Cross-Buy For PS Vita Playstation All-Stars Explained


There’s been some confusion amongst fans as to how Sony’s lauded Cross-Buy initiative for the PS3/PS Vita. For a long time we have known what Cross-Buy is, you buy a game for the PS3 and you get the PS Vita version as a free download, but what we haven’t been 100% on is the technicalities of how it will work.

Would we be able to pass on the vita version to a friend or relative if we don’t have a PS Vita? (Why wouldn’t you have a PS Vita, go and get one NOW!)

Product Manage Phil Lynch has cleared the confusion by answering a fans question over on the Playstation Blog.

“Cross-buy works when you insert your PS3 game disc into your PS3, you follow the on-screen instructions to receive your PS Vita version, as a download from the PS Store.” Phil explained.

He went on to say “It’s tied to your PSN ID so you won’t be able to give away the PS Vita version to a friend.”

Well that’s that cleared up. You won’t be able to pass the PS Vita version to a friend, and more importantly to Sony, you won’t be selling on the digital copy that they are giving you as a good gesture, which is more than fair enough.

This is the bets way to ensure that the scheme won’t be abused and will hopefully encourage more developers to get on board with the Cross-Buy initiative.

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  1. Hey do you know if you buy the Vita version, will you get the PS3 version as down loadable? I just would rather it that way since them memory cards are so expensive!

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