GTA V Madness: Watch a Car Take Out a Chopper in a Very Die Hard 4.0 Manner

GTA V‘s online multiplayer, otherwise known as – GTA Online – is the perfect place to create all sorts of mayhem. You can be running around on your own causing mischief across Los Santos or you could be running with a few mates doing the same; either way, there are spectactular moments to be had.

One such moment is very reminiscent of Bruce Willis’ John McClane in Die Hard 4.0. Remember the scene where our aging action hero takes out the bad guys chopper with a police car? Yeah, we all groaned at that point while citing the many reasons it just wouldn’t happen in real life.

To the best of our knowledge it still hasn’t happened (yet,) but it has happened in Rockstar’s open-world adventure GTA V.

Check out the video below where the unfortunate pilot is taken out by a flying car. It’s daft, it’s fun, it’s better than reading the Sunday papers with their doom and gloom.

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