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Is Dishonored 2 Getting Delayed?

It looks like Dishonored 2 might be a bit further out of reach than previously thought. When Arkane Studios officially announced the sequel to the original Dishonored, we were all told we’d be knifing poor sods in the nuts this coming Spring 2016.

However, the Facebook page for the game has since updated its banner picture which only reads 2016. Does this mean that the game now no longer has a spring release window? Possibly. Spring isn’t the best time for game companies to be putting out their biggest products and we’ve seen delays in this period before.

We’ve sent a polite email to Arkane Studios to see if it can shed any more light on the situation; we’re hoping that the recent banner change is nothing to worry about.

Would you be gutted if Dishonored 2 got pushed back further into 2016 than the spring? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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