Guitar Hero Live Demo Goes Live… Then the Gig Ends Early

Here’s a riddle for you: how do you play Guitar Hero Live’s demo without having the new guitar controller? Hint: you can’t as the guitars are being bundled in with the game.

So it’s a little surprising to see that Activision’s attempt to bring plastic instruments back into the foreground of gaming included a playable (or not quite so) demo that was released onto the PSN. It was a 5.2GB download (4.7GB for North America), but unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to put it on the system before it was pulled away from beneath our tapping feet.

We can’t confirm whether a demo was pushed to the Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii U, but it seems likely. However, after having checked all platforms, none of them are harbouring a rock ‘n’ roll fugitive demo. We will find you, demo, and we will play you. One way, or another.

The game isn’t due out until the 20th, and after having popped into town on a recon mission, we’ve not seen any of the peripherals on sale just yet.

Guitar Hero Demo

It’s an odd move to include a demo in the first place because Guitar Hero Live uses a new controller that has to be bought specifically for the game, so you can’t even give it a go with your old plastics lying around the house.

We’ve sent off an email to Activision to see if there’s any logic behind the demo. If and when we hear back we’ll keep you updated. Mind you, Rock Band 4 is pretty good…

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  1. Its nice to see another one after quiet some time. I have fond memories of playing Guitar Hero 3 with my friends. Story of My Life, Bulls on Parade, and Holiday in Cambodia along with Even Flow were constantly in the mix.

    1. Guitar Hero 3 was my all-time favourite PS2 game. My mate Sam introduced it to me by brining it round one day. I was terrible and had to play on easy. Then he left it with me for the night. Next day he comes round and I’ve mastered The Killers’ ‘When You Were Young’ on expert. Oh the good old days where I coukd stay up all night playing games… I do miss em’!

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