Dragon Ball FighterZ: Discussing Female Fighters

It was announced on December 19th last year that Dragon Ball FighterZ will be adding Android 21 in her lab coat as a new fighter (I’m not late to the party at all, I know). A few screenshots of this character in action were also revealed more recently. Naturally, this announcement sparked a lot of questions and excitement in the Dragon Ball FighterZ community as well as the fighting game community as a whole, mostly about how the character would work due to just being a different version of a character already in the game. More importantly, this announcement sparked discussion about other characters that could be added to the title.

There’s always been characters that deserve to make it into the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster, but a character like Android 21 (Lab Coat) being added opens up so many possibilities. While there are characters being talked about like Future Gohan, Majin Vegeta, or Raditz (Raditz would be a sick addition), I wanna talk about a group that’s not very prevalent in both the game and the Dragon Ball franchise as a whole: female fighters.

Before anyone gets riled up, this isn’t some campaign about how the team behind the games should “represent women more” or anything crazy like that. They could never add a female character again and I wouldn’t really care because it doesn’t change how great Dragon Ball FighterZ, or Dragon Ball in general, really is. I just think more of them would be interesting to add in simply because there aren’t many of them in the game.

At this time, including Android 21 (Lab Coat), there’s only five women in a roster of 44 characters. Doing the math, that’s approximately one girl for every nine characters in the game. Usually, a lack of a certain type of character in a game, whether they be girls or boys or anything in-between, or outside of the box like fighting archetypes, adds to the potential and intrigue of more of those kinds of characters getting added in the future. So with that, here’s a list of female characters that should get added to Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Of course, despite what I just said, that doesn’t mean female fighters should get added solely because they’re females, that would be a classic tactic we all know and love called “pandering.” No, this list will just be characters that I believe deserve to get added, that just happen to be female, along with explanations and an idea for how they could work. That’s all there is to it, so let’s get started.

1. Chi-Chi

This list is gonna start off with some obvious picks, and I’m honestly surprised this isn’t one that’s happened already in some way. Chi-Chi not only represents female characters, but human characters as well, which is also lacking when you compare it to the rest of the roster. Chi-Chi also comes from a very underutilized era in the Dragon Ball franchise, being the original manga or series. She has a unique fighting style and assortment of weapons that can be implemented from previous games in which she was playable.

She could probably work like a lockdown type of character, limiting the places her opponent can run away while keeping them away from her as well. She could use the Bansho Fan to create tornadoes that could either halt her opponents’ movements or damage them in different ways. She can also utilize the beams from the helmet she wore when she was a kid to achieve this goal. Of course, she’d also come with her cool fighting style to quickly attack opponents that get too close.

The only issue there is with Chi-Chi is probably her inability to fly, meaning she wouldn’t have access to a core mechanic, superdashing. This isn’t new to Dragon Ball FighterZ by any means, but it’s still something worth mentioning when it comes to how her character will work. They could make her jump like Master Roshi, but I feel like that would make Roshi feel less unique. They could also make her superdash regularly but just have her fly on the Nimbus to reference older games to a further extent. I’d personally be fine with either of these.

2. Ribrianne

Another obvious pick, Ribrianne was a big part of the Tournament of Power arc in Dragon Ball Super. I’d even say it was a bigger part than most of us were fond of.  Nonetheless, there aren’t many characters in the game specific to that era of the story (look forward to this reasoning more later on), so if they do add anybody else from the Tournament of Power, Ribrianne just makes sense next to Toppo.

She would work as a large character with a lot of power and agility behind her attacks and movements, like a mix of Broly and Videl. She could also come with less health to balance her out and to slightly reference how, despite being a very strong character, she gets knocked around pretty frequently. She’d also come packed with all of her cinematic attacks to annoy her opponents as much as she does in the anime. If you can’t tell, I really don’t like this character all that much, but even I’ll admit she can be hilarious, and I’m sure Bandai Namco can bring that hilarity to life in the fighting game.

3. Pan

Granddaughter to Goku and daughter to both Gohan and Videl, Pan is a character that didn’t really get the treatment and characterization she deserved in the spin-off series, Dragon Ball GT. At the same time, there’s only three characters exclusive to that series present (and one of them, being Kid Goku, is debatable due to the fact that he also has the Power Pole, making him a hybrid of both iterations of Goku as a kid). While characters like Super 17 and Omega Shenron would be cooler to see, Pan would be awesome to have in her own right.

She could work like a zoner type character, with a number of different projectile based attacks she can use by herself along with her robot assistant Giru. She can also have mix-ups integrated into some of her beam attacks when utilizing them, like her Feint Shot in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse games. Of course, moves derived from Gohan and Videl would have to be present, as well as her iconic Maiden’s Rage as her Level 3 attack. 

4. Bulma

On top of being an important part to the series from the very beginning, Bulma was also very important in the story of Dragon Ball FighterZ. Of course, nobody likes to talk about the story of Dragon Ball FighterZ (and rightfully so), but even without that in mind, Bulma is a cool character that definitely deserves to be represented in a playable fashion. So what could she, despite not being a fighter at all, bring to the table?

Well, many have suspected that the best way Bulma would work is if she was operating a mech suit. While I’m not fond of this myself, I can’t deny that it not only makes sense for her on so many levels, but it’s also probably the only way Bulma has a chance of being in the game. She could have an assortment of gadgets and technology from Capsule Corp. to keep herself safe and on the defensive. Imagine the banter that could come from the intros of her fight with other characters, such as Vegeta or Beerus.

5. Arale

Arale is a very obscure character, with her being present in the Dragon Ball series a few times, but not exactly originating from it. She comes from another of Akira Toriyama’s series, Dr. Slump. Despite only being a robot child (a true android, unlike two other characters), she’s undoubtedly one of the most powerful characters in Dragon Ball, rivaling the likes of Goku, Vegeta and possibly Beerus. Being added to Dragon Ball FighterZ pays more homage to the original Dragon Ball, like Chi-Chi, as well as Toriyama’s other beloved works, opening the potential to even more characters making an appearance.

Arale would be a glass cannon kind of character, with her small stature and how easily her head can get knocked off, literally. Despite being so small, she’d be able to hit like a truck in various ways due to her immense power, such as throwing giant rocks at her opponents, or her insane “N’cha” beam attack. She could probably have the attack where she split the Earth in her little fight against Vegeta referenced in her Level 3 attack somehow. I’d prefer it be the N’cha beam or her “pro wrestling” attack, but the Earth Splitter has much more cinematic potential, which is what Level 3’s typically go for.

And there you have it, that’s some female characters that should get added to Dragon Ball FighterZ. There’s a bit more than this of course, so if you’d like to see more of them and how I think they could work, let me know. In terms of this list though, what do you think? Do you agree or disagree with the characters, or do you think you have better ideas of how they could work? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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