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Welcome to the Complete New World Fishing Guide. In this guide we go over the ultimate break down of fishing in New World. From which fishing bait it best to use, to what are the best fishing spots, what are the fishing perks in New World, and more. Below, you will find the table of contents to quickly navigate to whichever topic you are looking for.

This guide is constantly updated as new patches come out, so be sure to bookmark it for future use. You can also find our other guides in the New World Guides section. Our massive guides like this Complete New World Fishing Guide are located there as well. Here are a few quick links to some of the massive, ultimate New World Guides:

New World Fishing – The Basics

This Guide Last Updated September 17, 2021

Fishing is a gathering skill that allows you to catch fish for cooking and other purposes. In New World, fishing is possible at any body or water in Aeternum. You can fish in freshwater lakes, rivers, ponds, and salt water spots that are part of the surrounding sea. 

Fishers of higher levels can also learn to spot Fishing Hotspots on the map. These are areas that offer a boost in bite speed and rareness of fish caught while fishing. To fish, you will need a Fishing Pole. You can level up your fishing skills by using the skill regularly. Fishing is more complex than other Trade Skills and requires a lot of practice and patience.

Craft Your First Fishing Pole

What kind of Complete New World Fishing Guide would we be if we didn’t teach you how to get started? Before we show you how to fish, you will need to craft a fishing pole. You can craft a fishing pole using the engineering skill. Right from the beginning you can either craft the tier 1 or 2 fishing pole. Tier 1 Wooden Fishing Pole is very easily made with ingredients easily found. You will need to go to a workshop within a settlement to craft fishing poles.

To craft the first tier of fishing pole, as noted below, requires 1 Fiber and 1 Green Wood. You can find green wood around any bushes anywhere. This would be very easy to harvest right away, alternatively you can chop a Young Tree using the Logging skill. To obtain the Fiber, find some Hemp and use the harvesting skill to gather it. Here are the best places to find hemp in New World.

All Fishing Poles Available in New World

To Improve your fishing max cast distance and durability, you will want to craft the higher level tiers as you level up. There are 5 tiers of fishing poles in New World.

All Main Fishing Poles in New World

Fishing PoleImageMax Cast Distance+Chance to Rarer FishTension Recovered Per SecondIngredients to Craft
Wooden Fishing Pole12 meters027.51x Fibers
1x Green Wood
Treated Wood Fishing Pole14 meters03012x Timber
3x Coarse Leather
3x Linen
Aged Wood Fishing Pole16 meters75%32.513x Lumber
3x Coarse Leather
2x Linen
Wyrdwood Fishing Pole18 meters100%35 14x Wyrdwood Planks
3x Coarse Leather
2x Linen
Ironwood Fishing Pole20 meters125%37.515x Ironwood Planks
3x Coarse Leather
2x Linen

Tier 5 Fishing Poles in New World

There are several other fishing poles available, all tier 5. Their stats and special attributes posted below. In the next section, we will explain how to obtain these special fishing poles.

Fishing PoleImageGear ScoreSpecial AttributesMax Cast Distance+Chance to Rarer FishTension Recovered Per Second
Ancient Fishing Pole52520 meters 125% 37.5
Angry Earth Fishing Pole52520 meters 125% 37.5
Corrupted Fishing Pole52520 meters 125% 37.5
Lost Fishing Pole52520 meters 125% 37.5
Legendary Azoth Fishing Pole575+250% Chance Bigger Fish in Freshwater20 meters125%37.5
Legendary Strength Fishing Pole575+15% Line Strength in Freshwater20 meters 125% 37.5
Legendary Tech Fishing Pole 575 +15% Line Strength in Freshwater 20 meters 125% 37.5

How To Get Tier 5 Fishing Poles in New World

Here we break down exactly where to get the tier 5 fishing poles in New World. Each fishing pole will show its source. If it is dropped from a certain monster, we will show where on the map that mob spawns.

The 3 Legendary fishing poles are obtains by completing the Fishing questline. At the end of the quest “To Be a Grand Master”, you will get a Legendary Pole Reward Box which can have these poles in it. This quest is completed upon reaching fishing level 100.

The other T5 fishing poles in New World are drops from elite monsters throughout Aeternum. Here are their locations:

ancient fishing pole location
angry earth fishing pole location
corrupted fishing pole location
  • Lost Fishing Pole – Also drops from Smoothbore Samuel, a level 60 Elite in Reekwater.
ancient fishing pole location

How To Fish in New World

How To Cast

To start fishing, walk to a body of water and press your Cast key.

