Microsoft isn’t the only company targeting Youtube partners


A few days it came to light that Microsoft had changed it’s Content Usage Policy, basically forbidding anybody to make money using footage of their games including Halo, Forza, Gears of War etc. Basically, if its made by Microsoft, you can’t make a penny on it, which is bad news for machinima directors on Youtube, some of which make a living doing what they do.

You see, on Youtube, if you become a partner and create videos and content that attracts a big enough audience, adverts will appear on your pages with your videos, earning you money.

While this did not harm to Microsoft, it can only do them good in my opinion, showcasing their games, Microsoft has seen that money is passing hands and they aren’t getting a cut in. While I respect that they own copyrights and such, I can’t respect that they are potentially taking food off people tables. That might seem a bit drastic, but in this economy people have had to be creative with the way they make a living, and some have made it by entertaining others on Youtube with video’s of their favorite video games.

Now, the point is, Microsoft got a lot of flak for this, with the online machinima community in uproar and even a petition going around, they aren’t the only ones who have pulled this tactic.

EA have gone a step further, whereas Microsoft have forbidden you from making any money on their games, EA is actually taking the earning and putting it in their own pocket.

The story goes that alot of Youtube channels are finding that their adverts alongside their gameplay videos have been replaced with EA adverts. EA, within their rights, have claimed the copyrights to the video’s and are now the ones receiving revenue from the adverts.

And again, they are well within their rights to do so, but that is, in my personal opinion, lower than Microsoft. Instead of taking the food off the table, they are taking and eating it while the hungry people watch.

EA have always been known to be a money hungry powerhouse, but this latest move just shows they hold no love for the community that has made them their fortune, only the fortune that they love.

  1. Unfortunately, they are well within their legal rights to do it. Doesn’t make it right, but it’s not fair to the people who work so hard to create their fantastic videos.

    1. Technoly you own the clear wraper, the games case owned by MS,artwork owned by MS & EA, CD or BD owned by sony, Game Content own by delvelopers or publisher. you just paid for license fee to play the game, so no you don’t own the game.

  2. While I share your sentiment on EA’s business practices, please try and keep profanity to a low level. Other than that, welcome!

  3. I don’t think EA are within their legal rights on doing that. The videos are derivate from their work, not their work enterely.

    1. It’s within their rights to stop others from profiting on their products, but I personally dont agree with their methods here.

      Also, welcome! Hope you stick around

  4. Hi and thanks gor commenting! Thanks for the info, its all good to know.

    While it’s great that videos are allowed to stay up and creators can keep being creative and provide some great entertainment, its just not fair that EA would be the ones to make money on somebodys hard work. But then you could argue its EA’s hard work that led to the video, so its a kind of loop we cant really solve.

    Also, welcome to C Tech! Hope you can stick around, updates are daily and reader involvement is encourage : )

  5. Well I don’t really understand this. If I buy a game, and I record video of my playing it and show others… a game company does not own my playthrough. They might own the rights to the game, but I own the game I bought, and my playthrough is entirely unique to me, you can’t own that, nobody can.

    that’s like saying any page written in html is owned by whoever invented html.. No, it is not. It is a unique webpage made using html..

    Or, say you invent a pair of jeans. You can not sue someone for all the worm they do while wearing those jeans. You can’t say that you own the rights to whatever was done while wearing those jeans…

    A video of a game playthrough or something, is a video of a unique playthrough created by the user (NOT THE COMPANY) on a game purchased and owned by the user.

  6. It is like you sell someone a pen and a piece of paper. They draw something with it, and then you claim the rights to their drawing because it was with a pen made by you, and a piece of paper made by you… yet they made the art that is on that paper. Nobody can dispute this..

    Same is of game videos, especially battlefield videos. The game controller is essentially the pen, and the screen is the paper. Pressing record is the same as putting the pen to paper.. and even though company EA or something made the pen and the paper, they did not make the drawing on it..

    1. I couldn’t agree more, very well put. Unfortunately the big companies with the piles of money behind them seem to be the one’s who win.

      Also, thanks for taking the time to comment, not once but twice, and great comments they were! Welcome to C Tech, stick around for more news updated daily.

  7. I approve and hope more companies follow suit; I’m fed up with YouTube recommending awful videos of somebody playing a game badly and chatting rubbish in an annoying whiney voice, or unfunny and/or poorly made machinema anyone in their right mind wouldn’t waste their time bothering with.

  8. Also, the amount of ignorance in these comments about the relative effort put into the creation of the content of these videos by the player and the company who make the game is astounding. Overblown sense of entitlement or what?

    1. It may seem that Youtubers are expecting to be treated to a free ride with respect to making some money using video game content, there are some that do put exceptional amounts of work into their videos, and at the end of the day they are just trying to give a bit of entertainment.

      Also, welcome to C Tech, thanks for commenting, hope you stick around : )

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