Big Huge Games, 38 Studios Assets Sold for $830,000

In total, the assets of 38 Studios has been sold between two auctions for $830,000.

38 Studios was formed from the former employees of Big Huge Games, who are most notable for their work on “Rise of Nations”.

In February of 2012, they released Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and although the game was a critical success, it failed commercially and 38 Studios, being already 75 million dollars in debt, was forced to shut down.

The auctions were held in Rhode Island yesterday, and Maryland the week prior.

These auctions included certain items such as high-end computers, graphic design and animation equipment, office equipment, office furniture, audio recording equipment and more, but did not include the intellectual property of the studio, including the Kingdoms of Amalur franchise and the canceled Project Copernicus. The intellectual property will be sold separately via a negotiated transaction expected to take place some time between now and the first quarter of 2013.

The assets were all property of Rhode Island to help pay off their debt.

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