Diablo II: Resurrected (D2R) Complete Act 1 Guide

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Welcome to our Act 1 Guide for Diablo 2 Resurrected (D2R). Here we will lay out all the questions, tips and tricks to complete Act 1 with ease.

Act I – Rogue Encampment

Act I - Rogue Encampment
Rogue Encampment
  1. Akara – Restores Health And Mana/Removes Status Effects, Sells Potions, Caster Weapons, Town/Identify Scrolls
  2. Charsi – Repairs, Sells Arrows, Armor, Melee/Ranged Weapons
  3. Gheed – Gambling, Sells Melee/Ranged Armor/Weapons
  4. Kashya –  Act 1 Mercenary Recruitment. Revives Current Mercenary
  5. Warriv – Transport To Second Act Upon Andariel Kill
  6. Cain – Identifies Items, Becomes Available After The Search For Cain Quest Is Complete
  • S. Stash Location – This Is Where You Store Items
  • WP. Waypoint Location – This Is Where You Access Your Waypoint

Quests in Act 1

Quests in Act 1
Act 1 Quests

The Den Of Evil (Quest #1)

  • Location – Blood Moor
  • Waypoint – N/A
  • Objective – Clear the Den of all enemies.
  • Rewards – Extra Skill Point, Stat/Skill Point Respec

The Den Of Evil is the first quest you will encounter in Act I. It is located in the Blood Moor zone right outside the Rogue Encampment. Once you are ready to start your adventure, search the Blood Moor and find the cave entrance titled Den Of Evil.

The Den Of Evil Quest Number - 1
The Den of Evil

Once inside, the objective is to fully clear the Den of all enemies.

Once completed, head into town and turn in at Akara(1).

Blood Raven (Quest #2)

  • Location – The Burial Grounds  (Adjacent Cold Plains) 
  • Waypoint – Cold Plains
  • Objective – Kill Blood Raven
  • Rewards- Act 1 Mercenary

The quest to kill Blood Raven is the second quest of Act 1. This quest entails the killing of Blood Raven. After completing the Den of Evil quest, venture back outside of town into the Blood Moor and search the outside walls for the Cold Plains.

Once you enter the Cold Plains be sure to grab the waypoint. After grabbing the waypoint, make your way around the outside of the zone until you find The Burial Grounds(Note – The pathway to Stony Field is also attached to the Cold Plains but is not the path you want to take yet).

Blood Raven is an archer found inside the fence of The Burial Grounds. Blood Raven summons zombie minions as well as shoots poison arrows. Antidote potions as well as health potions recommended. 

Blood Raven

Once Blood Raven has been killed, head back to town and speak with Kashya(4) for your reward.

The Search For Cain (Quest #3)

  • Location – Stony Fields,Dark Woods,Tristram
  • Waypoint – Stony Fields, Dark Woods
  • Objective – Free Cain
  • Rewards – Rare Ring/Cain Will Identify Items For Free

The Search For Cain is the third quest of Act 1. It is given by Akara(1) and is quite a long quest.

The quest entails getting the scroll from The Tree of Inifuss and bringing it to Akara(1) to be translated and used at the Cairn Stones to enter Tristram and free Cain.

Once you have killed Blood Raven and finished quest 2, return to the Cold Plains and look for the entrance to The Stony Field. Once you are in Stony Fields, Search the zone for the waypoint and the Cairn Stones.

The Search For Cain (Quest #3)

 Be careful approaching these stones as Rakanishu is always there and has a lightning aura when attacked. 


Keep this location in your mind as you search the Stony Field for the entrance to the Underground Passage. This entrance is usually on the outside of the map but can sometimes spawn somewhere within the fields. Upon entering the Underground Passage you will be looking for an exit called The Dark Wood. 

the dark wood
The Dark Wood

There is an Underground Passage 2 but that area just has a golden chest for some loot within it. Once you find the Dark Woods exit, you will be searching the area for the Tree of Inifuss. 

Tree of Inifuss

The tree is guarded by a powerful group of brutes lead by Treehead Woodfist and he has extra strong on his attacks and he is Extra Fast so be careful. 

Treehead Woodfist

If you cannot kill him, Kite him away until you can circle around and click on the Tree and get the Scroll that drops.

Scroll of Inifuss

 While in this zone there is a waypoint, be sure to grab it. Once you get the Scroll of Inifuss and the waypoint, return to Akara(1) in the Rogue Encampment to have her decipher the scroll. 

Key to Cairn Stones

Once completed, return to the Stony Fields to the Cairn Stones and use the scroll. Once used, the scroll will tell you the correct order in which to click the stones(Note – you don’t have to click the scroll if you don’t want, you can just spam click the stones and it will light up.) 

Scroll of Inifuss
Scroll of Inifuss

After clicking the correct stones a portal to Tristram will spawn. 


