TGC Speedy Review: iOS Game of the Week – Crazy Taxi

crazytaxilogoiosCraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy taxi!

One of Sega’s finest games of all time. The humble Crazy Taxi started off in arcades, swallowing up all the loose change it could, before being ported over to the Dreamcast and from there, just about every platform available.

Now they have re-released a port to the iPhone and iPad with crisper visuals, and more importantly, touchscreen controls that actually work!

Also included is the original soundtrack, which has seen itself emitted from recent releases on the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network.

If you’ve played the original on the Dreamcast, or in arcades, then you know what to expect. Lot’s of crazy driving, picking up passengers, dropping them off and even the Crazy Box game mode.

For less than £5, it’s worth your time, even if just for the nostalgia. It’s a great little time waster that will keep you occupied and chasing the highscore for a long time to come.

Unfortunately Crazy Taxi isn’t available on Android devices, which is a real shame because there’s thousands crying out for an Android port, myself included.

Hopefully sometime in the future, SEGA will see sense and release it for Android devices for more of us to enjoy this timeless classic.

Should you buy it? In a word: YES!

End Score: 8/10