A Sneak Peek at New FF14 Patch 6.15

Official Square Enix screenshot of Alpha and Wedge with a familiar looking machine.

With the next content patch on the horizon, Square Enix has released new screenshots showing some of the new content coming with Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.15. Some of the new content featured includes Custom Deliveries for Ameliance, Arkasodara Beast Tribe Quests, Omega: Beyond the Rift, Tartaru’s Grand Endeavor quest line, and (finally!), the return of Hildebrand. Among the photos includes a look at a new mount and NPCs that will appear in FFXIV patch 6.15.

 There have been several screenshots added to the New Found Adventure special site of the new content. These may have revealed some clues about where the new adventures will take us. Before you look, keep in mind that these are technically spoilers for patch 6.15. Consider yourself warned!

  • arkasodara beast tribe village
  • hippo pulling a carriage mount
  • ew character in the Ameliance Deliveries
  • new character in the Tararu's Grand Endeavor quests
  • nashu from hildebrand quests in thavnair
  • alpha and warrior of light with the watcher and omega

Along with the above content, there will be a few changes made to the new PVP mode – Crystalline Conflict. Naoki Yoshida, a producer of Final Fantasy 14, addressed many concerns regarding balancing adjustments for several classes in PVP instances. He also discussed the development team’s process to manage and implement the needed changes and readjustments.

The new patch goes live June 7th, 2022. What are you most looking forward to from Patch 6.15? Be sure to check back here for more FFXIV updates!