A range indicator will pop up and you can extend the range of your cast by holding the cast key, releasing it when the indicator reaches your desired range.

When to Hook The Fish

After casting your line, you will see the bobber indicator. When a fish approaches, the indicator will shake and move up and down. Before you attempt to hook, wait for the indicator’s signal to change. Too early hooking can cause the fish’s to swim away.

fishing_hook_indicator_new_world_wiki_guideThis icon indicates that it’s time to hook. To hook the fish, press the left mouse button. You have very limited time, as indicated by the circle in the center of the icon. The fish will swim away if it is completely depleted before you press the button.

fishing_reel_indicator_new_world_wiki_guideThis icon means a successful hook, leading to finally reel the fish in.

How To Reel

You can reel the fish in once it is hooked by pressing the mouse button. However, be careful to not let tension build up.

fishing_tension_indicator_icon_new_world_wiki_guidefishing_tension_indicator_icon_new_world_wiki_guideThis is the reel gauge, which has a small white circle filling up in the area around the icon. The mini-game ends when the reel gauge is full. The tension gauge at the center of each icon is important to be aware of. The tension gauge is located in the center of the icon. It’s green for good tension and orange for too much tension. Your line will snap if tension is too high and you’ll lose the fish. You can usually keep reeling if you are in the orange area, but try not to let the reel get into the red area or your line may snap!

Does Depth of Water Matter While Fishing?

The depth of the water in New World does affect your fishing results. This does not include fishing in hotspots. If you are not at a hotspot and simply fishing in open water, it is always more efficient to cast in deep water. Deep water will allow you to level fishing fast because the fish will bite much quicker.

After heavy testing, it was found that fishing in very shallow water in New World has an average of 15 seconds for a fish to bite, even with bait equipped. Compare that to a mere 4.5 seconds when fishing in deep water with bait, and you know this is the fastest way to level fishing skill.

Does Distance Matter When Casting a Fishing Rod?

Yes, cast distance while fishing in New World matters. The further you cast, the less tension you will have in your fishing line. This means that as you reel in after you have hooked your fish, you will be able to have a much smoother experience. You will be much less likely to break your fishing line when you’ve casted far distances. This is why it is important to upgrade your fishing rods to increase max distance while fishing in New World.

All Fishing Bait in New World

Fishing bait can be used to increase biting speed and catch rare fish. You can get bait from your enemies or gather it using the Harvesting skill. Or you can make it yourself using the Cooking skill. You can use the Bait Key to make bait anytime between castings. 

Using bait while fishing will make your fishing much more efficient. You will get bites much sooner than if you do not use bait. If you are looking to leveling fishing fast in New World, you want to make sure you always have bait.

There are two types of bait available: Fresh Water Bait or Salt Water Bait. There are many types of bait available for each category that can have special effects on fishing, including increasing the chance of catching rare species of fish.

We answer Where to get bait in New World for fishing below where we break out all types of bait and where they are found.

How To Get Bigger Fish in New World

The following list of fishing bait allow you to get bigger fish in New World while fishing. The size of the fish will determine how much you get out of it when it is salvaged, the bigger the better!

Fishing BaitImageWater TypeChance % Increase for Bigger FishFound In
Electric Eel BaitSalt500%Salvaged from Electric Eels
Snail Bait Salt 300%Salvaged from Snails
Fish BaitSalt150%Crafted with Cooking
Oyster BaitFresh500%Salvaged from Oysters
Clam Bait Fresh 300% Salvaged from Clams
Meat BaitFresh150%Crafted with Cooking

How to Get Better (More Rare) Fish in New World

The following list of fishing bait allow you to get better fish in New World while fishing. When it says “better” it really means increased chance at getting more rare fish that are likely more valuable.

Fishing BaitImageWater TypeChance % Increase for Rarer / Better Fish Found In
Firefly BaitFresh85%Briar Plants & Bulrush Plants
Woodlouse Bait Fresh 70%Bushes
Bread BaitFresh47%Cooking or Provisions
Glowworm BaitSalt85%Collecting Flint During the Night or Dawn
Nightcrawler BaitSalt70%Collecting Flint During the Day or Dusk
Cheese BaitSalt47%Cooking or Provisions

What are Fishing Hot Spots in New World?

Fishing Hotspots are areas in the water in New World that show ripples. It is a very clear circular area that looks like fish are swimming under. Active hotspots will have fish jumping out of the water within these ripple areas. These hot spots increase your chances to catch both bigger and better (more rare), fish.

