GTA V Spring Release All But Confirmed

Vroom Vroom

GTA V is coming, we all know it, and we all can’t wait. We’ve pounced on every scrap of information the Rockstar has thrown our way and we are ashamed to see ourselves degraded to sub-human levels with all our release date conspiracies and such.

Well now we can stand tall and act like humans once more, as it seems there’s nothing left to work out, GTA V is coming in the spring of 2013. No really, it’s true.

A tweet from the Brighton branch of UK retailer GAME reveals some promotional artwork, which clearly state “Spring 2013” as well as “Pre-Order Now to avoid disappointment.” Check the images out below and marvel at the new artwork:

GTA V Box Art
Pre-order? Can’t we just live in the game store until release?

So all we need to do now is stay strong, support each other and make it through this cold winter until our newborn GTA V is ready to hatch in the Spring.

Come on, we can do it!

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