Striker Lost Ark Class Guide

Detailed breakdown of the Striker Class in Lost Ark
Striker Lost Ark Class Guide
Striker – Lost Ark

Our Striker Lost Ark class guide covers everything you need to know about this Gunner subclass, including its overall role in the team, its strengths and weaknesses, some tips, and more. Lost Ark allows you to control a number of classes, who all come with different benefits in PvE and PvP content. So if you want a breakdown of the Striker Lost Ark class, we’ve got you covered below.

Striker Class Guide Overview

The Striker in Lost Ark is a Martial Artist type class that wields a lightweight Fist Weapon on each hand. The Striker is a Melee DPS, getting up close and personal in the faces of their targets. They combo together punches, kicks, and powerful elemental skills throwing enemies up in the air. Their musical instrument is an Lute.

The Identity Gauge of the Striker is the Elemental Meter. Successful hits to enemies with their Basic attack and Normal Skills will fill up the meter. There are 3 orbs, or bubbles, in their meter which once full, are the resources of special Esoteric Skills. These Esoteric Skills, when used, consume 1, 2, or 3 Elemental Bubbles depending on the skill.

There are two distinct playstyles that players can choose from through the use of the Striker’s Class Engravings:

  • Esoteric Flurry – Only 1 Elemental Orb is consumed when using Esoteric Skills. (levels 1 and 2 reduce their damage)
  • Deathblow – Increase amount of Elemental Orbs to 4. Esoteric skills consume all orbs and inflict bonus damage per orb consumed.

In end game content, the Deathblow Engraving is the most popular due to the significant damage increase when using esoteric skills.

Role of a Striker

Strikers are a pure DPS class in Lost Ark. In PvE, they provide decent burst damage but are generally not the highest damage overall. They can be particularly difficult to play as they have to line up burst combos that benefit tremendously from back attacks. In PvP, they are going to be a very annoying class to play against given their great ability to knock-up players and prevent enemies from using abilities. They also have tremendous movement abilities, however lack a lot of super armor. Once caught, they can be fragile and dealt with fairly easily.


  • High Burst Damage
  • High Mobility
  • Provide Attack Speed Party Buff


  • Lower Sustained Damage
  • Low health and defense
  • Not a lot of party utilities
  • Can be difficult to master landing back-attack abilities.


The following table is a list of all Lost Ark Striker Skills that you will unlock and at which level you will do so.

