Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, Resident Evil 4, and Resident Evil 6 Reduced on Xbox Live

We do love a good bargain round here, especially when it’s related to video games, though any deals on peach flavoured iced tea can be mailed via the ‘contact us’ page. Cheers.

The latest deals on Xbox Live are some rather good ones as we’ve got Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition on Xbox One for $14.99, Resident Evil 4 on Xbox 360 for $5.99, and Resident Evil 6 for $5.99, also on Xbox 360.

These deals are only for Xbox Live Gold members, so if you’ve let your subscription slip (silly) then it might be worth renewing it to get the most out of these bargains. However, if you already own them then there’s not really that incentive. Still, it’s always good to have Xbox Live Gold status, because how’re gonna play online without it?

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