How To Breed Temtem


Are you trying to figure out how to breed Temtem? Instead of capturing Temtem out in the wild, breeding allows you to craft newborn Temtem to your liking by mating together two parent Temtem. Expert breeders can spawn perfect Temtem more powerful than you’ll ever find out in the wild. In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about how to breed Temtem.

What You Need To Breed Temtem


To breed Temtem, you’ll need access to the Breeding Center. You can find the Breeding Center in Superior Omninesia, available after defeating Sophia, the Arissola Dojo Master. Once at the Breeding Center, speak to the Temtem Breeder to learn more about the breeding process and submit Temtem for breeding. But before you do that, you may want to talk to the BreeCen Shopkeeper. The BreeCen Shopkeeper sells consumable breeding gear that guarantees the offspring inherit specific SVs or Traits from the parents.

How To Breed Temtem: Temtem Breeding Requirements

  • You can’t just breed any Temtem — they have to be compatible. For two Temtem to be compatible, they must meet the following conditions:
  • The two Temtem submitted for breeding must be of different genders.
  • Both Temtem must share at least a single type. Mimit is the sole Temtem that can breed with other Temtem regardless of type.

Both Temtem need to be fertile. Fertility is determined by how many leaves are on a Temtem’s fertility tree. Temtem lose a point of fertility each time they produce offspring. Offspring will inherit the lowest fertility value among their parents.

  • Reviewing the Temtem type chart will help you identify compatible Temtem that you may want to breed.

How To Breed Temtem: How To Breed And Hatch A Temtem Egg


Once you have your two compatible Temtem ready, pay 50 Pansuns to the Temtem Breeder at the Breeding Center to begin the breeding process. Now, give your soon-to-be parent Temtem some privacy — they’ll need about 15 to 25 minutes of real time together to produce an egg. After you’ve waited a sufficient amount of time, return to the Breeding Center and collect the newborn egg and the Temtem you used to breed it.

To hatch a Temtem egg, you have to add it to an empty slot in your party. Eggs can take up to 45 minutes in real-time to hatch, depending on the species’ capture rate. However, using an Incubator device or an Incubator Ticket will hatch the egg immediately.

How To Breed Temtem: Temtem Inheritance Explained


Offspring Temtem inherit various aspects of their parents. Some of this can be calculated and influenced by which Temtem you breed and the use of breeding gear, but there’s also a good bit of chance involved.

Species: The offspring’s species will be the same as the first form of the female parent’s evolutionary line. If the parents are a Mimit and a male Temtem, the offspring will take on the species of the first form of the evolutionary line of the male parent.

Fertility: As we mentioned earlier, offspring will inherit the lower value between the parents’ fertility values — after the production of the egg.

Single Values: Each of the offspring’s stats have a 40% chance of inheriting the highest SV value between the parents, a 40% chance for the average, and a 20% chance for the lower SV value.

Trait Slot: Traits are random and not inherited — unless you use an Engineered DNA Strand.

Techniques: Some Temtem can inherit egg techniques that typically belong to other species. This happens when you breed parents that have the respective four combat techniques active. Other techniques are learned by levelling and through training courses.

Luma Chance: By default, the chance of hatching a Luma Temtem is the same as encountering one in the wild — roughly 1 in 10,000. But, for each Luma parent, the odds increase by 10x. So, with two Luma parents, the chance of hatching another Luma Temtem becomes 1 in 100.

How To Breed Perfect Temtem: Temtem Breeding Chart


With the use of breeding gear, you can create a perfect Temtem that has the highest possible value (50) in all seven stats. To arrive at a perfect Temtem, you must breed compatible Temtem over many generations. Refer to the Temtem breeding chart pictured above for a visual guide on how to breed a perfect Temtem.

Breeding can be a complicated process, but when things go right, breeding allows you to create powerful a Temtem suited to your party’s needs. And if you invest enough time and Pansuns, it’s possible to hatch a perfect Temtem with no flaws that can lead your squad to victory in both PvE and PvP.

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