spawn points will either have the BR75 Battle Rifle or the VK78 Commando. The spawn points for these in Recharge are in the Maintenance Bay or the top of the Control Room.

Recharge Map Guide - Halo Infinite Tactical Rifle BR Battle Rifle Commando Weapon Locations
Maintenance Bay Tactical Rifle Spawn halo infinite
Maintenance Bay Tactical Rifle Spawn
Control Room Tactical Rifle Spawn halo infinite
Control Room Tactical Rifle Spawn


The SMG spawn points will either have the Needler or the Sentinel Beam. There is only 1 SMG spawn point on Recharge, located near the middle of the map in the Whirlpool Dam.

Recharge Map Guide - Halo Infinite Needler  Weapon Locations
SMG Spawn Point Recharge


The Launcher is located above the Batteries area, almost camouflaged into the wall. You can get a Hydra or a Ravager on this map.

Power Weapons

The Power Weapons spawn point in Recharge will have either the Gravity Hammer or the Energy Sword. It is located in the Hydro area of the map, just off the ledge. Once taken, they will spawn again at 3 minutes intervals. An icon in the UI will appear when there are 30 seconds until it spawns. At 10 seconds the announcer will say when a Power Weapon will soon be available.

Power Weapon Location on Recharge halo infinite
Power Weapon Location on Recharge

Equipment Spawn Locations


The Repulsor on the Recharge map is located in the Blue Room. This is a small tunnel between the Power Weapon and the Power Equipment spawn locations.

Repulsor Location Recharge halo infinite
Repulsor Location Recharge


The Grappleshot is located just above the batteries area that move around on the ground.

Grappleshot Location Recharge halo infinite
Grappleshot Location Recharge

Power Equipment

The Power Equipment spawn point on Recharge will have either the Active Camo or the Overshield. On Recharge, it is located in the Pit, close to the large blue turbine.

Overshield / Camo Location recharge halo infinite
Overshield / Camo Location

Grenade Spawn Locations

Frag Grenade

The Frag Grenade spawn locations are the Sneaky platform on the south side of the map, and the Orange Room just above one of the pistol spawns.

Frag Location 1 Recharge halo infinite
Frag Location 1 Recharge
Frag Location 2 Recharge halo infinite
Frag Location 2 Recharge

Plasma Grenade

The Plasma Grenade locations on the Recharge map are found at the ground floor of the Elevator location, and in the Hydro room.

Plasma Grenades Elevator location halo infinite recharge
Plasma Grenades Elevator
Plasma Grenade Hydro halo infinite
Plasma Grenade Hydro

Here is the Full Map with all labelsfor Recharge. Refer to the slideshow above for the multiple level view.

All Weapon and Equipment Spawn Locations
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