Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Gets a Ton of Fixes in New 1.20 Update

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate has had a somewhat large patch today that brings a load of fixes and tweaks to the game and its respective world. It’s a really meaty update and there’s plenty being fiddled with by the developers. So much so, you’d look at the patch notes and swear the game is broken for such a large update to be pushed out. Thankfully that’s not the case. In fact, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate runs bloody damn well and easily out-performs its predecessor. (Read our review here.)

Still, it’s nice to see that Ubisoft is taking the extra time and effort to keep Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate updated and we must applaud them for doing so. Well done guys, we appreciate it.

The update brings fixed to just about every aspect of the game, so give the patch notes a look over down below.

1.20 Update


  • Fixed and issue where there was no rating for the final mission.


  • Fixed an issue where the lip-synch was not synchronised with the cinematics
  • Fixed an issue where the subtitles weren’t exactly matching the audio
  • Fixed some issue with some audio missing or being played incorrectly


  • Fixed some collision issue for carriages and trains
  • Fixed some spawning issue with the vehicles


  • Fixed some pop-in issues
  • Improved reactions for the allies
  • Improved reactions for NPC on the ground
  • Improved reactions for NPC on carts and trains
  • Improved navigation for NPC

Game System

  • Fixed some issues with the reply system
  • Fixed some balancing issues
  • Fixed an issue where the gun might be missing from the inventory after acquiring it from the Whitechapel Conquest mission
  • Fixed and unlocking issue with the train raids
  • Fixed an issue with the artisan trophy


  • The time anomaly icon was increased to have a better visibility on the map
  • Fixed some issue with the messages for the mission in the HUD
  • Fixed some icon issues
  • Fixed some lighting issues
  • Fixed some low-level resolution and corrupted texture issues
  • Fixed some level of detail issues
  • Fixed issues with props in the world


  • Fixed some issues during fights with NPCs
  • Fixed issues with counter-attacks
  • Fixed some camera issues


  • Fixed and issue in the fight club
  • Fixed an issue where the player could not enter the time anomaly mission
  • Fixed some issues with the mission objectives and secondary constraints not updating properly
  • Fixed issues with fast-travel
  • Fixed some issues where the missions could be blocked after some cinematics
  • Fixed some issues with Crawford Starrick in the last mission “A Night to Remember”


  • Fixed some issues with the coerce system
  • Fixed some issues with the cover system
  • Fixed some issues with the parkour and navigation
  • Fixed some animation issues
  • Fixed some camera issues
  • Fixed some issues with the rope launcher
  • Fixed an issue where the player could sometimes fall under the map


  • Improved performance and stability



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