Best Berserker Engravings Lost Ark

Detailed breakdown of the best Engravings for Berserker Class in Lost Ark

Best Engravings for Berserker

Berserker’s engravings are straightforward, you want at least 1 level in Berserker’s Technique, then focus on Grudge level 3 and Keen Blunt Weapon level 3. Anything remaining can go into Raid Captain, Cursed Doll or Awakening.

Once we know what the effects of the class Mayhem Engraving will have we’ll update this list to include a build for that.


iconBerserker’s TechniqueLv. 1: While bursting, Crit Damage +30%. Negates Exhaustion after Burst ends.
Lv. 2: …+40%…
Lv. 3: …+50%…
Guardian Raid
Abyss Dungeon
iconGrudgeLv. 1: Damage +4% to Boss or above monsters. Damage -20% from Boss or above monsters.
Lv. 2: Damage +10%. …
Lv. 3: Damage +20% …
Chaos Dungeons
iconKeen Blunt WeaponLv. 1: +10% Crit Damage but your attacks have a chance to deal Damage -20%.
Lv. 2: +25% Crit Damage…
Lv. 3: +50% Crit Damage…
Chaos Dungeons


iconRaid CaptainLv. 1: Outgoing Damage +10% of basic Move Speed bonus percentage.
Lv. 2: Outgoing Damage +22% …
Lv. 3: Outgoing Damage +45% …
Chaos Dungeons
iconCursed DollLv. 1: Atk. Power +3%. Healing -25%, natural recovery excluded.
Lv. 2: …+8%. …
Lv. 3: …+16%. …
Chaos Dungeons
iconAwakeningLv. 1: Awakening Skill Cooldown -10%. +1 maximum use.
Lv. 2: Awakening Skill Cooldown -25%. +2 maximum uses.
Lv. 3: Awakening Skill Cooldown -50%. +3 maximum uses.
Chaos Dungeons

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