Grounded Pond Moss: How To Find And Get

Grounded Pond Moss is a late-game material, and one of the most difficult to get. Grounded has a unique setting and premise among video games, but the game still slides neatly into the crafting and survival genre. There are resources to gather, items and structures to build, and enemies to defeat for useful items. Here is everything you need to know about one such important resource, Grounded pond moss.

Grounded Pond Moss: Where To Find

The simple answer is, plenty of Pond Moss can be found by diving into the eastern section of the large pond in the middle of the map. The moss can be found in other underwater areas, but it seems that this particular section of the pond is where it grows most abundantly. To get to the Pond Moss, you simply need to dive into the water, swim to the bottom and search for it.

What is not so simple is the level of resistance you will face while doing so. There are plenty of deadly bugs in this area who will not take too kindly to your interference. As such, you will need to approach gathering Pond Moss with caution, and also your best armour and weapons. However, before you can even attempt this, you are going to have to conquer some massive challenges.

Grounded Pond Moss: How To Get

Getting yourself to the Pond Moss is sadly not enough to earn it. In order to gather it so you can use it, you need a particular tool. The tool in question is a Widow Dagger, a powerful weapon that requires a lot of work to craft.

As you can likely surmise from the name, a Widow Dagger is crafted from resources taken from Black Widow spiders. Black Widows are some of the toughest enemies in the game, tougher than most of the bosses you will fight. This is end-game level stuff, you do not want to be tackling these enemies with anything less than tier three weapons and armour.

There are four locations where you can track down and fight Black Widows. The four locations are all in the upper garden, and they are under the shed, beneath the toolbox, a cave near the car battery, and another cave south of Moldorc Castle. Crafting the Widow Dagger requires several parts from Black Widows, so you may need to defeat a few of them to craft it.

Once you have the parts and have crafted the dagger, head to the eastern section of the pond and dive down to search for some Pond Moss. Once you have some, you can use it to craft some powerful weapons and armour.

That is it for Grounded Pond Moss, for more on the game you can check out our Grounded Whetstone guide.

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