Guitar Hero Live Achievements Indicate Activision Really Wants You to use GHTV

Guitar Hero Live is due out in just a couple of weeks time, but as is customary these days, the achievements for the game have been posted online. No surprises there, then.

What is a little surprising, and perhaps a bit off-putting for some, is that the game’s cheevos aren’t exactly evenly split between offline and online play. Of the fifty achievements up for grabs, more than half are for playing with Guitar Hero TV, which as we all know isn’t going to be free – at least not totally.

Instead of going the traditional route with Guitar Hero Live’s extra content, Activision has chosen to push new songs via Guitar Hero TV. For trophy and achievement hunters this will come as a bit as you may find yourself stuck without a trophy unless you decide to take your game online. The good news is that none of the achievements seem to be locked behind a paywall, so that’s something.

Of the fifty achievements, we counted that 33 are linked to Guitar Hero TV’s service. Make of that what you will.

Guitar Hero Live launches on PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PS3 and Xbox 360 this October 20th.

You can get your copy here from

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  1. I think that you (and most other articles, as well) are worrying about the wrong question when it comes to Guitar Hero TV. Everyone is fixated on the price, even though GHTV is total free. It only costs extra money to play songs on-demand rather than what they are streaming, and even that can be done within the game without using any real money.

    The real reason for concern about GHTV is possible technical limitations from streaming. How well will the game work when streaming? This is a rhythm game which requires extreme precision between audio cues, visual cues, and strumming. If there is even the slightest hiccup, it will throw things off majorly. Will it require separate calibration for GHTV than the disc based game? Will there be any interruptions in the stream? Will the note highway match the audio? Until we know for sure that the stream can work flawlessly, there is cause for concern.

    A great example is PSNow. I tried it on a free trial for ICO. For the most part it worked well, but it wasn’t instantaneous, and it had a small lag between my button presses and the results of presses. For the most part, it wasn’t a problem, but in one section that required precision timing, it was almost impossible, and I felt I just got lucky when I finally made it through. Granted, that was two way streaming, but still…when streaming, you are at the mercy of the stream. We’ll have to see if they pulled it off.

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