LevelIcon Skill NameCooldown (seconds)TypeDescription
10iconEsoteric Skill: Spiral Impact8NormalPerform a powerful strike that can distort space. On hit, inflict 459 Damage.
10iconLightning Kick9NormalDeliver a flurry of kicks that inflict 43 [Lightning] Damage three times, and strike down at foes causing 196 Damage. Downed foes are lifted off the ground, and airborne foes are slammed onto the ground for 49 Damage.
10iconMoon Flash Kick22ComboCharge forward while kicking, inflicting 82, 63 Damage. Press the skill hotkey 3 times to deliver 4 kicks at amazing speed that inflict 160.6 total Damage, another spinning back kick to inflict 75 Damage, followed by the finishing blow that inflicts 253 Damage and knocks foes back.
10iconSky Shattering Blow8ComboPerform a roundhouse kick, dealing 75 Damage. Use the skill again to kick upward, sending targets flying for 103 Damage. You can change your direction during additional attacks.
10iconTriple Fist6NormalViolently swing your fists 3 times while advancing 4 meters forward, inflicting 45, 63, and 110 Damage.
10iconViolent Tiger16ComboKicks 2 times forward, dealing 109, 109 Damage. Use the skill again to rotate and inflict 136 Damage 2 times and launch a powerful kick forward to deal 54 Damage.
12iconStorm Dragon Awakening8ChainDeliver a roundhouse kick, inflicting 35 Damage to the foe 2 times. Then attack an airborne foe to launch them into the air. Use the skill again within 2s to perform a knee attack that inflicts 71 Damage. Attack an airborne foe or a fallen foe to launch them into the air. Use the skill again within 2s to become immune to Paralysis and roll forward to perform a downward strike that inflicts 71, 141 Damage. Airborne foes will be slammed into the ground. Each time you use additional skills, Cooldown +2s.
14iconEsoteric Skill: Tiger Emerges24NormalGather [Fire] energy and advance 4 meters forward, inflicting 119, 119 Damage and performing a upward attack that inflicts 318 Damage 3 times.
16iconSleeping Ascent Celebration16ComboTackle foes, inflicting 59.0, 88.4 Damage. Use as a combo to deliver a upper kick and inflict 215 Damage, launching foes into the air. You can change the attack direction while performing the additional strike.
18iconBerserk Circle16NormalJump up and strike the ground to inflict 162 Damage. Foes that enter the earthquake range will be launched airborne for 378 additional damage.
20iconFlash Heat Fang14NormalThrow punches to inflict 288.7 total Damage over 9 hits, followed by a finishing blow that inflicts 189 Damage.
20iconSwift Wind Kick20NormalDeliver a spinning kick in the air, attacking foes 22 times, inflicting up to 620.7 Damage over 2.5s. You can move up to 14 meters while using this skill, changing the direction with your cursor.
24iconPhoenix Advent18PointFocus [Fire] energy and soar into the air to land at the target location within 7 meters. Inflict 22 and 20 Damage as you come down, and 331 Damage upon hitting the ground, knocking foes down.
28iconEsoteric Skill: Call the Wind God16HoldingCreate a tornado that attacks foes for 91 Damage 13 times over 3s and pulls foes close. Can move up to 12 meters while using this skill.
32iconLightning Whisper25NormalRoll forward and summon lightning, inflicting 673 Damage. On hit, foe Crit Resistance -3.0% for 6s.
36iconSweeping Kick25ComboSweep foes off their feet, inflicting 64 Damage 2 times. Use the skill one additional time to change your direction and deliver a spinning kick in the air, inflicting 85, 106, 213 Damage.
40iconEsoteric Skill: Blast Formation20NormalStrike at the ground to cause 3 explosions. The explosions advance forward in consecutive order to inflict 219, 328, and 545 Damage, knocking foes back. You have Paralysis Immunity while using this skill.
50iconEsoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger Strike18NormalGather [Lightning] energy that penetrates foes. Kick and knock foes into the air, inflicting954 Damage.
LevelIcon Skill NameCooldown (minutes)TypeDescription
50iconUltimate Skill: Explosive Heat Awakening5NormalAdvance 4 meters forward and strike 4 times with explosive attacks that inflict 111, 111, 111, and 111 Damage. If the first strike fails, subsequent attacks will be canceled.
50iconUltimate Skill: True Heavenly Awakening5NormalGather powerful energy in your legs and draw a wide trajectory before kicking 2 times to inflict 111 and 111 Damage and send foes airborne.

Striker Levelling Guide

We recommend that you try out all the skills and play whatever is the most fun for you. However, if you just want to speed up the process (maybe that’s the most fun for you) or you’re tying to power through levelling an alt, follow this level by level breakdown of what skills to use and level up and which tripods to activate.

You can swap between saved skill tree slots whenever for free (even in combat as long as no skills are on cooldown). It’s recommended to use both your skillbook slots, choose abilities based on this: one for AoE (packs of normal enemies) and one for Single Target (Boss/Elites).

Skill Progression

Here are the Regular Damaging Skills to focus on when you unlock them:

  • Sweeping Kick (Gauge Generation)
  • Swift Wind Kick (AoE)
  • Violent Tiger (High Damage)
  • Moon Flash Kick (Gauge Generation)
  • Berserk Circle (AoE)
  • Lightning Whsiper (AoE and Buff)

Focus on Tripods that improveme movement and cooldown recovery such as Excellent Mobility, Quick Preparation, as well as increasing damage to normal enemies with Law of the Jungle, and AoE improvements like Wide Strike

Here are the Esoteric Skills listed in order of what you should use when they become available:

  • Tiger Emerges (best damage)
  • Call the Wind God (best mobility)
  • Blast Formation
  • Spiral Impact

To simplify everything, follow this priority:

  1. Make Level 10 if you can: Swift Wind Kick > Lightning Whisper > Sweeping Kick > Esoteric Skill: Tiger Emerges
  2. Make Level 7 (or 4) with leftover points: Sleeping Ascent Celebration > Violent Tiger > Moon Flash Kick > Esoteric Skill: Call the Wind God
  3. Make Level 4 with any remaining points: Storm Dragon Awakening* > Berserk Circle > Sky Shattering Blow

*For Storm Dragon Awakening (lvl 4), this should take priority after level 10 abilities for the high mobility aspect of this skill.