Upon entering you will be ported to the Diablo 1 starting town of Tristram. In the center of the town will be Cain hanging in a cage. 

Cain's Gibbet
Cain’s Gibbet

Click the cage to free him and he will automatically return to town. Feel free to clear out the area as there are a lot of unique monsters for good xp. After freeing Cain, return to the Rogue Encampment and talk to Cain(6) and to Akara(1) to receive your rewards.

The Forgotten Tower (Quest #4)

  • Location – Black Marsh.
  • Waypoint – Black Marsh
  • Objective – Kill The Countess. 
  • Rewards – Chest Inside The Tower For Gold, Low level runes from Countess Death

The Forgotten Tower is the Fourth quest in Act 1. It is started by reading The Moldy Tome within the Stony Field (Note – It is not required to read the book to do the quest). 

Moldy Tomb

After rescuing Cain, return to the Dark Woods and search the outside for the Black Marsh. Within the Black marsh there will be the Forgotten Tower. 

The Forgotten Tower
The Forgotten Tower

It is recommended that you find the waypoint for the Black Marsh before venturing inside as the Forgotten Tower is five floors and no fast way out. After acquiring the waypoint, venture forth into the tower. 

Once you enter the tower, work your way down through the tower floors until you reach floor number five. On this floor The Countess and her minions will be in one of the main rooms. The Countess has a fire enchanted attack and spawns fire walls on the ground.

The Countess
The Countess

Once killed, she will drop runes and the chest in her room will open up spewing gold. Once the gold has been collected, return to Town and talk to the townspeople for some story. 

(Note – It is useful to farm the countess a few times for some starter runes for low level runewords)

Tools Of The Trade (Quest #5)

  • Location – Monastery Barracks.
  • Waypoint – Outer Cloister
  • Objective – Retrieve The Horadric Malus.
  • Rewards – Charsi Will Imbue An Item(Note – Item must be a regular white item without sockets)

The Tools of the Trade is the fifth quest of Act I. This quest is started at Charsi(2) where she will request that you retrieve the Horaderic Malus from the Monastery. After completing the Fourth quest, Use the waypoint area to return to the Black Marsh and search around the outside for the Tamoe Highlands. Inside the highlands there will be an entrance into the monastery. 

Closed Door
Closed Door

Upon entering the monastery you will move into a zone called the Outer Cloister that has a waypoint in the center. Once you have the waypoint, search around the outer doors for the entrance into the Barracks. Make your way through the barracks looking for the Malus which is guarded by The Smith. 

The Smith
The Smith

The Smith has a decent amount of health and can hit hard so be prepared. If you cannot kill him you can kite him as you did Woodfist. In his room is a clickable anvil that will drop the malus.

Horadric Malus
Horadric Malus
Horadric Malus
Horadric Malus

 Return to Charsi(2) in town to claim your reward.

Sisters to the Slaughter (Quest #6)

  • Location – Catacombs Level Four.
  • Waypoint – Jail level 1, Inner Cloister, Catacombs level 2
  • Objective – Kill Andariel. 
  • Rewards – Completion of Act I and the Ability to move on to Act II.

Sisters to the Slaughter is the sixth and final quest in Act I. It involves the killing of Andariel, one of the lesser prime evils. Once you have returned the Malus to Charsi(2), Use the waypoint area to return to the Outer Cloister and reenter the Barracks. Search the inside of the barracks for a way down to Jail Level 1.

Jail Level 1
Jail Level 1

Continue through the levels of the jail picking up the waypoint on floor 1. Once you reach floor level 3, search for an exit labeled Inner Cloister

Inner Cloister
Inner Cloister

Once in the Inner Cloister, get the waypoint in the center and search for the entrance into the Cathedral. As you make your way into the Cathedral, stay against the left or right side and look for the entrance to Catacombs Level 1

Catacombs Level 1
Catacombs Level 1

The unique skeleton mage Bone Ash will be around inside the Cathedral so feel free to kill him before heading down.

Bone Ash

Once inside the Catacombs work your way down to level number 4 while making sure to grab the waypoint on level 2. Once at Catacombs level 4 there are only 3 rooms.

Clear out the first and second room and you should see a big door leading to the third.

Inside this room is Andariel and her minions. It is recommended to put down a town portal near the entrance stairs before attempting to fight Andariel.

Andariel’s abilities include a poison frontal cone, a poison melee attack, and singular long range poison bolt. Be sure to stock up on potions and maybe a few antidotes before engaging. 


Once she dies, she will proceed to burn up and a portal will open back to town. Talk to the townsfolk if you want some lore and then talk to Warriv(5) and travel East.

Congratulations you have beaten the first act and are on your way to the second. Lut Gholein

Some notable farming areas in Act 1 are as follows:

  • Andariel for decent loot.
  • Tristram for good xp up until level 15.
  • The pit in the Tamoe Highlands.
  • The Countess in the forgotten tower in the Black Marsh for early game runes.

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