Candaria Territory Mokoko Seeds Locations

Find all the Mokoko Seeds in Candaria Territory! Check out this map for all the locations within this map in Lost Ark.
candaria territory mokoko seeds south vern

South Vern: Candaria Territory

In this article you will find a map for all of the Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds in the Candaria Territory map, located in the T3 region, South Vern. Mokoko Seeds are a super fun collectible in Lost Ark, and there are more than a whopping 1200 Mokoko Seeds currently available in the game.

At The Games Cabin, you can find all of our Mokoko Seeds maps by using the search function, or by checking our directory for the Mokoko Category. As new content is released and more maps and Mokokos are added, we will continue to dedicate our time to updating with new maps as they are released.

Rattan Hill Mokokos

Candaria Territory Mokokos Seeds Map

There are 13 Mokoko Seeds to find in Candaria Territory. We have provided all locations of mokokos with a green circle. You will also notice 4 blue triangles with a letter beside them. See below the image for the explanation of these. These 4 areas are access points to hidden or limited Mokoko Seeds, where you must pass the requirements to obtain the seed.

Hymn of the Sun

Any area with the Hymn of the Sun icon indicates you must play the song to get to the seed.

Candaria Territory

Secret Passages for Mokokos

  • A: You need a minimum of 350 Wisdom to enter the building with the Mokoko in it
  • B: Use the Adventurer’s Tome Food “Kandarsky lager” at this location to enter
  • C: Use the Adventurer’s Tome Food “Kandarsky lager” at this location to enter here as well
  • D: Play the song “Hymn Of The Sun” at this location to obtain the mokoko seed.

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