For Bosses, in your second skill book you can choose Tripods that improve damage to single targets and “push-immune” foes. Such as Single Strike, and Weak Point Detection.

Typically we choose skills 3 or 4 skills to be at Level 10 as they are much more powerful, however keep in mind mobility when choosing skill points. If you are having difficulty clearing elites or bosses, take points away from mobility and put them into the higher damaging abilities.

Below is an example Skill Progression Chart, and their Tripods, you can use to Level your Striker.

LevelIcon Skill NameSkill LevelTripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3
11iconMoon Flash Kick4White Flame Kick
12iconStorm Dragon Awakening4Excellent Mobility
13iconSky Shattering Blow4Excellent Mobility
14iconViolent Tiger4Vital Point Strike
iconEsoteric Skill: Tiger Emerges4Quick Preparation
16iconSleeping Ascent Celebration4Spiral Kick
18iconSleeping Ascent Celebration7Spiral KickQuick Preparation
19iconBerserk Circle4Wide Strike
20iconSwift Wind Kick10* (remove all other points)Lightning Round KickQuick PreparationExtreme Training
21iconSleeping Ascent Celebration4Spiral Kick
22iconStorm Dragon Awakening4Excellent Mobility
iconMoon Flash Kick4White Flame Kick
23iconViolent Tiger4Vital Point Strike
24iconEsoteric Skill: Tiger Emerges4Quick Preparation
25iconBerserk Circle4Wide Strike
26iconSky Shattering Blow4Excellent Mobility
28iconEsoteric Skill: Call the Wind God7* (remove points from sky shattering and Berserk Circle)Earth StormOver Revolution
29iconBerserk Circle4Wide Strike
32iconLightning Whisper10*(remove some other points to obtain)Wide StrikeQuick PreparationLaw of the Jungle
36iconSweeping Kick7*(remove some other points to obtain)Weak point detectionLight of Justice
39iconEsoteric Skill: Tiger Emerges7Quick PreparationFist of Darkness
41iconSleeping Ascent Celebration7Spiral KickQuick Preparation
43iconViolent Tiger7Vital Point StrikeDown Strike
45iconMoon Flash Kick7White Flame KickExcellent Mobility
47iconEsoteric Skill: Call the Wind God7Earth StormOver Revolution


Just equip the highest Item Lv. item you find. Focus on Swiftness for increased movement speed, reduced casting time, and faster skill cooldowns. Secondly, your next best stat is Crit.

Striker Deathblow PvE Guide

Below is a good basic Striker PvE Build for Single Target Boss Raids and battles. This build specifically focuses on burst damage, providing the party with an attack speed buff, part break destruction mechanics, and a counter attack skill. It is generally a good build for all types of content such as for Chaos Dungeon, Questing, Guardian Raids, and Abyss Dungeons.

The Rotation or Skill Priority is very straightforward.

  • Fill the Identity Gauge (with skills not listed below)
  • Lightning Whisper
  • Esoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger Strike
  • Fill the Identity Gauge quickly with
    • Moon Flash Kick > Sweeping Kick
  • Esoteric Skill: Tiger Emerges
  • Auto Attack and use what is available.

For Chaos Dungeons:

The strategy for Chaos dungeons and other AoE content is much the same as for with bosses for the most efficient gameplay. Stay mobile and gather up the enemies, fill the identity gauge, spend Elemental orbs with Esoteric Skills, and repeat. You can change your abilities however you see fit; many players like to go with these changes:

  • Swift Wind Kick (lvl7) (Tripods 3-1)
  • Esoteric Skill: Call the Wind God (lvl10) (Tripods 1-3-2)
  • Moon Flash Kick (change to Tripod 2: Excellent Mobility)

Striker Deathblow Stat Priority

Maximize Specialization as much as possible; to build more gauge. Then focus on Crit as a secondary stat once you are able to perform the burst damage within that 6 second duration of the debuff from Lightning Whisper.

Striker PvE Build

This Striker build requires 300 Skill Points which will require the collecting a few extra Skill Points in Shushire and Rohendel.

