50 More New World Tips & Facts You Need To Know

50 tips new world


Last week, I posted 108 Tips and Tricks for New World. This was put into a reddit post, and everyone seemed to really love it.

As a follow-up, here are 50 more tips and facts for New World that were not covered in Fusion Thunder’s original video that the 108 Tips post was based on.

#1-20 – Gathering New World Tips

  1. To obtain rare resources from gathering professions, you will need luck. Without luck rating, you will not be able to obtain them. This post explains luck and the sources you can get luck from.
Fae Iron New World
  1. When you first start in New World, quickly collect about 30 green wood from bushes and 10 flint from the ground. You can craft your first gathering tools right at the campfire where you start.
Gather Bushes for Green Wood
  1. You can use a Common Material Converter, purchased at the faction shop, to convert one type of resource you’ve gathered to another. This has the potential to make you huge amounts of gold by purchasing cheap resources and converting them to the more expensive resources early on, before the market is settled in.
common material converter
Common Material Converter
  1. You can put trophies in your house which increase your luck rating for gathering professions. Logging Trophies, Mining Trophies, Skinning Trophies, Harvesting Trophies. There are also combat, crafting, and loot luck trophies in New World.
cooking trophy
Cooking Trophy
  1. You can also consume food from cooking that will increase your luck for a given period of time. Here is a list for each profession on the meals you can cook to increase luck: Harvesting Food, Mining Food, Skinning Food, Logging Food
potatoes new world
Herb-Roasted Potatos
  1. Using charms when crafting gathering tools or amulets can increase your yield, luck, or amount of experience earned while gathering. Mining Charms, Logging Charms, Skinning Charms, Harvesting Charms.
startmetal miners charm
Starmetal Miner’s Charm
  1. Each upgrade of gathering tools significantly increases your gathering speed. Try to upgrade these as soon as possible to make the most of your gathering time. To see all the gathering tools for each profession and how to make them, follow: Mining Axes, Harvesting Sickles, Skinning Knives, Logging Axes, Fishing Poles
fishing pole new world
Fishing Pole Tier 5
  1. Each gathering profession has an equipment set that will increase luck while performing that profession. These sets not only give some stats, they also give a significant amount of luck. For the most part, they are just monster drops or out of chests. These are the equipment sets for each gathering profession: Harvesting Set, Mining Set, Fishing Set, Logging Set, Skinning Set
skinning set new world
Skinning Luck Set
  1. Gathering nodes have static spawn points all around New World. You can see them all with the Interactive New World Map
new world interactive map
New World Interactive Map
  1. Gathering nodes all have different ranges of respawn timers. For example:
    1. A Small Iron Vein takes 8m 23s to 12m to respawn
    2. A Medium Iron Vein takes 10m 30s to 15m to respawn
    3. A Large Iron Vein takes 11m 54s to 17m to respawn
large iron vein new world
Large Iron Vein New World
  1. Each tier higher you go in resource gathering, the longer it takes to gather the resource. This is why it is so important to keep your gathering tools upgraded! The gathering speed of these tools per tier is:
    1. Tier 1: 100%
    2. Tier 2: 125%
    3. Tier 3: 250%
    4. Tier 4: 400%
    5. Tier 5: 625%
starmetal skinning knife
Starmetal Skinning Knife
  1. You can also speed up your gathering speed in a specific region by choosing the “Increase Gathering Speed” territory standing card when you are in a region you expect to gather a lot in.
gather speed card new world
Gather Speed Card
  1. There are specific perks you can add when crafting bags that will decrease the weight of your gathering items in your inventory by 5% to 10% depending on the gearscore of the bag.
vial of azoth oil
Vial of Azoth Oil
  1. You can utilize New World Database (NWDB.info) to see what all the possible drops are from each gathering node, for example, Fronded Petalcap.
  1. Fishing in deeper water tends to make the fish bite quicker than shallow water.
Fishing in New World
  1. The farther you cast your fishing rod, the more slack you generally have on the line, making it easier to reel in without snapping.
fishing line tension new world
Line Tension While Fishing
  1. Some fishing poles actually have a greater max casting distance than others.
fishing pole stats new world
Some Fishing Pole Stats in New world
  1. Higher level fishing poles recover tension faster than low tier fishing poles. This will make it more efficient to reel in those whoppers!
  1. The tier 5 fishing poles with special attributes are dropped by specific elite monsters in New World.
fishing poles new world
Fishing Pole New World
  1. Firefly bait is SUPER easy to obtain, and its one of the best baits for freshwater. Go into Bulrushes around any body of water, there are plenty everywhere in New World. Gathering Bulrushes have a chance to give firefly bait. This bait will increase your chances to get more rare fish by 85% while fishing in fresh water.
firefly bait new world
Firefly Bait New World

