Best Eevee Evolutions In Pokemon GO


Eevee is an iconic Pokemon famous for its multitude of different evolution possibilities, but which Eevee evolution in Pokemon GO is the best? Evolving and levelling up Pokemon in Pokemon GO can be a time-consuming process, so it’s important that you dedicate your limited resources to Pokemon that’ll be the most useful to you. With that said, you’ll want to focus most of your attention on only the best Eevee evolutions in Pokemon GO.

Best Eevee Evolutions In Pokemon GO: Type And Stats


In the grand scheme of things, stats aren’t make-or-break when it comes to the best Eevee evolutions in Pokemon GO, but they do give you a general idea of their potential in different scenarios.

  • Vaporeon | Water type
    • Attack: 205
    • Defence: 161
    • Stamina: 277
    • Max CP: 3,521
  • Jolteon | Electric type
    • Attack: 232
    • Defence: 182
    • Stamina: 163
    • Max CP: 3.265
  • Flareon | Fire type
    • Attack: 246
    • Defence:179
    • Stamina: 163
    • Max CP: 3,424
  • Espeon | Psychic type
    • Attack: 261
    • Defence: 175
    • Stamina: 163
    • Max CP: 3,583
  • Umbreon | Dark type
    • Attack: 126
    • Defence: 240
    • Stamina: 216
    • Max CP: 2,445
  • Leafeon | Grass type
    • Attack: 216
    • Defence: 219
    • Stamina: 163
    • Max CP: 3,298
  • Glaceon | Ice type
    • Attack: 238
    • Defence: 205
    • Stamina: 163
    • Max CP: 3,535
  • Sylveon | Fairy type
    • Attack: 203
    • Defence: 205
    • Stamina: 216
    • Max CP: 3,470

Best Eevee Evolutions In Pokemon GO

8. Flareon

  • How to get: nickname your Eevee ‘Pyro’ (one-time use) OR evolve your Eevee to randomly receive Flareon, Vaporeon, or Jolteon.

Flareon is a decent Pokemon when you’re first starting out, but once you get going, you’ll find that Flareon is outclassed in PvP, Gyms, and Raids. There are just so many other Fire-type Pokemon, like Charizard, Blaziken, and Arcanine, that can do everything Flareon does, but better.

7. Jolteon

  • How to get: nickname your Eevee ‘Sparky’ (one-time use) OR evolve your Eevee to randomly receive Jolteon, Flareon, or Vaporeon.

There was a point in Pokemon GO where Jolteon was the cream of the crop and the best Eevee evolution, but those days are long gone. Nowadays, Jolteon is overshadowed by stronger Electric Pokemon like Zapdos, Raikou, Magnezone, and Electivire. The fact that Jolteon cannot learn Wild Charge rubs more salt in the wound, as Wild Charge is one of the best Electric moves in Pokemon GO.

6. Leafeon

  • How to get: nickname your Eevee ‘Linnea’ (one-time use) OR evolve your Eevee while near a Mossy Lure Module at a PokeStop.

Leafeon is serviceable, with a solid set of Grass moves like Bullet Seed, Razor Leaf, Leaf Blade, Solar Beam, and Last Resort, but as is the case with Flareon and Jolteon, there are superior alternatives when it comes to Grass types.

However, until you get your hands on one of the better Pokemon GO Grass types like Venusaur, Tangrowth, or Roserade, Leafeon can hold its own against the Ground, Rock, and Water types commonly found in Master League.

5. Espeon

  • How to get: nickname your Eevee ‘Sakura’ (one-time use) OR walk 10 km while your Eevee is your Buddy and evolve it during the day.

As far as Psychic type Pokemon go, Espeon is only second to Mewtwo. Of all the Eevee evolutions in Pokemon GO, Espeon has the highest Attack and Max CP. Espeon can also learn Confusion, one of the best Quick moves available to Psychic types. So, with all that Espeon has going for it, why isn’t it higher on this list?

Unfortunately, Psychic Pokemon simply aren’t that useful in Pokemon GO, especially when it comes to PvP. Psychic types counter Fighting and Poison types, neither of which are prevalent in the PvP meta. You’ll find uses for Espeon in PvE, but overall, there aren’t going to be too many situations where you need to call upon an Espeon.

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4. Vaporeon

  • How to get: nickname your Eevee ‘Rainer’ (one-time use) OR evolve your Eevee to randomly receive Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon.

While other Generation I Eevee evolutions like Flareon and Jolteon have fallen out of the Pokemon GO meta, Vaporium has maintained a spot amongst the best of them. Vaporeon’s impressive Stamina rating of 277 makes it a beast at defending Gyms. Vaporeon will serve you well until you get access to some rarer, stronger Water-type Pokemon like Gyarados, Kyogre, or Feraligatr.

3. Glaceon

  • How to get: nickname your Eevee ‘Rea’ (one-time use) OR evolve your Eevee while near a Glacial Lure Module at a PokeStop.

Glaceon earns a top spot on the list of best Eevee evolutions in Pokemon GO, in large part due to the sheer rarity of Ice-type Pokemon. Also, Glaceon is a lot more accessible than other Ice types like Weavile and Mamoswine, so if you get this Eevee evolution early, it’ll come in handy for quite some time.

On top of all that, Ice-type Pokemon like Glaceon are super effective against Grass, Ground, Flying, and Dragon-type Pokemon, all of which are commonly used in Master League and to defend Gyms.

2. Umbreon

  • How to get: nickname your Eevee ‘Tamao’ (one-time use) OR walk 10 km while your Eevee is your Buddy and evolve it at night.

Umbreon’s main drawback is that its Max CP is only a mere 2,445. This makes Umbreon a liability in anything outside of Great Leagues and Ultra Leagues. However, when it comes to Great and Ultra Leagues, Umbreon is the best Dark type for the job. 

If you’re willing to invest the time and energy to level your Umbreon up, it’ll return dividends with its powerful moves and high defence. You won’t find many opponents able to easily take down Umbreon either, considering the types it’s weak to are hardly ever encountered.

1. Sylveon

  • How to get: nickname your Eevee ‘Kira’ (one-time use) OR complete the Evolution Task to earn 70 Buddy Hearts while Eevee is your Buddy.

Sylveon barely edges out Umbreon as the best Eevee evolution in Pokemon GO, thanks to its dominance in the Master League. Dragon types are by far the most popular Pokemon in Master League, and Fairy types like Sylveon are their biggest weakness. As a cherry on top, Sylveon can learn Charm, a move that many consider utterly overpowered in PvP. And since Sylveon is a pure Fairy type, it has the advantage of only being weak to Steel and Poison types.

The eight species of Eevee evolutions are vastly different from one another. Some Trainers may prefer a particular species due to their aesthetic appeal or to fill a hole in their party, but when it comes to performance, in general, some Eevee evolutions are just downright better than the rest. 

Learning how to become Best Buddies with Pokemon in Pokemon GO will allow you to collect some of the rarer Eevee evolutions.