Pokemon GO Community Day: Litwick (October 2022)

pokemon go community day october 2022

A Pokemon GO Community Day is a monthly event that’s not only great for massive amounts of extra XP, Candy, and other reward bonuses, but to also catch tons of a featured Pokemon – including its shiny version! So, let’s get into all of the bonuses you can get during the Pokemon GO Community Day October 2022 and the month’s Pokemon in the spotlight, Litwick.

Pokemon GO Community Day October 2022: Dates and Times

The October Pokemon GO Community Day will be taking place on Saturday, October 15th, 2022. The featured Pokemon, Litwick, will appear more frequently in the wild between 2pm and 5pm local time.

The Pokemon GO website has also the dates for the two upcoming Community Days in November, although additional details are yet to be provided:

  • Community Day Classic: Saturday, November 5, 2022
  • November Community Day: Saturday, November 12, 2022
pokemon go community day october 2022

Litwick, the 5th generation Ghost/Fire type classified as the Candle Pokemon, will appear more frequently in the wild. This includes the improved chance to encounter a shiny version during the Pokemon GO Community Day October 2022.

Litwick will be available to catch on the Pokemon GO Community Day from 2pm to 5pm local time. If you evolve Litwick all the way into Chandelure before 10pm on the same day, your new Chandelure will also know the featured Charged Attack, Polergeist. A Ghost type move, Polergeist boasts 140 power in Trainer Battles along with Gyms and raids.

Pokemon GO Community Day (October 2022): Event Bonuses

pokemon go community day october 2022 bonuses

As with each Pokemon GO Community Day, October’s comes with a variety of bonuses for those who play during the event. All of the following bonuses will be available between 2pm and 10pm local time:

  • 3x XP when catching Pokemon
  • 2x Candy when catching Pokemon
  • 2x chance for trainers to get XL Candy when catching Pokemon (must be level 31 and up)
  • Lure Modules will last for three hours during the event
  • Incense will last for three hours during the event
  • Taking snapshots during the Pokemon Community Day will unlock a surprise
  • You can conduct one additional Special Trade (maximum of two for the day)
  • 50% less Stardust will be needed for Trades

There is also an additional paid bonus for the Litwick Pokemon GO Community Day. If you pay $1.00 (or your local currency equivalent) to purchase a ticket at the in-game shop, you’ll get access to the Community Day Special Research story – Field Notes: Tricks of the Light.

Pokemon GO Community Day (October 2022): Bonus Raid Battles

pokemon go community day lampent

During the October Pokemon GO Community Day between 5pm and 10pm local time, Trainers will be allowed to challenge featured four-star raid battles starring Lampent (Litwick’s first evolution). If you win one of these raids, more Litwick will appear around that gym for the next 30 minutes within a 300-metre radius, with the chance to encounter a Shiny Litwick! These Litwick have the same chance of being a Shiny as in the preceding three-hour event. So, this can be a chance for you to get a Shiny Litwick if you missed out!

Please keep in mind that these raids can only be joined via Raid Passes and Premium Battle Passes. You can not join these raids using Remote Battle Passes.

Pokemon GO Community Day 2022 Archives

Have you missed out on any of the past Pokemon GO Community Day events? Want one of the past Shiny versions or one of the exclusive moves that come with them? Not to worry, because each year, the Pokemon GO December Community Day features all of the Pokemon from the previous eleven Community Days of that year! So, check the list below and see if the past Pokemon you’re after is among any of those due to appear this December.

  • January 2022: Bulbasaur (Frenzy Plant)
  • January 2022: Spheal (Powder Snow and Icicle Spear)
  • February 2022: Hoppip (Acrobatics)
  • March 2022: Sandshrew and Alolan Sandshrew (Night Slash and Shadow Claw)
  • April 2022: Mudkip (Hydro Cannon)
  • April 2022: Stufful (Drain Punch)
  • May 2022: Alolan Geodude (Rollout)
  • June 2022: Deino (Brutal Swing)
  • July 2022: Starly (Gust)
  • August 2022: Galarian Zigzagoon (Obstruct)
  • September 2022: Roggenrola (Meteor Beam)

That’s everything you need to know on the Pokemon GO Community Day for Litwick during October 2022! Why not also brush up on our guides for some of the other essential tips in the game – like our Celesteela Pokemon GO Raid Guide, the best Aggron Moveset, or the best Eevee Evolutions.

For more Pokemon guides, you can be sure to find them right here at The Games Cabin.

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