How To Get Aeos Gems In Pokemon Unite

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Best way to get aeos gems

Aeos Gems are just one of many in-game currencies in the popular MOBA Pokemon Unite. With this premium currency, you can purchase a variety of helpful items and cosmetics. This guide includes gem prices, how to get Aeos Gems, what you can buy, and more.

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How To Get Aeos Gems

Aeos gems in emporium

At the time of writing, the only way to get Aeos Gems is to purchase them using real-life money from the purchase menu. You cannot currently farm Aeos Gems or obtain them for free. The prices are as follows:

60 (+60 for first-time purchases)
$0.99 / £0.99

245 (+245 for first time-purchase)
$3.99 / £3.99

490 (+490 for first-time purchase)
$7.99 / £7.99

1,220 (+1,220 for first-time purchase)
$19.99 / £19.99

2,450 (+290 bonus)
$39.99 / £38.99

3,050 (+290 bonus)
$49.99 / £48.99

6,000 (+1,100 bonus)
$99.99 / £99.99

Whilst that may not be what you wanted to hear, it’s not all bad news. You can get a first-time purchase bonus for some of the different amounts, which doubles the amount of Aeos Gems you get.

What Can You Buy?

Holowear costing aeos gems

Aeos Gems can be a quick way of purchasing helpful items or Unite Licences so you can play as different Pokemon. They can also be used to purchase Holowear for your Pokemon from the Zirco Trading Shops. These skins have no gameplay advantages, but you do get a smug sense of satisfaction from seeing your precious Pokemon partner dripped out on the loading screen. On the other hand, if I ever see a Pirate Style Cinderace or Space Style Gengar on the opposite team, I’m shaking in my boots.

You can also purchase the Seasons Battle Pass. Whilst everyone can get rewards from the Seasons Battle Pass, unlocking the Premium Battle Pass gives you better rewards and more missions. This costs 490 Aeos Gems, an in-game currency that will cost you about £7.99. You could also splash the cash and go for the Premium Battle Pass Plus, costing 840 Aeos Gems. This gives you ten free Battle Pass level-ups when purchased.

Finally, and perhaps the most controversial, you can purchase helpful items in the shop to turn the tides of battle. These include a Battle Point Booster, which awards twice the battle points at the end of a match, and an Aeos Coin Booster, doubling the amount of Aeos Coins you receive at the end of a match.