#21-30 – New World Beginner Combat Tips

  1. Make sure you are leveling both your weapons up. Having two weapons leveled with skills unlocked will be much more useful than focusing on only one type of weapon and leveling it higher.
  1. You can utilize all 6 of your ability cooldowns. If you use your 3 cooldowns for one of your weapons, you can swap to your second weapon and also use those abilities. Make sure you already turned on “Always Show Weapons” in the settings; this was #78 on the first 108 New World Tips list.
weapons ui new world
  1. Make sure you watch your weight threshold when equipping new armor. You should have a gameplay style in mind for what you enjoy. If that means you like dodge-rolling around, you will need to be in light armor, as mentioned in the first tips list as well.
A Guide to New World Armor types | WePC
  1. Each armor weight threshold will give you a different buff.
    1. Light Armor allows you to roll when you dodge, and you will gain a 20% damage increase
    2. Medium Armor turns your dodge into more of a hop. You deal 10% more damage and healing, and crowd control effects you apply last 10% longer
    3. Heavy Armor turns your dodge into a slow sidestep. Your blocking stability is increased 15%, and crowd control effects you apply last 20% longer
  2. Armor and Weapon items come in 5 tiers. Each tier has a basic minimum level requirement. They are:
    1. Tier 2: Level 1-19
    2. Tier 3: Level 20-39
    3. Tier 4: Level 40-59
    4. Tier 5: Level 60
  3. There are five armor rarities in New World, each with a different color associated with them
    1. Common – Grey
    2. Uncommon – Green
    3. Rare – Blue
    4. Epic – Purple
    5. Legendary – Gold
legendary hammer new world
Legendary Hammer
  1. Your gear can break, especially if you are dying a lot. Keep an eye on your gear on the inventory screen. It will have a bar below each item that indicates how much durability is left. You may notice this the most on your gathering tools as they need to be repaired often.
broken hat new world
Broken Hat
  1. Make sure you keep your sound on, especially if you have PvP toggled on. Often times you can hear enemies in the distance fighting, casting fire balls, or even chopping trees. This will warn you of nearby players and potentially give you the upper hand.
fireball new world magic
Fighting & Magic
  1. If you are a tank, (or anyone else if you really feel like it…) you can carry Stalwart Potions. These will increase your blocking absorption by a range of 10%-20% for a period of time.
Stalwart Potion New World
Stalwart Potion
  1. The colors of the damage values when you strike and enemy actually mean something.
    1. Orange: Critical Hit – You can achieve this from behind your opponent or with a headshot. Each type has a different damage modifier.
    2. Blue: Reduced Damage – This means your enemy is resistant to the type of damage you are dealing.
    3. Yellow: Increase Damage – This means your enemy is weak to the type of damage you are dealing.
    4. White: Normal – This is the normal amount of damage with no modifiers.
critical hit new world
Critical Hit

