News: GTA: Vice City Available Again On Android

gta vice city androidBack to The 80’s

After the confusing release of GTA: Vice City last week, where the game was available for a short while, but then got pulled from the Google Play store, it’s good to be able to say it’s finally here.

The release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition is, as its name suggests, in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the classic open-world crime adventure. Not only are you getting the game you enjoyed all those years ago, you’re being treated to a full upgrade. Visuals are crisper and much more pleasing to the eye, thanks to higher resolutions being available. There’s also the increased draw distance, customisable controls, camera options, screenshots and much more.

So, get back to the 80’s and get involved in the story, go on a mad spree with some fast cars, or just rampage through the city and go for the biggest cop chase you can.

As far as mobile phone games go, this is greatness. Check back for the review shortly!

GTA: Vice City is available on supported Android devices, and at the moment it’s at the more than reasonable price of £3.74, but be warned, it’s a hefty download coming in at just under 1.4GB.

You can purchase GTA: Vice City through Google Play here.

Have you played GTA: Vice City on you phone yet? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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