European Outlet Already Accepting Pre-Orders for PlayStation VR Headset for €500

Those pesky Italians, you just can’t trust em’ can you? PlayStation VR is currently without a release date, so naturally nobody is taking pre-orders for the wearable tech. Except one Italian outlet already is, or at least seems to be gauging interest in the pricey peripheral.

Multiplayer is accepting pre-orders for the PlayStation VR with a €499.90 price tag attached. Ouch. That’s bloody expensive, no? The good news is that you won’t have to pony up the dough right away, and if it turns out to cost more than the speculated price, you’ll only pay the original €499.90. However, if the official price is lower, say €349.99, you’ll pay the lowest price.

It’s a bold move, sure, but we reckon we’re only days away from hearing more about PlayStation VR at Paris Games Week where Sony will be in attendance after missing out on Gamescom.

We’ve got a competition going on. Give this a read if you’re interested. 

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