#31-50 Other New World Tips & Facts

  1. To unlock Fast Travel Shrines, you need to actually find them first. You must walk up to each shrine in New World before it will be unlocked as a fast travel point.
Fast Travel Shrine New World
Fast Travel Shrine
  1. Make sure you utilize your Inn Recall instead of just fast travelling all the time. You can also use your house recall as mentioned in the previous Top Tips list!
inn recall new world
Inn Recall
  1. You will unlock the ability to choose a faction at level 10 as long as you are far enough in the main story line. Continue through main story quests until you reach this point. You will be able to choose from The Syndicate, The Marauders, or The Covenant.
factions new world covenant syndicate marauder
Factions in New World
  1. Make sure you are utilizing the town project board quests! These quests can give great experience and also some gold, and can also be extremely quick to turn in, especially if you have been hoarding resources!
town project board guide new world
Town Project Board Guide
  1. There are no mounts in New World and currently no plans announced to introduce them. Enjoy your time in the beautiful world of Aeternum! Though running long distances may seem tedious, this is a great time to make sure you gather all the resources you see on your way to your destination (other than every tree and boulder you see, of course).
  2. You can split a stack of an item using the Control+Left Click feature. This is used if you want to discard a portion of an item, but not all of it.
How To Split Stacks in New world
Split Stack
  1. While you are leveling in the early game, get Harvesting to at least 30 so you can harvest some Fronded Petalcap. You will need it for a main story quest down the road. You can find them and what they are used for here.
fronded petalcap new world
Fronded Petalcap
  1. The only way to get milk in New World is either Provision Crates or Cows. There are cows in many settlements that you can milk. There is a 60 minute cooldown on milking each cow. Make sure when you are in these settlements, you always milk them! Milk is very useful, especially for making butter which is a main ingredient in many cooking recipes for gathering luck buffs.
milk cow new world
Milk Cows
  1. You unlock a 2nd bag slot at level 30, and a 3rd bag slot as level 45. So make sure you are ready to make more bags for yourself to carry more weight in your inventory! These will likely also be big money makers at launch.
bags new world
  1. You can own up to 3 houses. Try to spread these out amongst three different regions you frequent. The ability to purchase these will come at level 15, 35, and 55.
housing new world
Housing New World
  1. There are no PvP or PvE servers. To engage in PvP you must activate or deactivate PvP combat while in a settlement or at a fast travel shrine.
pvp new world
New World PvP
  1. If you have completed a PvP faction mission but you die before you are able to turn it in, you will fail the mission. You must survive before, throughout, and after you complete the mission, all the way until when you turn it in at your faction rep in town.
covenant new world info
Covenant New World
  1. Controlling a territory’s fort provides the entire faction with a 5% increased experience gain and 20% increased influence gain in that territory. It also provides a unique global buff to the controlling faction, depending on the territory:
    1. First Light: Reduces fast travel weight costs from 5 azoth per 10 weight down to 1 azoth per 10 weight for controlling faction.
    2. Monarchs Bluff: Reduces fast travel distance costs from 5 azoth per 100 meters down to 1 azoth per 100 meters for controlling faction.
    3. Windsward: Increases volume of items gained when gathering by 5% for controlling faction.
    4. Everfall: Reduces trading taxes by 5% for controlling faction.
    5. Brightwood: Reduces housing taxes by 5% for controlling faction.
    6. Cutlass Keys: Reduces base Azoth cost of fast travel by 50% for controlling faction.
    7. Weavers Fen: Increases coin, experience, territory standing and faction token rewards from Faction Missions by 5% for controlling faction.
    8. Restless Shore: Increases coins, experience, and faction token rewards from Corrupted Breaches by 5% for the controlling faction.
    9. Mourningdale: Increases coin and experience rewards from Expeditions by 5% for controlling faction.
    10. Ebonscale Reach: Reduces refining taxes by 5% for controlling faction.
    11. Reekwater: Reduces crafting taxes by 5% for controlling faction.
new world marauders info
Marauders New World
  1. Make sure you take advantage and play in regions where your faction controls when you can. If your faction controls the region you are in, you will gain:
    1. 10% increased gathering and +50 Luck.
    2. 70% fast travel discount
    3. 30% reduced taxes
    4. 20% reduced housing purchase costs.
syndicate new world info
Syndicate New World
  1. Each home in each settlement will be able to be purchased by players. If you have the highest home style rating, other players will see your decorations and be able to inspect and see your house. You can gain home rating by decorating your home nicely. There is a top home ratings list for each house that you can view when standing at the house in-game. This list shows the owners of the house and the value of their home rating.
new world homes
Homes in New World
  1. If you want to participate in sieges (the 50 vs 50 battles to gain control over a region), you should try to get into and involved in a good company. These typically are initiated and defended by one company on each side and use a sign-up process. Usually these companies will choose players from their own company, and fill any left over spots with players who sign up.
New World Sieges
New World Sieges
  1. If you utilize the 120 day cooldown and change factions, you will lose all of your faction rank and faction tokens.
  2. There are some fantastic Infographics available on Reddit that have been shared by generous posters, here are some. Reminder these are as of Open Beta Patch:
    1. Beautiful Weapon Infographics by EdgyButterMaker
    2. Matsume1’s excellent Gathering Infographics
    3. glalka12345’s Weapon Perks
    4. Putris’s Gem Infographic
Great Axe Info – EdgyButterMaker
  1. You will be able to download New World early on September 27th at 3PM UTC / 11AM EDT! Make sure you download it on this day, before September 28th, so you are ready to go for launch.
  2. This game is excellent for all types of players. Don’t feel pressured to power level fast, to upgrade every skill, to learn every tip and fact (see what I did there?). Play and learn about this game to your level of interest. Everyone will play this differently and that’s the way it’s meant to be played.
    1. Level as fast as you can and try to win that leveling race if you enjoy that!
    2. Spend every waking moment in the game using tips 1-20 and gathering everything and being at peace, if you enjoy that.
    3. Toggle PvP on and never look back, kill every player on sight, if that’s what you enjoy!
    4. Complain about not having mounts – No, no, enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of Aeternum!
New World Wallpaper