As you level your fishing skill, you will unlock fishing hotspots around Aeternum. These hot spots come in three types: Broad, Rare, and Secret, each with a different star rating (1, 2, or 3, respectively). Be sure to seek these out and try fishing in these areas when you see the ripples. Don’t forget to bait your lure!

Many of the fishing hotspots are actually hidden as well. Some you will not be able to see any icon on the map, but they do exist. You will need to identify them by eye as you encounter them. As you level up, you will begin seeing more and more hotspots available to you. Upon reaching fishing level 200, you will unlock 3 more as well.

There are many fishing hotspots, so we aren’t going to go over which spots are in every single region. Instead, be sure to use the interactive New World map and toggle the fishing hotspots on under the “fishing” section.

What are the New World Fishing Perks?

All New World fishing perks are listed in the table below. We keep this table up to date with each patch Amazon Games comes out with for the game, so be sure to bookmark this guide to stay up to date!

Adding a perk to your fishing pole will grant unique boosts to a variety of fishing aspects. There are 11 different fishing perks, each with 3 levels of boost.

There are also 2 more fishing perks you can get on your Chest, Helmet, Gloves, Pants, and Shoes. Those 2 will be covered in the table below the fishing pole perk table.

Here is the list of all fishing perks for your fishing pole in New World:

Fishing Pole PerkPerk DescriptionTier ITier IITier III
Daytime ColossusBoost to chance of catching larger fish during the daytime150% 200% 250%
Freshwater ColossusBoost to chance of catching larger fish in freshwater150% 200% 250%
Freshwaters BrawnIncrease Line Strength in freshwater10%15%20%
Lucky DayBoost to chance of catching better (rarer) fish during the daytime 30%50%75%
Lucky NightBoost to chance of catching better (rarer) fish during the nighttime 30%50%75%
Moons ReachIncreased cast distance during nighttime5%10%15%
Nighttime ColossusBoost to chance of catching larger fish during the nighttime 150%200%250%
Saltwater ColossusBoost to chance of catching larger fish in saltwater 150%200%250%
Saltwaters BrawnIncrease Line Strength in saltwater10%15%20%
SturdyIncrease Durability10%20%50%
Suns ReachIncrease Cast Distance during daytime5%10%15%

These following perks to help fishing are able to be applied on the Chest, Helmet, Gloves, Pants, or Shoes. These all exist on the fisherman’s equipment set we cover later in the Complete New World Fishing Guide.

Armor Fishing PerkPerk DescriptionTier ITier IITier III
Lucky WatersIncreased Chance to catch better (rarer) fish.10%15%20%
Fishing Colossus Increased Chance to catch bigger fish. 30%40%50%

Earn Fishing Titles and Achievements

Fishing titles can be earned as you progress through your journey to become the ultimate fishing champion in New World! Below is a list that you can work towards of all fishing titles in New World:

Feeling CrappieWhen fishing, 10 hooked fish get away.
A Reel ExpertCatch 5,000 fish.
Fishing For LifeCatch 10,000 fish.
Heavy Scale ExpertTotal weight of all fish caught reaches 10,000.
Fish WeightlifterTotal weight of all fish caught reaches 20,000.
Fishing MasterReached 200 Fishing Skill

What Gear Can Benefit Fishing In New World?

If you are wondering what gear to get for fishing in New World, there is a fisherman’s gear set you can obtain to give you benefits to fishing. Equipping this set will give you:

  • 60% Increased Chance of Catching Better (Rarer) Fish
  • 200% Increased Chance of Catching Bigger Fish
  • 9% Increase in Casting Distance
  • 100 Focus

If you are looking for the fisherman’s set and where you can get it, see the below table:

SlotNameImageStatPerk 1Perk 2
HeadVengeful Fisherman’s Hood20 Focus+20% Rarer Fish Chance+50% Larger Fish Chance
ChestVengeful Fisherman’s Smock20 Focus+3% Cast Distance+50% Larger Fish Chance
HandsVengeful Fisherman’s Gloves20 Focus+20% Rarer Fish Chance +50% Larger Fish Chance
PantsVengeful Fisherman’s Pants20 Focus+3% Cast Distance+50% Larger Fish Chance
BootsVengeful Fisherman’s Boots20 Focus+3% Cast Distance +20% Rarer Fish Chance

The Vengeful Fisherman’s gear can come from multiple sources. The hood, boots, and gloves, all drop from Elite Ancient Chests /Supply Chests, or Supply Stockpile Chests that are T3+. The chest and pants drop from two open world mini bosses.

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