5 Best Games Like Pokemon

There are many games like Pokémon out there, but only some of them have an immense amount of quality. Here are five of the best.
Best Games Like Pokemon
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The Pokemon series is one of the most popular properties on the planet with beloved monsters like Pikachu, Charmander, and many others beloved by many. However, there may be some room in your heart for other cute creatures from different games. Here are the five best games like Pokemon if you’re looking for something to distract you until Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release.

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Coromon Games Like Pokemon
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Firstly, Coromon is an indie project that takes us back to the original 2D games from the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance eras. It has unique creature designs, an interesting world to explore, and an engaging story to follow. Coromon even has a built-in Nuzlocke mode that makes this playstyle feel more natural. There’s even an option to make your playthrough easier if you want a more chill experience. It’s fairly cheap too in comparison to each new Pokemon title. The game’s available on Switch, PC, and Android.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

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One of the best JRPGs from the PS3 era was brought over to the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and just recently, Xbox One with a remastered edition. This game features combat with creatures called familiars. You collect them, train them up, and go on an epic fantasy RPG adventure with them. Just like the Pokemon series, it’s fun to level them up and see them grow. The art style is absolutely gorgeous as it’s created hand-in-hand with Studio Ghibli. Yes, that’s the studio that made the movies Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Laputa: Castle in the Sky, among many other classics. Ni No Kuni is one of the games like Pokemon that shouldn’t be missed. You can also check out the sequel, which is more of an action RPG. This is one of, if not, the best games like Pokemon.

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Nexomon Extinction

Nexomon Extinction Monsters
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Similarly to Coromon, Nexomon: Extinction takes the premise of the 2D Pokemon games and brings them to a modern audience. It has a darker storyline underneath it as you explore the world and the creatures look epic among a colourful art style. The game has received over 2,000 Steam reviews with an overall Very Positive rating. There are also a staggering 381 Nexomon to find in the game, which is impressive for an indie project like this. If you’re looking for more of a challenge than the recent Pokemon games, Nexomon: Extinction might be for you too.

Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal Games Like Pokemon
Image via Atlus

Persona 5 Royal is not just one of the best games like Pokemon; it is quite possibly one of the greatest RPGs ever made. As you proceed through the game, you collect shadows that can help you in battle. They each offer a different suite of abilities like spells and attacks to utilize in tough fights. As you gain experience, they will too, acquiring more strength and abilities as you go. You can also fuse them together to make completely new shadows, so don’t get attached to one.

If that’s not enough, Persona 5 Royal has an incredible, mature story that feels so relevant today with the rise of social media and its impacts on the world. Each character in the party is also relatable, and you’ll get to know more about their fascinating stories as you increase your social link with them. If you haven’t already, you must play Persona 5 Royal. It’s easily the best game on this list, and you’ll get over 100 hours of playtime with it.


A luma Tateru, which has the highest base stat total on the Temtem tier list.
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Many Pokemon fans have dreamed of an MMO based on the property, and Temtem is the closest you’ll get to that. The world is charming with bright visuals, cool creature designs, and a challenging battle system that will make even the most hardened Pokemon player scared.

You can play co-op with friends in key gym battles and of course trade your Temtem with others. The storyline is intriguing, but a lot of it is played out through text boxes rather than speech. There’s also a lack of cutscenes, which diminishes the quality of the game somewhat. On the other hand, Temtem also features side missions and house customization, which is unheard of in this genre of games. If you’re down for an excellent monster-taming game like Pokemon, you’ll have a great time. Temtem is also very popular on Steam with almost 30,000 reviewers saying it’s a Very Positive experience overall. Just beware that there’s a battle pass attached to this almost fully priced game.

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