IconSkill NameSkill LevelTripodsNotes
iconSky Shattering Blow41Movement Skill
iconStorm Dragon Awakening41Movement Skill
iconViolent Tiger102
Damage, Part Break Destruction
iconLightning Whisper71
Attack Speed Party Buff – Tripod 1: Lightning’s Blessing
iconMoon Flash Kick103
Generate Gauge
iconSweeping Kick102
Generate Gauge
iconEsoteric Skill: Tiger Emerges103
High Damage
iconEsoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger Strike102
High Damage

Striker PvP Guide

In Player versus Player Arenas, Strikers typically play the role of the “Juggler“. Also known as the “Harrasser“, the Striker’s goal is to keep the back line targets preoccupied and unable to cast their abilities. They do this by using the plethora of knock up skills that are in their toolkit.

Knock-up abilities in this build:

  • Moon Flash Kick
  • Sleeping Ascent Celebration
  • Storm Dragon Awakening

Damage Dealers:

  • Esoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger Strike
  • Lightning Whisper
  • Lightning Kick

Hard CC:

  • Berserk Circle (Tripod 3: Glacial Explosion – 1.5s Freeze/Stun)

Optional abilities for the 8th skill slot:

  • Sweeping Kick (Tripods 1-1-1: Purely Damage)
  • Phoenix Advent (Tripods 1-3-2: Dive and Freeze)
  • Swift Wind Kick (Tripods 2-1-1: Damage and knock-up)

Possible Combo opportunity:

  • Sleeping Ascent Celebration (knock up) >
  • Storm Dragon Awakening (knock up) >
  • Moon Flash Kick (knock up) >
  • Lightning Kick (damage) >
  • Esoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger Strike (finisher)

Also take note not that a lot of these abilities can be used as movement skills to quickly engage or disengage or save a teammate from damage. Esoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger Strike is particularly good at saving teammates if you have the necessary Elemental Orbs available.

In PvP the best Awakening Skil is True Heavenly Awakening. It is best combo’d immediately following using the skill Sleeping Ascent Celebration.

PvP Stats

  • 1000 Swiftness
  • 249 Endurance
  • 1 Crit

Striker PvP Skills Build

Feel free to change whatever skills you like depending on your playstyle and how you see fit.

Below is a general Striker PvP build that is a great foundation to build upon.

IconSkill NameSkill LevelTripodsNotes
iconMoon Flash Kick102
Gauge Generation
iconSleeping Ascent Celebration102
iconStorm Dragon Awakening101
Movement then Knock-up
iconSweeping Kick102
High Damage, Knock-up
Gauge Generation
iconEsoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger Strike102
Movement, High Damage Finisher
iconLightning Whisper41Tripod 1: Lightning’s Blessing – Attack Speed party buff
Tripod 1: Elemental Extortion – Gauge Generation
iconBerserk Circle103
Tripod 3: Glacial Explosion – Freeze 1.5s
iconLightning Kick101
Tripod 1: Ruthless and/or
Tripod 2: Intense Shock

Here’s Youtuber Pum showcasing some quality PVP gameplay displaying a lot of the techniques and strategies listed above.

Best Striker Engravings

Since the Striker only has one main build, and both AoE and Single Target builds benefit from the same engravings, there’s only one priority here. First and foremost acquire the class engraving Deathblow. Then focus on getting Grudge Level 3 and then any of the other optional engravings listed.


iconDeathblowLv. 1: Max number of Elemental Orbs +1. Esoteric skills consume all Elemental Orbs and inflict +17% Damage per Elemental Orb consumed.
Lv. 2: …inflict +26%…
Lv. 3: …inflict +35%…
Guardian Raid
Abyss Dungeon
iconGrudgeLv. 1: Damage +4% to Boss or above monsters. Damage -20% from Boss or above monsters.
Lv. 2: Damage +10%. …
Lv. 3: Damage +20% …
Chaos Dungeons


Icon EngravingDescriptionSource
iconCursed DollLv. 1: Atk. Power +3%. Healing -25%, natural recovery excluded.
Lv. 2: …+8%. …
Lv. 3: …+16%. …
Chaos Dungeons
iconMaster of AmbushLv. 1: Damage +5% for successful back attacks.
Lv. 2: Damage +12%…
Lv. 3: Damage +25%…
Chaos Dungeons
iconSpirit AbsorptionLv. 1: Atk./Move Speed +3%.
Lv. 2: Atk./Move Speed +8%.
Lv. 3: Atk./Move Speed +15%
Chaos Dungeons

Gear Sets

Below is a list of all the gear sets and their bonuses that available to Tier 1 Strikers. You can mix and match 2-Set bonuses using 2 or 3 different ones. Depending on your playstyle and what’s available to you, you may want to take two 2-set bonuses instead of a full 5-set Bonus. You can also have one set for Chaos Dungeons and other Solo Content, and another for Guardian Raids and other Group Content.

