Pokemon Unite Sableye: Best Build 2022

Sableye, more like Sablespy, am I right?
Sableye against a blue island background

The best build for Sableye in Pokemon Unite is one that turns this frail Supporter into a stealthy scoring superstar. With its completely unique (and quite frankly, at the time of writing, busted) abilities, Sableye is bound to turn this popular MOBA on its head, just as Hoopa did once before it. Keep reading to learn more about what the best Sableye build is for Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite Sableye Best Build: Moveset and Playstyle

Have you ever played a game where the opponents rush your goals in the first minute? Blink once, and they’re stealing your farm and pressuring you to retreat with that hefty boost to EXP. Good news! Sableye is perfect for countering this playstyle. It has access to a stealth mechanic, which allows the player to turn invisible after 5 seconds when not under attack.

The first move Sableye should learn is the dash move Thief. This move steals Aeos Energy from opponents and adds it to your counter. Next, you’ll learn Astonish. This is a fairly simple Special Attack move that deals additional damage if it lands from behind.

The first of your final moves can be learned at Level 4. As Sableye is still fairly new to the game, the meta is continuously evolving (hah). However, at the time of writing, the current meta suggests the best Sableye build is the Shadow Sneak / Feint Attack combination.

The What Now?

Sableye best build

Shadow Sneak allows you to enter stealth on command, whilst increasing your movement speed and gradually restoring your health. Whilst active, your next boosted basic attack will deal more damage.

Feint Attack is another iconic move Sableye has in its back pocket. Sableye will spew fake Aeos Energy on the ground, with the only giveaway being its purple glow. It might look obvious they’re fake in pictures, but in the heat of the battle, it’s easy to stumble into them without thinking. If these fakes are picked up, they’ll deal damage over time (DOT). If your opponents are KO’d from this DOT, they’ll drop more Aeos Energy. Who needs an amulet coin?

If that didn’t sound broken enough, just wait until you hear about its Unite Move. Sableye will shoot light from both of its eyes, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in an area of effect (AoE) in front of itself. Pokemon struck by this move will be sent back to base after a short time. Rayquaza fights just got a lot more tactical.

Pokemon Unite Boost Emblems Loadout

For the best Sableye build, you should look to load up on 6 White Emblems for extra HP, and 3 Yellow Emblems for +4% movement speed when out of combat. You then have an extra slot to boost the Defence, Speed, or Critical-Hit ratio.

How Should I Play?

Sableye best build

Looking to team up with your pals and avoid the dreaded Pokemon Unite solo-q? Defenders and Healers will be your best friends if you want to play Sableye. Snorlax is a good choice for extra immobilisation and tanking hits whilst you sneak by. Alternatively, Blissey can keep you in the game longer with its HP-restoration moves. It’s recommended to take the bot lane due to its high EXP yield.

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Pokemon Unite Sableye Best Build: Items

The key objective for this Supporter is to activate Shadow Sneak and score goals quickly. If you follow this guide, the best Item to hold is a Goal-Getter, which will reduce your scoring time and allow you extra time to melt away into the shadows.

In terms of Held Items, you should look to max out the Razor Claw, the Float Stone, and Leftovers. The Razor Claw will boost your critical hit rate, especially useful when facing down enemies in the early game. The Float Stone will increase your movement speed, allowing for good manoeuvrability around the map. Finally, Leftovers are a great choice for HP restoration, making it a decent durability and survivability item.

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