Pokemon Unite: Held Items Tier List

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The best Held Items in Pokemon Unite can turn the tide of battle and give you a much-needed advantage. If you’re looking to compete in Ranked matches or elevate your own play, you’ll need to stay on top of the current Held Items meta. The November 2022 patch has buffed and nerfed a number of fan favourite items.

We’ve determined this list based on a number of factors. To find the best Held Item in Pokemon Unite, our ranking is based on how effective the stat adjustments are, the impact they have on the current metagame, how useful it is for Pokemon of all categories, and their overall effect in high-level scenarios and play.

S-Tier Held Items in Pokemon Unite

Buddy Barrier

  • The Buddy Barrier ranks high on this list thanks to its amazing HP restoration for users and allies alike. This defensive Held Item also shields the user and low-HP allies whenever you unleash your Unite Move.

Focus Band

  • The Focus Band boosts your Defense and Special Defense, as well as your HP whenever it dips too low. If you’re playing an All-Rounder like Azumarill or Garchomp, this Held Item is a must-have.

Wise Glasses

  • Wise Glasses have been OP since the game’s launch, and they remain in S-tier over a year later. They boost your Special Attack damage output, which can be useful for ranged special attackers like Sylveon.

Scope Lens

  • At the time of writing, Scope Lens is the only item in the game that boosts both your Critical Rate and Critical Damage. It’s the go-to Held Item for physical Attackers and Speedsters, like Talonflame or Zeraora, who rely heavily on burst damage.

Muscle Band

  • If you’re looking for a boost to your Attack and Attack Speed, the Muscle Band is perfect for you. It’s great for taking down Defenders like Snorlax because it calculates additional damage based on the target’s current HP.

Weakness Policy

  • The classic Held Item for All-Rounders, Physical and Melee Pokemon. It provides the wearer extra HP for survivability and boosts your Attack every time the opponents hit you.
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A-Tier Held Items

Score Shield

  • The Score Shield is a must-have for Pokemon built around scoring goals, like the newly release Sableye. It reduces the amount of time you spend scoring, which can prove very useful in late-game scoring frenzies. Unfortunately, it received a pretty substantial nerf in the update, making it easier to be interrupted by opponents

Attack Weight

  • This unique item boosts your Attack Damage every time you score a goal. Physical Attack Speedsters like Talonflame should make use of this Held Item.

Assault Vest

  • The Assault Vest is a defensive Held Item that gives the wearer a shield against Special Attacks. It also improves your Sp. Def and HP stats.

Energy Amplifier

  • Energy Amplifier is a Held Item which increases damage after the Pokemon uses its Unite Move. It also reduces Cooldown periods, making it great for Pokemon like Azumarill and Espeon that learn their Unite Move at level 8 to snowball the enemy team.

Razor Claw

  • The Razor Claw boosts your Attack and Critical Hit Rate. The higher the Pokemon’s Attack, the more this damage increases. Melee Pokemon also enjoy the added perk of decreasing enemies’ movement speed for a short time.

Choice Specs

  • Choice Specs is a decent Special Attack booster that gives additional damage to every move you deal to an enemy. Unfortunately, it just can’t stand up against the more consistent Wise Glasses.
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B-Tier Held Items

Exp. Share

  • The EXP share is a decent choice for Supports like Blissey if they take a lane. If you have the fewest Exp. Points on your team, you’ll slowly accumulate points. It also helps your teammates nearby gain slightly more Exp. Points.

Sp. Atk. Specs

  • A Pokemon wearing these will see its Special Attack boosted after it scores a goal. This Held Item is great for 6-stack Attackers like Mr. Mime and Glaceon. It scales Special Damage into the later stages of a match, but can’t hold a candle to the consistent Sp. Attack boost of Wise Glasses.

Float Stone

  • The Float Stone increases your movement speed. This is particularly useful in negating negative Emblem stat adjustments, and for the mobile playstyles favoured by Dodrio and Zoroark. Whilst you could equip an X Speed for short bursts, this item certainly has its niche.

Shell Bell

  • If you play as a Special Attacker, this item has its perks. It boosts your Cooldown Reduction and Special Attack, as well as restoring HP when you hit targets with Special Damage moves. However, its healing effect has a 10-second cooldown time after every successful move hit., and activates even if your HP is full.
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C-Tier Held Items

leftovers in Pokemon Unite

Rocky Helmet

  • Rocky Helmet allows you to counter damage and inflict it back on the opponent. However, it needs a burst amount of damage to activate, which isn’t useful in a meta that focuses on graduate DoT (damage over time).

Aeos Cookie

  • The Aeos Cookie heals you every time you score a goal. Unfortunately, most scor-based strategies utilise Speedsters, who can’t take enough hits for this Held Item to be much use.


  • Leftovers is… Well, it’s Leftovers! An iconic Held Item in the Pokemon franchise, but doesn’t really change the game in Pokemon Unite. It provides passive HP regeneration when out of combat, but there are more efficient alternatives to choose from.

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