Item LevelRaritySet Bonus NameEffectsSource
385RelicDark Night2-Set: When attacking a foe, 30% chance for +8% Atk and Move Speed for 6s. (Cooldown: 3s)
5-Set: Increases Crit Rate by 40%, but decreases Crit Damage by 40%.
Chaos Dungeon Rohendel (Welcome 3)
Chaos Dungeon Rohendel (Nightmare 1-4)
385RelicPhantom Memory2-Set: Attack Speed and Move Speed +5%
5-Set: Increases Damage with an Awakening Skill to Seed or lesser monsters by 60%. Increases Damage to Challenge or lesser monsters by 60% when hitting them with an Awakening Skill for 10s. (Cooldown: 60s)
Chaos Dungeon Rohendel (Welcome 3)
Chaos Dungeon Rohendel (Nightmare 1-4)
385RelicVoid Afterimage2-Set: Decreases damage taken by 30% when HP is below 30%.
+15% Atk. Speed and Move Speed, +10% Skill Cooldown.
5-Set: When hitting a foe with a normal attack, +15% Additional Damage for 3s (Cooldown: 1s)
Chaos Dungeon Rohendel (Welcome 3)
Chaos Dungeon Rohendel (Nightmare 1-4)
340LegendaryAwakened Hatred2-Set: Combat Resource Recovery Speed: +30%
5-Set: Crit Damage +25
Abyss Dungeon (Corridor of the Twisted Lord)
Abyss Dungeon (Hildebrigne, Dream Palace)
340Legendary Boisterous Elemental2-Set: Increases Attack Speed and Move Speed by 4% for 6s, up to 8% when attacking monsters Boss rank or above. (Cooldown: 3s)
5-Set: Increases damage to monsters Boss ranked or above by 12%.
Abyss Dungeon (Corridor of the Twisted Lord)
Abyss Dungeon (Hildebrigne, Dream Palace)
340Legendary Dense Confusion2-Set: Attack Speed and Move Speed +4%
5-Set: Crit Rate +15%
Abyss Dungeon (Corridor of the Twisted Lord)
Abyss Dungeon (Hildebrigne, Dream Palace)
340Legendary Enraged Nature2-Set: Move Speed +8%
5-Set: Atk. Power +4% for 8s, up to 12% when attacking a monster Boss ranked or above. (Cooldown: 3s)
Abyss Dungeon (Corridor of the Twisted Lord)
Abyss Dungeon (Hildebrigne, Dream Palace)
340Legendary Mist2-Set: Decreases damage taken from Normal ranked monsters by 20%.
5-Set: Increases damage dealt to monsters Challenge rank or below by 15%.
Abyss Dungeon (Corridor of the Twisted Lord)
Abyss Dungeon (Hildebrigne, Dream Palace)
302EpicAncient2-Set: When hit while HP is below 20%, restores 3% of Max HP for 15s each time you hit a Normal monster. (Cooldown: 60s)
5-Set: Increases damage by 17% when hitting 3 or more foes.
Abyss Dungeon (Valley of Beasts)
Abyss Dungeon (Spirit of the Necromancer)
302EpicRugged Valley2-Set: Move Speed +8%
5-Set: Atk. Power +4% for 8s, up to 12% when attacking a monster Boss ranked or above. (Cooldown: 3s)
Abyss Dungeon (Valley of Beasts)
Abyss Dungeon (Spirit of the Necromancer)
302 Epic Seraphic Oath2-Set: Attack Speed +8%
5-Set: Additional Damage +10%
Abyss Dungeon (Valley of Beasts)
Abyss Dungeon (Spirit of the Necromancer)
302 Epic Stalwart Years2-Set: Attack Speed +8%
5-Set: Additional Damage +10%
Abyss Dungeon (Valley of Beasts)
Abyss Dungeon (Spirit of the Necromancer)

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